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Salute Visa
Salute Vipers

I, too, was a victim of this company (which, I understand, is no longer in existence). I was solicited by Salute Visa in early 2008. I received the credit card in the mail and made my payments as per the agreement. For being a "good customer", they increased my credit limit. It was when I ...

Salute Visa Card
Disgusting scam

I was approached by this company in 2008 with what seemed to be an innovative business plan. You would prepay for a credit card that had a $50 credit line. Not much, but all future payments would be added to the credit line (less your purchases and monthly fee) so that, for example, after a year of ...

Credit card fraud

I received an offer in the mail for a credit card with a lot of promises {all which I now know were phony } used as an inducement to get me to accept their phony offer. Believing their word I accepted the offer on the terms and provisions as specified. As a faade they did issue a card and charged ...