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The International Society Of Photography
Claims you won a photography contest and the photo will be published in a book called Endless Journeys also claim you won awards but want you to pay almost $200.00 to get your award @ Los Vagus

Scam Operation-You send a photograph through the internet to enter it into a contest. They contact you back to inform you that you have been selected to win. They inform you that you will be published in a book called Endless Journeys. To get the book you have to pay $69.95 plus $25.00 shipping. ...

Water Mark Press - The International Library Of Photography
A Mosaic Of Memories Well I have paid for my book but they sent me mines. The title of the book is called: A Mosaic Of Memories. The Only thing is, they never sent me no royalities

This company told me that my picture was selected to be put in there book and published nationwide, and that I will receive payment from every book sold. I've paid for the book. But it took at lease a 9 months later before I've finally got my book. I'm so happy about that. The name of the book is ...