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Ordered 2 hoodies; told they were shipped and received a tracking number; after 8 days fedex had no record of receipt of paskage; then Customer Service said fedex not updated and sent me a faked ytacking slip from fedex; emailed CS again said it wasn't sent but would be soon; contacted a supervisor who said it was sent; three ...
EShakti is the worst company ever

I ordered 2 dresses from this company for my bridesmaids for my wedding. A day after delivery was supposed to happen, I got an email stating the order would be delayed a few days. More than a week later I got the package - which only had one dress in it. I have been trying for almost 2 months to get my money refunded and they ...

What to do if shop-cora scammed you

WHAT TO DO IF YOU WERE SCAMMED BY SHOP-CORA: (I was!) I just got my money back from Paypal, so I want to let you all know exactly what you need to do not only to get your money back, but to help put Shop-Cora out of business. WHAT TO DO: 1) Do an online complaint to, via their website. 2) Call Paypal!!! The online ...