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Online shopping

My Favorite Designer is Jovani. I own qite a lot of their dresses. I don`t live in USA, but every time i visit NYC i always get a new Jovani dress. Usually i shop online and i tried many websites, they do seems kind of similar, but for me is the best. They really serve their customers in the best possible way ...

Ude employee

Do not work for Macy's - Flushing shoes department, they do not care for their employees. You don't get the information you need to do your job and get yelled at for not doing it right. Mona is a terrible manager. Honestly even in a recession period it's not even worth it just find another job. I have to highest regards for ...

Evening Gown

I was looking for a Tadashi dress that I saw at Saks but unfortunately they didn't have my size in stock. So I contacted the designer directly and they referred me to MackTak Mart. They had my size in stock and the delivery was fast. I do recommend them. ...

Prom dresses

I am very happy with this site. I always shop through this company, when i need a dress for my homecoming. I want to say thanks for service and delivery, this company never did mistakes with my orders! I really appreciate your hard work, guys! Best regards! ...