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K&G Fashion Superstore
Discrimination & Disrespect

CONSUMER ALERT ABOUT K&G FASHION SUPERSTORE!!! So officially, K&G Fashion Superstore #700 on Verdae Blvd in Greenville, SC has the WORST management ever! I have had 3 incidents happen in that store & the manager Larry did nothing for me & last night, the Regional Manager Matt Cordell took me to another level with K&G.Last year, they allowed a customer to see my private information & that customer then called my cell phone about my blazers I'd left to be tailored. Larry never even called to apologize on behalf of the company. Theeeeennnnn, while in the store on a Sat, Clevon Boyd took it upon himself to interrupt my self-chosen browsing to offer his assistance (that I didn't ask for in the first place but whatever) but theeennnn he marches me to another sales associate who is helping another customer & Clevon leaves me there. For what you ask? I don't know, I was wondering the same thing. Theeeennnn Mr. Clevon Boyd proceeds to go help other customers with suits. I can go off IF PUSHED. I don't just walk around cussing people out but if you push my button JUUUUSSSSTTTT right, like interrupting my browsing to move my location to an associate that was already assisting another human being, I'm going to talk junk about it, anybody would. Well Larry heard me (I wasn't even THAT loud...THAT time) & tried to assure me he would take care of it but over the years I've learned he doesn't always have a backbone with his authority as the manager. The fact that he didn't address the issue of the customer getting my number is disturbing. He NEVER reached out to me. I ended up having to stop him in the store weeks later & tell him it bothered me he blew that situation off. Weeelllll, this past Sat I was BACK in K & G to get a pocket-square for my blazer. I had previously found Travis (the wonderful young man who helped me the time Clevon didn't) & wanted his services again. Guess who walks over to Travis while Travis is helping me? Yep! Clevon Boyd. I was cool though. This is a public store & he can walk where he wants. I focused on my life. Hard! I tuned him out because I knew he annoyed me so I didn't want to give him that power & open any doors to even connect. But did Clevon keep it moving? Of course not! He chose to have unsolicited verbal interaction with me & I was STILL calm UNTIL he just wouldn't leave, he kept talking to me AFTER I very calmly asked him to stop talking to me. You know how you ask someone to leave you alone & they HAVE to have the last word? Yeah, that's him. And he kept going until I started yelling y'all. I mean, I went OFF! I was so insulted, I felt bullied in that moment by this young man in a suit & all I wanted to do was look nice with my pocket square. So then he looked lost & hurt & I'm the crazy woman who was yelling in the store. I'm the calmest person I know but I'm human. You can't push me in a corner then tell me to stay calm. No. So I went to the store yesterday to get the number for corporate & let them know I'm calling corporate. Well Jewel (I don't know how to spell his name) gave me Matt Cordell's number. I called & got no answer. I then located the corporate number & called. I told them all I just told you. I missed a call back from Matt Cordell so when I got off last night, I called him right back. He started out pleasant but after I told him EVERYTHING he then says "I still don't think your reaction was warranted." WHAT??? He goes on to say "I'll talk to Larry & Clevon because if Clevon gave bad service, we'll def address that but you can't be yelling in the store. I'll get witness statements because people heard you & no matter WHAT Clevon did, we can't have you escalating things like that." Get statements? For what? I know I went off & I know how I felt in that moment so please get statements, I still meant what I said. Listen, I couldn't even process my life while he was talking because I all saw was me hanging up the phone & calling corporate back. I thanked him for his time, finished the call & called corporate RIGHT back. I demanded it go higher than the Regional who is Matt Cordell because when I told Matt I called corporate earlier, he replied (and I quote) "I am corporate. You're talking to corporate, you don't need to talk to anybody else".Hell no. I will not be silenced. K & G Fashion Superstore needs management who cares about customers when we DO feel uncomfortable. I'm a masculine-identified woman who wears men's apparel. I can shop where I want & I shouldn't feel intimidated, bullied, disrespected or uncomfortable, for ANY reason. Do I intimate these men? Are they jealous that I'm a woman but wear men's clothes better than they ever will be able to? Oh, I def put some dings & scratches in their ego simply by walking in the room but I won't be bullied because of those insecurities. This has to stop. Why am I the customer but being treated like I'm wrong but the employee can be guarded because I yelled at him AFTER he kept poking me with a stick? I love all the other employees at K & G, they've treated me great for the past 6 years I've spent money in that store. I shouldn't have to NOT visit a store I love because one person can bully or intimidate me. This is my official complaint K & G, if you won't address it appropriately, I will. Now let's recap, shall we? I had 3 conversations with store manager Larry (male). I had a conversation with Matt Cordell (Regional/District Manager & also a male) & 2 calls to corporate. Share this with everyone. Always speak up for yourself. Your voice WILL be heard. Just use it. I'm not posting to have a pity party, I'm a big girl but I'm posting this long stat to make you aware. This is life & people are being mistreated everyday. I'm a customer, I'm not in high school. I'm not going to be uncomfortable while shopping at K & G Fashion Superstore #700.I don't need special treatment, I just need to be respected as a human being. It's my right.

Offender: K&G Fashion Superstore

Country: USA   State: South Carolina   County: Greenville   City: Greenville   ZIP: 29607
Address: 101 Verdae Blvd #700
Phone: 8642345123

Category: Clothing & Footwear


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