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Low Book Sales
Prime Acceptance Corp. Sexist, liars, scams

I went to Low Book Sales looking to buy a car. Well, they have their 7 day exchange program which I guess is pretty great. I ended up with a Nissan Versa, I bought it at night. The next day I go out and observe that chunks of paint are missing etc. So, I take the vehicle back and express that I just don't like it. The sales lady used the "if you don't like the color you can return it" sales pitch so I used it.

Anyway, she offered me other vehicles and I was not comfortable with any of them. She got online and found a car I really wanted and she said okay well I don't want to go get it right now so wait till Monday (this was on Friday). Monday rolls around and she says "sorry they sold it but now you have to choose something here". I ended up purchasing a 2005 dodge neon BASE model. Again I too have the 24.9% interest rate and my payment is almost $400 per month, on a car with no power windows, no power locks, has been in a ACCIDENT and has been completely repainted (now the paint is chipping and showing the paint underneath).

This car had problems from the get-go. I had no choice on getting a warranty they said I "had to" or the "lender" would not accept the loan. The warranty alone cost me almost $2,000. My car was so unsafe I could not go over 45 mph without feeling like the wheels were going to fall off. I took the car to the Layton store and the manager said I did not know what I was talking about and said its probably an unbalanced wheel. I told them no, I have looked under the car and the ball joints, control arms etc were all broken and half of the undercarriage and front end have been replaced with aftermarket parts including the headlights and radiator support.

They said that wasn't their problem. I was forwarded to the Salt Lake Store for them to look at it. After they had my car for 3 days they call and say its fixed. I go get the car and the second I turn on to state street i notice that its WORSE. So I call them again and say its not better, they swear its impossible.

They knew I am pregnant and let me drive this car knowing its unsafe. After arguments with the "service manager" who talked down to me multiple times my husband gets on the phone and says the exact same thing I said and he listens to him. When we were their paying for my stupid $100 deductible on a fix that shouldn't have passed safety the guy wouldn't talk to me even know its my car he insisted on avoiding conversion and eye contact with me and went straight to my husband. I now owe $13,000 on a car that books at $6,000.. Over 200% of the value of the car. How can they do this?

The contract even states in fine print that if I pay the minimum payment for the 3 years I will pay $26,000 for that car! Sickens me just to think about it. They want to "help" build you credit by putting you so far in the hole that you'll never be able to trade in the vehicle because you owe so much. Other lenders wont even touch this loan.

After reading numerous other complaints I thought maybe I should speak up about my experience considering its something I regret every single day when I get in my car. I would not recommend low book sales to my worst enemy, I often wonder how you people even sleep at night. You have ruined my life for at least the next 3 years. Thank you low book sales..

Offender: Low Book Sales

Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Layton
Address: 1650 North Main Street
Phone: 8016606600

Category: Cars & Transport


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