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Complaint / Review
Larry Duncan, Transmissionshop.Biz is a scam scam scam! Do not believe a word they say! Internet

I was given a WORST CASE SCENARIO price of $1397 but ended paying over $2,200!!! Beware of the scam!

Transmissionshop.Biz is a complete scam and these people are professional scam artists. It is another one of Larry Duncan's shell companies. They advertise themselves as having an A rating with the Better Business Bureau but upon research I found out that Larry Duncan is going by the name of Larry Johnson and has a physical repair shop in Grand paraie Texas with the name Transmission shop. He newly registered the physical shop with the BBB but used transmissionshop.Biz as the website under the information section on the BBB site. So when someone goes to the BBB site and types in transmissionshop.Biz his physical shop named Transmission shop comes up with the A rating but the A rating is for the shop NOT transmissionshop.Biz the "broker company". The shop only has an A rating because it is new. Larry Duncan is a well known scam artist in Texas and is involved with this transmissionshop.Biz. They are running this scam all over the USA. They have also been known as Transone or Tranone, Nationwide transmissions, Transciti and there are others he has.

What Transmissionshop.Biz does is lure you in by guaranteeing you a low price. But they truly cannot make that guarantee because they have no contracts with these repair shops to do repairs at a discounted rate, there is absolutely no discount. You owe the shop for the work that they do and whatever parts are needed. All transmissionshop.Biz does is steal your down deposit. It does not apply to your repair at all! Your deposit, which you make to a personal bank account, does apply towards the work the repair shop does. It goes to the scammers pockets.

Now let me tell you how the scam works. An auto repair shop they work with tows you car to the shop. They do a "diagnostic" to find out if you need transmission repair. If you do Transmissionshop.Biz gives you a WORST CASE SCENARIO price of a very low amount mine was $1397. This is supposed to be if you need a full transmission my case I did. I thought $1397 was a great price so I decided to proceed with the repair. My "agent" aka professional scammer Joyce sent me a contract stating the WORST CASE SCENARIO price of $1397 and I had to sign and fax the contract as well as put a deposit down for the repair to begin. I should have been smarter when she told me they only take cash no credit cards no checks and that I had to go down to Bank of America and make a cash deposit of $397.18 into the bank account number she gave me.

After reading through the contract I noticed there was a section that mentions something called Hard Part Damage and if you have Hard Part Damage you may have to pay more for extra parts. This raised a red flag in my head so I ask Joyce to explain this to me. She told me that the rebuild kit which was quoted at $997 is only for soft part damage and if a transmission has hard part damage you will have to pay extra for the hard parts (Worst case Scenario) but then she turns around and ASSURES me that that is a very very very rare situation and shes never seen that happen and they have to put that in there because it can happen but it is very rare I will never have to pay more than my WORST CASE SCENARIO of $1397. Ahh yea right total lie!

So after about 3 days this shop still has my car so I call the shop and the owner tells me hes trying to contact TRANSONE before he can start my repair. I asked who is TRANSONE? He responds that this is the broker company Im using I told him no Im using transmissionship.Biz then he says ohhhhh yeaaa they CHANGED THEIR NAME they changed their name 3 TIMES THIS YEAR! I couldnt believe he told me that! So I call Joyce and ask her about this Transone she of course deny deny denies saying shes never heard of that name. I asked about changing their name 3 times she assures me they've never changed their name she been with the company 5 years. Lie the company hasnt even been around for 5 years!

The next day she calls me back saying I owe the repair shop over $1800. WHAT!!!??? I ask why she says my car had hard part damage. She read me list of every expensive part in a transmission that just all happened to be broken in mine. Well what about the WORST CASE SCENARIO price of $1397 agreed upon in my contract I asked? This is defiantly a Worst Case Scenario to me! Her response is it doesnt apply to hard part damage shes not a mechanic so how was she supposed to know I had Hard part damage. At this point Im enraged. I realized shes been lying the entire time and this is point where the scam comes. I yell how can you give me a price quote if youre going to sit up here and say "you're not a mechanic how were you suppose to know whats wrong with my car"? What about my down payment of $397.18 I ask? She says that doesnt apply to the $1800 still owed because I really owed over $2,200 so less the deposit Im at $1800.00 She tells me that if I dont go through with the repair I have to pay the shop $700 to put my transmission back together. So now Im stuck and I have no choice but the pay the shop the full $1800 plus tax that Joyce never mentioned!!!

After speaking with the shop owner I asked him what was the benefit of me going though this broker company? If I had came through your doors how much would you have charged me to fix my transmission? He says $1800! So my deposit of $397.18 goes straight to this broker company and does not apply to my repair at all! They basically stole it. All he could say was he's on the fence about continuing to do business with this company because everyone has the same story as me. He apologized for my inconvenience and extended my warranty with him for a full year because I mentioned to him that since this place changes their name so much Im sure they would never honor their "Life time warranty".

I called Joyce after I received my receipt from the repair shop stating my charges only amounted to $1800.00 plus $159.00 for tax. So where does the $2,200 stem from. She starts telling complete BS so I. Asking did he did he repair this and that so I cut her off and say it doesnt matter what parts he repaired he charged my $1800.00 plus tax! Thats it! Where is my deposit? She still continued with her BS. So before hanging up in her face I told her that the wrong she doing to people will come back to her full circle and I hope in the form of jail.

I have already reported this company to the BBB. Next will be the Attorney general and my local news station. I want to put an end to them. If you have been scammed by these people please do not hesitate to email me.


Country: USA   State: Nationwide
Address: Texas/all over US

Category: Cars & Transport


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