Complaint / review / scam report
Hyunday Motor Corporation ripoff, dishonest, they do not honor their warranty, crappy customer service

Complaint / review text:
Have had the car in 3 times for maintenance so far this year to fix a rattle in the dash and they have yet to fix it. Brought car in the first time at 55,000 miles, 5,000 miles before the warranty expires.

5/20/02-Called Beth at Hyundai. She said shed reopen the file and to call Intermountain Hyundai on 5/22 to schedule maintenance or something. Said shed try to get Human Resources to call me. Left 3rd message for Mike

5/21-Called Brad at Intermountain Hyundai. He didnt know anything. Called Beth back up and she said shed call Brad and call me back. She called back and said that Brad was in a meeting and shed call me later that day. No call back.

5/22-No call from Beth.

5/23-Called and left message for Beth to call me back. Called back and she was unavailable. No one called back.

5/24-Left message first thing for Beth to call back. She said that she couldnt get ahold of Brad and then told me that I would have to pay up front for the repairs and I asked to talk to her boss, Mike Viljack. (sp?) Mike called back and said he would contact and pass on a message for Mike Bolen (Western Region Sales and Service Manager) to contact me.

5/29-No call. Filed complaint with the BBB. Received service records from Riverton and Intermountain Hyundai.

6/3-Mike Bolen from Hyundai called and I told him my side of the story. He said that the BBB wouldnt involve themselves in the dispute. I told him Id discuss that with the BBB. He said hed call/visit Monday 6/10.

6/13-No show from Mike on Monday, 6/10 or call. I called and left a message. BBB sent letter declining eligibility. Ill call them to explain how incompetent they were. Left message for him to c/b. BBB said to talk to local BBB to see if they could help 892-6009. Www.utah. Local said to call AutolineBBB and have them fax over everything on my file. I called and made the request w / Bruce Lighten to fax Judy and he obliged. Waiting now.

6/14-Mike Bolen called said he was in his home office earlier this week, didnt say why he didnt call me. Said hed be in town today and call me around 1:30 pm. Ive told the man several times, the noise only happens when it is cold. What the HELL temperature does he think it is going to be in the mid-afternoon in the middle of JUNE?! 11:36am, Mike called said he would be here around 1:30pm. Showed up at 1:40, took him for a drive and of course it was too hot for the sound to be made. Talked and he said that he would do some research and possibly thought it was the shift cable and I also made my case on the rental. He also commented about a mechanic looking into the passenger side door and why its sticky to open and close. Said hed call me back.

7/1-Left a message for Mike 714-965-3351 to call back.

7/2-Received message from Mike and he said that he had a technical training class the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th and said hed put me in a rental so they could work on the car and call me back the 8th to arrange that.

7/10-Left message for Mike saying that I thought he was going to call me on 7/8 to get my repairs done.

7/18-Called BBB New Jersey and they said they didnt have any info on me and didnt know why Utah would send the info to New Jersey and said to call Utah to find out why and the correct BBB to send the stuff to.

Called Mike and left another message to find out what was going on.

BBB/Utah-Talked to Jody Young and she said that the New Jersey office should be the one to take care of it and she would talk to them and call me back.

7/19-Left message for Mike to call me back.

Called Jody @ BBB/Utah 892-6009 to find out what was going on. She said she emailed and talked to Trenton, N. J. Office and hadnt heard anything yet.

7/29-Left message for Mike to call me back.

8/1-Left message stating that I thought Mike was dogging me and that it was unprofessional and if he would like to correct that, to call me.

8/2-Made several attempts to get a hold of someone at the labbb but the phone just rang and rang.

8/5-Called Hyundai customer service and talked to Steve 800-633-5151 x 45034. He wouldnt give me his boss name or number and he said he would take care of the situation and I said Id give him two days to take care of it and get my car into the shop and get me a rental while its being fixed.

8/6-Mike called from Hyundai and said to bring it to Ken Garff Hyundai Thursday 8/8 and drop it off and a rental would be supplied and he and the mechanics from Ken Garff would look at it on Friday morning. Steve also called @ 12:18 to make sure Id been taken care of.

8/8-Took car into Ken Garff Hyundai. Mike didnt bother to tell Brad I was bringing in my car so Brad couldnt authorize the rental so I left and told Brad that Mike better call me on 8/9.

8/9-l/m for Mike to call me this morning and that he screwed up! 10:25am, no call. Called Ken Garff, 257-3330, and asked Brad if Mike was there and he said he was. I asked to speak with him. Brad came back and said Mike was busy and took a message for him to call me. Called Hyundai customer service and talked w / Steve again and said that Mike was again dogging me. Mike put me on hold while he called the dealer. Steve said he talked to Mike (gee, just two minutes before he was busy in a meeting) and that Mike had talked to someone who forgot to give the message to Brad. Steve said that Mike would arrange his schedule to be back at Ken Garff on 8/16 and to drop my car off on Thursday and a rental would be waiting for me. Doh! Im on vacation. Called Steve back up and rescheduled for 8/23.

Called LABBB 909-825-7280 to check on status. Complaint #10283471. Complaint sent 7/3 to Hyundai and follow up letter sent 8/9. If Hyundai doesnt respond by 8/22-8/23, they will send me a letter and I fill it out and send it back to them. Then, I will need to file a complaint with the Beurea of Auto Repair 1-800-952-5210.

8/12-Steve called from Hyundai Customer Service to set up a time/date to bring my car in. Called him back and said 8/19,20 or 21st would be good w / me and he said hed call Mike and see if it was good for him and then call me back. Steve called and said to bring it in on the 22nd and theyll have a rental for me.

8/21-Received letter from BBB.

8/22-Took car into Ken Garff and got rental.

8/23-Called Brad to see if car was done. Someone else answered and checked and said that Brad said it wasnt done and hed call me when they were finished.

8/26-Received message from Mike from last Friday and returned his call and l/m. 3:50pm, Mike called and said that Brad was going to flush the system and that he said he heard a bubbling noise. I told him that that was not the noise I am complaining about! Its not the HEATER CORE!

8/27-Picked up car. All they did was flush the coolant. Not fixed. They didnt even look at the door that Mike had said they would check out.

8/28-Called Steve @ Hyundai Customer Service. L/m for him that my car is still not fixed.

Called BBB (Placentia 714-985-8922) and talked to Gale and said that my car was not fixed! She said that Debbie Motty closed the complaint because the car was out of warranty. I explained why my car was out of warranty. Its because the problem hasnt been fixed in 7 MONTHS! She said I should talk to Debbie or Mary Lou at the Colton office 909-825-7280. Talked to Elizabeth she said, after a long and retarded conversation w / her and her subordinate, she would send another letter and after that and if my car is still not fixed, they cant do anything more and I should seek legal advice. She said to call back in 7-10 days to find out what Hyundais response is.

8/29-Called Hyundai customer service and talked to Steve 800-633-5151 x 45034 and l/m to call me back.

Steve called back and explained that my message yesterday got cut off and I explained that the only thing that Ken Garff did was flush my coolant and didnt repair the squeek. He wanted to check it out and said hed call me back.

9/5-Called Steve to find out what was going on. L/m. Steve called back and said hed left multiple messages for Mike and hadnt heard from him. He said hed leave one more message before trying to contact someone else.

9/12-Called Steve. He said that Mike said that I could bring it back in but wouldnt give me a rental. Then he said he had done all he could and that to talk to Mikes boss, Id have to call the dealership and get that information.

Called Ken Garff and was told I would need to speak w / Denise Becker to get Mikes boss name and number but she doesnt get in until 9am. C/b, not in. C/b and spoke w / Denise Becker 257-3330 and asked for Mikes superiors name and number. She said she didnt have it but would get it and call me back.

Mike called, what a suprise. Said he wouldnt give me his boss name or number. He said he would not authorize any more repairs seeing how it was out of warranty. I told him my problem was not resolved and I wanted to talk to his boss. He also informed me that no flushing of the engine was done and ABSOLUTELY NO REPAIR ATTEMPT WAS MADE! After several requests, he reluctantly gave me his supposed boss name, Eric Bondus, but refused to give me his number but gave me an address of 10550 Talbert Ave, Fountain Valley, Ca 92728.

Wrote Eric a brief note and attatched this also. Sent certified letter.

9/12-Went to courthouse to find out about small claims court and jurisdiction. Got a pamphlet.

9/16-Called labbb. Case closed as of 9/13. Hyundai never replied.

Emailed job op place in Korea asking for help.

9/23-Emailed local newsman for help: Gephardt.

Called 1-800-952-5210. Dept. Of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Auto Repair. Was told to go to Gov and file a complaint and then a mediator should get in contact with me. Filed complaint.

9/24-Heard ad by lawfirm Devry about doing a class action about a misrepresentation about the power of the car. Gave my info to Ashley and mentioned my other problem and she didnt think they could help w / that. 262-8915. She referred me to the Utah State Bar for assistance 800-698-9077.

Called USB, lawyer referral service. The lady gave me three lawyers:

Tooele, James Tanner 435-833-9524

Salt Lake, Jon Rogers 801-532-6272

Salt Lake, William Middleton 801-485-3707

She said to say to them that Lawyer Referral Service referred me and the first hour would be $30.

Shandra Neilson/Devry called and left message for me to call back because someone wanted to talk to me.

9/25-I called Shandra back and l/m for her to call me back. She called back and set up phone appt. For 9/26 @ 1500.

9/26-Lynn Heward called from Devry and got vin #. Made appt. For 10/5 @ 4:30 for appt.

9/27-Received call from Laree, Dept. Of Consumer Affairs 909-782-4262, will c/b 9/30.

9/30-Ellen Wutech/Hyundai l/m stating she received my letter that was sent to Eric Bondus and would be reviewing it and be in contact. 714-594-1688.

Called Laree w / Ca. Dept. Of Consumer Affairs and l/m to c/b. She called back and she said that they only do cases that involve repairs and not warranty issues and only in California.

10/3-Ellen called and updated me on what Mike had said. I called his attempts pathetic and beyond. She needed to get some more repair orders for the last couple of times my car was in and would call me back. Shes answering to Mike so we know where this is going. My letter was forwarded onto Ellen. I doubt Eric Bondus ever read it. M/fers!

10/30-Called Ellen l/m asking for Eric Bondus number because shed taken the same stance as Mike and wasnt helping me.

10/31-Called Ellen she said that she needed to schedule a time when it was convenient for everyone to take my car in now that it is cold enough to duplicate the noise. Ellen said she would arrange everything, including a rental, and call me back by the end of business today even if she didnt get everything set up.
Ellen called back and l/m to call her back.

11/1-L/m for Ellen to call me back. She called and said Mike Bolen would be available Wed, Thurs or Friday. Ellen said shed check w / the dealer about service loaners and find out when they will be available and call me back and I asked that if she didnt know anything by next Friday, to call me and let me know what was going on.

11/13-Ellen never called back. Looking into legal action now.

L/m for Ellen to call me back and said that she was supposed to c/b last Friday and called it typical for her company to not call back.

Ellen said she l/m Friday w / instructions to take my car in. She said this would be the last repair attempt and I told her that my car will be repaired under their warranty PERIOD! She gave me Ken Garffs # 801-297-7367 and to talk to Brad. Message was found. My bad.

Called Brad. Brad knows nothing. Called Ellen and asked her to call Brad. Will call Brad later.

Ellen called and said everything was arranged. She also asked that I be polite and not bad mouth Hyundai. YA RIGHT! Gave me a new number for Brad. 801-257-3333.

Called Brad back and l/m.

Brad called and we arranged for me to drop off my car on Monday afternoon, pick up loaner and then meet Brad at 7:00am Tuesday the 19th and Ill show him the squeek.

11/22-Brad called and said that Mike only authorized 3 hours of service to repair the squeek. Brad said that it fell into the 12 month squeek warranty, not! I appreciated his help and he said that he would call me back today or Monday.

12/4-Called and l/m for Brad to c/b with an update.

12/19-Brad said the car is done but I need a battery so I authorized that to be done. Brad said that the squeek was a rear engine mount and after replacing that, they could not get the squeek to happen again.

12/20-Squeek still there. I give up.

January, 2003-Linda called from Hyundai to see if the repair had been made. I told her it hadnt and Ill never buy another Hyundai again!

Below is a reprint off the Hyundai website

Hyundai Motor Company is taking all necessary steps to improve the quality of its
after-sales service activities. To meet this challenge, we have adopted a four
point plan that can be summarized as follows:

Firstly Hyundai Motor Company will enhance customer satisfaction activities. Speedy, accurate and courteous service are the key objectives of our new service improvement campaign that is perfectly summed up by our service motto "For You." Each customer can count on the highest degree of professionalism from our dedicated and well-trained service personnel.

Secondly Hyundai Motor Company will provide easy access to after-sales service whenever and wherever it's needed. With an after-sales service network that encompasses more than 6,000 outlets around the globe, Hyundai Motor Company is able to provide prompt service whenever and wherever a customer is in need. The company ensures that even the remotest parts of the country are covered and to ensure service skills are fully up-to-date, service training personnel are dispatched to all major foreign markets where they provide on-site and hands-on training courses. The company has established training centers in Germany, Australia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

Thirdly Hyundai Motor Company will expand the information-driven after-sales service system. Not only can all of Hyundai Motor Company's after-sales service staff easily access our SAIS (Service Assistance Integration System) database for up-to-date information on vehicle maintenance but so can our customers. Hyundai Motor Company's continuous efforts to enhance its after-sales network will help the company stay one step ahead of the competition.

Hyundai Motor Company began operating an Overseas Service Quality Center (OSQC) from Dec. 6,1999 to support distributors by providing a procedure to allow prompt improvement and feed back on HMC's vehicle quality. The OSQC's main roles include delivering product quality issues immediately to the related factory department and allow real time feed back to distributors, handling of customer concerns made to HMC's Head Office and urgent technical assistance through the Internet. The OSQC consists of 12 expert vehicle engineers and will be operated 24 hours a day (3 shifts per day) to allow an immediate response by HMC to distributors. And to meet today's high-tech demands, the OSQC is currently equipped with a video conference facility which will allow distributors to gain visual support in real time from the OSQC personnel. The Overseas Service Quality Center is another effort by HMC to improve support for distributors and provide first class service to customers. Additional programs and equipment will be added to the OSQC's inventory to allow an easier and more accurate flow of communication between the distributor and HMC some time soon.

Tooele, Utah

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Offender: Hyundai

Country: USA   State: California   City: Fountain Valley
Address: 10550 Talbert Ave
Phone: 7145941688

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