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Like many ppl in the area im sure i go to this mcdonalds a lot—mostly to get a drink. Nothing big u think. You go thru a drive-thru, order a drink and leave. Not at this hell of a mcdonald's with the kind of psychos working there. I've had this problem there numerous times and have complained. First off, the person taking the order—is a jerk and in some cases I've been yelled at by the crazy teen or college animals that work there... Mostly the females of course— the males seem to be normal. The females that work there are literally loud obnoxious and just flat out crazy. Once I drove thru there ordered a dollar menu item, and I went to the window. The female began arguing and fighting with me with regards to what I ordered. I said I ordered a coffee, and she differed and began saying I ordered something else. She was being belligerent and crazy, rude, and just screaming at me, harassing, for no reason. I pulled forward to pay at the other window hoping to avoid the yelling psychopath.

As I was driving to the 2nd window the psycho began yelling at me 'YOU NEDE TO PAY'!! And freaking out literally in that manner as if i was trying to steal a dollar menu item. The low class wench literally chased me to the 2nd window in a loud attempt to explain to her co-workers that I didn't pay for my dollar menu item and needed to be monitored in some form. She ran to the window to continue harassing me and I told her I didn't think so and to get a manager... I explained to the manager that his psycho of a whacko employee was yelling at me for no reason and flipping out and acting nuts... He just said 'oh i am sorry' was giggling and didn't care to reprimand the deranged animal for her behavior and harassing customers in this way... Everytime I went most of the time the 'female' employee taking your money is nasty in some form... Or just rude or mean in various ways— the guys have yelled before but only saying 'BYEEEE' and once even said my name... I have no clue why.

At one point, then handing me a drink began to become some kind of an ordeal. For some reason the uneducated cretins working there for some reason decided that they wanted to hold the drink back far away from me, in some form or seemingly want to make it a difficult ordeal for me to even get my drink from them. I began to notice this and get annoyed... It seemed intentional and happened numerous times— I mean how hard is it to hand a customer an item? You reach forward, hand it to them... Etc... These classless freaks decided to make it some kind of bizarre scenario where they were holding it further back... Or holding it high up to where it's almost difficult for you to get. For me it's even more difficult with a painful arm, so I have to tell them... Can you pull it forward some— they don't care for some reason it's some kind of strange joke to them... And then it became almost a recurring game... Until I complained.

Now, there is only one employee who literally just hands me my items normally— the rest do these strange bizarre things... With regards to just giving me something and it becomes a very irritating and draining exchange. I went to the restaurant again. And an african american employee (of course immature young witch) was trying to do the same— hand me a drink... Of course. She couldn't just 'hand it to me'... There is a 'crazy' game involved where... They can't hand it to my hand— they have to sit there and hold it and do God knows what— it is so crazy to me that people are this sick and low... That they do this to people just to make things difficult for them... She then 'intentionally' almost threw the drink—ie she couldn't place it in my hand... After 1-2 seconds of just sitting there contemplating how she was going to give it to me— no. She had to purposely just 'drop' it and i literally just caught it before it fell— I'd love to say. Oh it was accidental&it surely wasn't... You don't just spill a drink in that manner—sometimes things accidentally fall or people don't grab them— she purposely was just dropping it—so it could fall, i luckily caught it... Then she said 'oh —the lid is coming off' as if she wanted me to hand it back to her— so I could repeat the entire nightmarish process of just trying to receive a simple item from a drive thru.

This to me, is something so messed up i can't even begin to explain... But this is what these low class heathens at these kinds of places do—especially mcdonald's. I figure that u have to have to be some kind of severely twisted and sick in the head person to pull this kind of garbage on a customer... And for what reason? The people or sickos that work here... Should definitely not be working here, or anywhere.

What kind of complaint is it that u have to call corporate to say that their deranged employees aren't handing you a drink properly and are doing things to make it difficult for you just to receive a simple item from a drive thru? This is just crazy to me. But for now I've had it. I have to file this complaint and of course call the store, but of course. It seems like they will take it ias a joke and keep pulling the same thing on you... Because handing a customer who they are picking on int his manner, an item is such a difficult draining and challenging ordeal that now numerous complaints have to be filed with regards to it? What kind of sick people are these that they are doing this to a customer, or any customer, I've never heard anything like this, but in this day and age— the way these types of sick people are— this not only petty but bizarrely petty types of situations occur and the mentality of these kind of stupid people is so warped and low. It is shocking, but not even shocking. They are capable of anything that is just so strange and off the wall. I hope mcdonald's does something about these classless uneducated no character creeps but i doubt they will. They'll probably pat them on the back and give them more ways and ideas to screw with customers.

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Offender: McDonald's

Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Orlando

Category: Cafes, Bars, Restaurants


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