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Complaint-review: Sonia Espineli - Sonia Espineli

Sonia Espineli
Sonia Espineli

Sonia Espineli or Sonia Munez Espineli or Sonia M Espineli, is an insurance sales person who lives in Franklin Square, Long Island and Works in Midown Manhattan for an insurance company. Sonia Espineli is not to be trusted. Quotas and rewards should not matter, the customer will always be first. Sonia Espineli's deceiving ways ...

Gad abeckaser
Thief and con man

Been reading all these complaints about this thief Gad Abeckaser and i am not surprised. Gad a con man, heartless thief who will cheat anyone he meets. hes a disgraceful man who has no shame . hes always on the move because everywhere he goes he steals cheats and runs from someone . if you're looking for him rhis is his ...