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Alice Gettelfinger - Wunderland Cocker Spaniels
I was bullied, harassed, Alice Gettelfinger stole my photos, she called the cops on me, and refused to refund my money

Buyer Beware: I was interested in an adult cocker spaniel named Shadowcast Chalk Outline (Chalk) and I sent Alice Gettelfinger a $400 deposit. I then quickly changed my mind because of all of the online complaints against Wunderland Cockers Kennel. I requested a refund from Alice, she denied it and ...


DEBT OFCREDIT CARDS TURN TO LIENS, can the be enforced to take house, that is paid for? this action is primitive because i not able to provide the facts that the debt is not my responsibility {ignore} does the officer who contacts you talk to you or he just serves the notice? it is insulting and ...