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Page Parkes Modeling
The photos they made are horrible

This post is regarding Page Parkes Modeling in Houston, Texas. My daughter has always wanted to model and act. We took her to a few 'modeling expos' and things f that natuyre and I never felt quite comfortable. The little voice in the back of my heaad was saying rip off. Unfortunately, that voice didnt hit me until it was way too late regarding Page Parkes. My wife and I took my daughter to Page Parkes to be considered as a model and actress. We went through an initial process where they 'selected' certain people to be Page Parkes hopefulls. My daughter was chosen adn I was told she would have to go through a 'school' that Page Parkes had so she could learn tips on beauty and being a model. I am sorry that I dont remember specific prices but I know all in all I spent close to $2,000. We had to take my daughter to this 'school' every week for close to 8 weeks or so and when we got to the end she was told she would need a photo session. They critiqued my daughter and said she needed this and that prior to her photo shoot. We were given a choice of two photographers here in Houston. I specifically asked if we could choose our own photographer and they said no. (This was my first feeling that I was getting screwed) We took my daughter and got her hair and nails done and bought her hundreds of dollars in new clothing as they specifically told us what kind of outfits to bring. (an athletic outfit, certain colors of shirts, certain types of shirts etc.) After the photo shoot we were told we HAD to buy a photo package. We could buy extra but had to buy a certain amount. The photos are one of the photos you can see the photographer in my daughter's eye!!! Pathetic. If you do not believe me I will gladly mail you a copy of the picture. If you look in the blue of my daughter's eye you can see his shadow and it is clearly the photographer. The other photos are just as shoddy!!! Here's where it started to become more apparent to me I was getting screwed. I called the photographer and complained about the photos. I said I've had professional photos shot of me and these were anything but pro. Within minutes I received a call from Page Parkes regarding my calling and complaining! If I called the photographer why would Page Parkes call me?!?!?! Answer: My guess is they are owned by the same person or the profits are getting shared. I was also told that if I complained that Page Parkes would not like it and it would upset her and my daughter may not be chosen!!! At this point I knew I was getting screwed without even so much as a kiss on the neck. My daughter went to her 'final interview' with Mrs. Page Parkes herself and was told she would recive a letter notifying her if she was chosen or not. The letter finally came and she was chosen. She came back in for an interview now as an 'official' Page Parkes Model. The ironic thing is that they were very upbeat and hopeful when we started in this project.'You can do this and you can do that' Now that these people were 'chosen' as models, their tone changed.'We are not promising anything.' 'We are not promising you'll get work.' etc, etc... She was forced to sign a contract that said she worked for Page Parkes for a year and that any jobs she got, regardless of whether she got them through Page Parkes or on her own, Page Parkes got a cut of her money. My daughter was told to call in every two weesk to check in and see if she had any jobs. Ill let you answer the question of whether she got any jobs over the next year. Please realize a few things before you decide whether to believe my story or not. I am not a 'stage mom'. I am her father. I do not force my daughter into competitions or hound her. She has ambition and drive all on her own. Why did I stay and continue to get screwed? My daughter believed she had something and I wasnt about to tell her 'Baby, they chose you because Daddy has money and is a dumbass.' I couldnt do it to her. I played along knowing I was getting screwed so my daughter would feel good about what she was doing. Has Page Parkes had a few success stories? Sure she has. But in my opinon she is using these 'PAST' successes to play on kids and parents hopes and pockets. Take your son or daughter in, pay for the school, pay for the photos, use up your Saturdays and whenh they dont get a single modeling or acting job you remember this post!!!

Offender: Page Parkes Modeling

Country: USA   State: All USA

Category: Business & Finance


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