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Chuck Hughes, Ryan Hughes
Nathan Campos SCAM

To whom it may concern:

I responded to an ad on Craigs List for telemarketing closer. I telephone interviewed with Nathan Campos, and the following day I interviewed with him in person. When I called back to see if I got the job, he said he would have to discuss it with Brad, the owner, who was also sitting in the office that day, but was only represented as another salesman in the office. Long story short, Brad called me and said okay. The next day they gave me a one page script to review, a few web sites to look over and I listened to a few sales calls. They were all very short calls.

I show up on Monday, they put some leads on a computerized data base, and I begin calling. Most of the people had bought a Chuck Hughes book in the past, and had been email blasted for awhile. My job was to "one call close" them into some overpriced investment advisory service. Most of the people they had me calling were over 85 years old. They were obviously preying on the elderly, who are somewhat mentally diminished. It was a sad day. Both Brad F., the CEO and Nathan Campos the sales manager kept feeding me lines as they listened in on my calls. They literally wanted me to beat the crap out of these people, so to speak, and hammer them for $6,000.00 on a credit card.

I have sold over the telephone for many years, and this is without question the slimiest bucket shop I have ever been in. I was fired after one day. I passed the smell test, but not the SCUMBAG test.

Chuck Hughes and his son Ryan must be SCUMBAGS too! Ryan Hughes handles all the business coming from the "Select Marketing Services"- SMI office in El Segundo, CA.

I only worked there for a day, so my information is limited. For anyone who is thinking about suing their balls off, perhaps this will help.

Chuck Hughes and his son Ryan Hughes live in Carmichael CA., this is where the money is going for the "enrollment fee", and boy did they seem hungry for the money!

Customer service and the link with the brokers in New York, for the "Auto trading" option... For those wishing to lose their trading account AND the enrollment fee. Some guy named Moldanano, Chucks "right hand man", does the dirty work for the company from a Chuck Hughes office, Moorestown NJ. The trading capital money for the Advisory members is handled from there.

The company offers 10% commission on sales and 15% if you sell more than $20,000 in enrollment fee, IN A WEEK! I was fired because they didn't think I would be able to make $200,000 per year in commissions, and that they said was what they were looking for. Perhaps if I had a really bad cocaine habit, I might have been able to rise to the occasion.

FYI for anyone reading this who bought multiple years of fee. They offer lifetime enrollment for $15,000.00. This is a huge elaborate scam.

These guys are real smooth criminals who have been at it a long time. Brad F. And Nathan Campos have been running this bucket shop together for over 11 years. The President of SMI, and evidently there is more than one SMI, is some lady, a silent fall guy... Gal, one of Brad's partners. Nathan Campos is a part owner in the company too.

That's all I know. Their ethics are obviously in the toilet, and have been for so long, they can't even smell their own crap. Perhaps this little report will give them a whiff.

Chuck Hughes, you and yours, are a pack of thieving, lying, scumbag trash. Nathan Campos you are a worthless punk. Brad F. You are a wise ass, and a fat piece of crap. Linda, you should find a better secretarial job. The rest of you SCREW OFF!

Chuck Hughes, your crap stinks from El Segundo all the way to Big Sur, and from there, all the way to Moorestown/Cherry Hill, NJ. Shame on you for exploiting the elderly and the investing community.

Times are tough, but they are not that tough, you messed with the wrong dude: Because of people like you, and those in your organization, people like me don't give a crap AT ALL!

I hope you get everything you deserve, all of you.

Lee Sobel

For those who have been scammed only.
I will testify.


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