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Ffsi insurance services. Pushy pushy agent

I am a single mother of one and I work in an office. I love my job quite well and it is very stressful some times. Well actually most of the time. So one day on a calm quiet day, I was with customers and someone who I haven't seen for years came in. He was dressed in a suit and he said HI to me. My customer were sitting and glancing at him as he was odd.

He talks to the owner of the business about some other business opportunity and then he presented himself to the boss wife. I eavesdrop and listen. HA! I knew it I said to myself. He was there trying to recruit my boss and wife to come join his team of insurance service salesman. He then proceeded to explain that they can make a lot of money and work how ever and whenever. My thoughts were, this is kind of like primerica.

He gave them an invitation. I ran back to my office pretending to be soooo busy with my customer and he came in. Dang it! He gave me an envelope saying I should get in the business and join his team. Of course this is an mlm company. I told him it is not my style and I already have other goals. He jus told me to take the envelope with some invitation in it and think about it.

My mother then came in to say hi, he tried recruiting her. He said the same thing he did to my boss. She yelled at him saying "If I tell you no, it means no." After that he left.

So a month and half later, I get a call to my office and it was one of my dad friend wife whom we will call Sunny. Sunny ask how I was doing and how my child was. I gave her the normal friendly answer and ask the same. Bla Bla Bla. She then tell me that she has a great job selling my head, I was thinking "oh my F*k! I am a magnet for these people!" She was saying that she joined three months ago and that it is good money.

I told her that I have a lot of things on my mind and that I can't handle doing sales. She said I would be good at it and I could do it part time or whenever. Hmmmm... Almost the same pitch from that guy pitching to my boss. She said she is with "First Financial Security." I told her I couldn't think as I had five people waiting on me. She asked me for my mother's number. I told her I could not give it out without permission. We hung up on friendly terms.

Days and weeks, goes by and I still get calls from that same woman. I told my boss to tell her I was fired. I do not know much about this company but it seems like something similar to Primerica. If someone who knows this company well, can explain to me. If it is like Primerica, tell me.


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