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Complaint / Review
Unauthorized signup and charging for Account Protection and Identity Protection plans

I just noticed several unauthorized transactions on my Discover/HSBC credit card account.
These transactions are titled: "Pers. Acct. Prot 877-703-0918" and "Identity Plan 866-497-6058 Tulsa".

The thing is, I never joined such service nor I ever authorized these transactions!!! I've tried to submit the dispute online but only one these transactions (Identity Plan) had required reference number. Total charges were in the amount of $103.53 and stretching for four months!

I was able to submit disputes online for Identity Plan and subsequently received refunds, but I'm still waiting for Account Protection Plan refunds.

I received e-mail reply from Discover/HSBC suggesting me to call their department, which I did. Me and my husband spoke with the rep, who barely spoke English and who gave us ultimatum type choices, telling us that we can choose one but not both: 1. She offered to credit the charges for two months of unauthorized service and instructed us to send snail-mail to Discover/HSBC requesting the credit for other two months, 2. She gave us the address and suggested to send the letter to Discover/HSBC with explanation of unauthorized service charges and requesting the refund for ALL four months. We decided to choose the last one. The rep also canceled this unauthorized plan from my account to avoid further charges. On my repeated question, why am I signed in this plan and who did this without my consent, she played def and like robot repeated over and over: "send them letter...".

I did send letter to Discover/HSBC asking them to remove ALL charges from my account associated with Personal Account Protection plan immediately, as I NEVER authorized my submition to this plan, but overall, It is absolutely outrageous that Discover suggested me to call and inform of all unauthorized charges to a representative, which I did, but instead of representative taking action or at least inform appropriate office, she instead instructed me to send the letter via postal service!!! My husband did ask her for fax number just to make things a bit easier, but she didn't give us any, which further burdened my everyday schedule. I spent my valuable time writting and sending the letter, requesting cancellation of the plan which I never joined or asked for! I already e-mailed the same explanation to Discover/HSBC and I already spoke to representative, as they suggested. So, why they waisted my time even more? Is it me to blame for unauthorized charges that came from the institution I suppose to trust? It is quite confusing: logically, I should be worried about unauthorized entities charging my account illegally, not for the well established bank where I maintain my credit account!

Shortly I received a letter from Discover/HSBC, and the worst part is, they don't even apologize! Instead they "are sorry to see me leave the plan":) Yes, the plan which I never actually joined!!!
From what I know, by the law, one may go to jail for something like this! I'm just wondering, do bankers like these ever go to jail? Is there someone who actually investigates them down to the core? And I don't mean some law office at some point recovering monetary damages. I mean real jail term, do they try to find that Person and prosecute him/her? It ALL starts from one person's idea, right? I wonder who started this scam at Discover/HSBC?

It is a known fact and widely accepted standard: Relationship between bank and its client is based on trust! When Discover/HSBC assigned me a plan without my consent and charged me for it too, they violated this well established standard... Not to mention that they have violated the law!

Offender: Discover/HSBC

Country: USA   State: Oklahoma   City: Tulsa
Address: Account Protection Plus P.O. Box 22999
Phone: 8777030918

Category: Business & Finance


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