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Fannie Mae
Loan modification!

My Time Line of Modification Process with Bank of America

18 months of hell trying to get a fannie mae loan modifed and its still not modified. Was never late until i asked bank of america to help me as they are the servicer!!!

July 20- Faxed an authorization letter to BOA for Terecia Skipper to be authorized on my home loan (see authorization letter that was faxed attached) to help in the communication process with BOA. I had made several calls to BOA prior to this day to get help from the home retention department with my home loan and became frustrated with the communication process. Terecia is a real estate agent who is familiar with getting necessary information communicated. We authorized her with a fax.

August 20- FAXED financial information and loss of income letter to BOA per their request while speaking to a representative on the phone. I also faxed (again same one faxed as stated on July 20) an authorization letter (included her name and contact.) to BOA per their request to have Terecia Skipper authorized on my loan to help me in the communication process with BOA. I wanted her authorized as I was so stressed out about trying to keep the payments up on my home that I didn’t communicate well over the phone as I had tried to talk to BOA several times prior and was treated rudely. Terecia Skipper is a real estate agent who helped me purchase this home. We were told to look for modification packet in the mail as that would be the next step after providing BOA with all the information they requested via FAX on this day of July 20.

September 11- LOOK at the history on my account for THIS day... I spoke with a male BOA representative who PRE-Qualified me, (after getting all my financial info for the SECOND time), for a home modification right over the phone! (What happened to prior info I gave to BOA on August 20???) I had to re - FAX all financial info on this day as there was no record of prior info sent in...

He told me on this day to start making MODIFIED payments of $711.76 (1/3 of my income) He said if I made a payment in that amount for him today that would be my first of 3 TRIAL PAYMENTS and I would receive my modification paperwork in the mail shortly thereafter. I MADE the payment that day! My account was never later prior to this day. I had been borrowing from friends and family to keep my head above water and I welcomed the modified payment. I asked him right THEN what would happen if I was denied later on after making 3 trial payments of $711.76 starting on this day. He said DO NOT WORRY that I was QUALIFIED for modification as I had faxed in a loss of income letter, financial info, etc that met the criteria for me to qualify for modification thus lowering my payment TODAY! I specifically asked and so did my authorized person (Terecia Skipper) what would happen and we were told we would receive paper work packet within 30 - 60 days and not to worry as I was qualified already. The BOA representative did stress to me it was important to make the modified payments ON TIME...

October 5- Spoke with a BOA representative by the name of Corby. She said that I was ON THE LIST for modification and that it did show her that my September and October modified payments had been received. I told her I had ALREADY been pre-qualified in July and she told me it could take up to 90 days more for me to receive my paperwork!!! I asked my authorized person (Terecia Skipper) if she had heard anything via E-mail or phone and she had not.

October 15- Received a notice that stated my October payment had NOT been received. Tried to call and waited on hold for 15 min. I had to hang up...

October 16- Called to check about receiving paperwork and about notice received yesterday... Waited on hold for 15 min. Spoke to BOA representative by the name of Queenie. She said that she could see in my history where BOA had requested documents on August 20. I told her that I had submitted info to BOA on July 20th, August 20th and Sept, 1 and then was asked by BOA to Re-submit that info on Sept. 11th along with my first modified payment and that is what I did. I asked her if what I had submitted on September 11th via fax had been received yet and she said no, but that it could take an additional 30 days to receive the information... WHY??? Why would it take BOA that long to get information that was FAXED over a month ago??? BOA had lost my info from July and now I’m worried my info from Sept. Has been lost again.

I’m frustrated at this point because I never can talk to the same person when I call in and have to explain to each new BOA rep that I talk to what is going on with my home loan. I have to ASK each representative to LOOK at the history of my account so they can see what is going on and I have to ask them to please make notes on my account for future reference. I have cried and have had many sleepless nights at this point. Also asked why I did not receive a statement in October for my payment and I was told that while making trial payments and waiting on paperwork I would not receive a loan statement every month.

October 27- 10:00 AM - COLLECTION CALLS START!!! Missed call... Called back and after 3 attempts of waiting on HOLD for minutes at I time I finally get through. I have made 2 modified payments at this point. Was told the total passed due amount owed was $1461.39. I again explain to the BOA collection rep that my account is in modification. BOA asked if any other phone #’s were authorized on my account? I told them about (Terecia Skipper) being authorized. I also told them I spoke to BOA on Oct. 5th and was told my paperwork could be another 60 - 90 days!!! Told to continue my modified payments.

October 28- I missed a call (collections) at 1:53 PM from BOA. I called back at 2:45 PM and waited on hold 20 min. And got no answer and had to hang up... I have a cell phone only with limited min.

October 29- Phone rang at 2:46 PM - I saw the number and recognized it as BOA (collections) and when I answered, no one was on the line... Called back and waited on hold for more than 20 min and had to hang up... Between today and yesterday 40 min of my limited phone minutes were wasted.

October 31-Phone rang at 1:53pm (collections)... Missed call again but tried to call back. The same # that had tried to call me the prior 2 days. Waited on hold for 15 min so I called back and tried different categories on the menu... NO OPTION to speak to ANYONE... Just options to make a payment or promise a payment. I wanted to speak to someone as I had missed the prior 2 collection calls. No category for collections just for Home Retention department only (1-800-669-0102). I just could not understand why they could not look at my history and see that I was making modified payments and waiting on paperwork... It was all NOTED on my account!!!

I called again at 4:00 PM and was sent to collections! After argument and many tears with a rude BOA representative I made another modified payment for OCT! I had already made one payment online on the 1st and the rep argued I must make another payment. I DID but told her that would be my modified payment for NOVEMBER and would be my 3rd TRIAL payment.

November 18- I’m getting worried... I have had collection calls, a lot of tears, frustration and explanations to collection reps and BOA reps about waiting on paperwork packet and explaining I have already been pre-qualified for modification... SO I call BOA... I spend 29 min on the phone with BOA representative Darlene only to be told that my previous paperwork that I faxed in (that had been LOST once and then re-submitted again)... NEVER was submitted to the right department for REVIEW. My paperwork was NEVER sent to the right Department is what Darlene tells me... I tell her I was pre-qualified in September and told I had no need to worry as I qualified and was suppose to have received paperwork shortly thereafter. Darlene says she can see the history on my account and this is how she knows that the paperwork never got to where it was suppose to go. My loan is NOW in default $2222.93!! She also tells me that I need to re-authorize Terecia Skipper at [email protected].

Nov. 24- Called to check on paperwork... Spoke to Leslie... She told me my paperwork had been SUBMITTED for review! YAY!:-) Leslie said BOA should Fed-X paperwork packet to me soon...:-)

December 7- Once again I am calling to find out about my home loan. I waited on hold for 11 min and Jeanette answered. I told her that there was a notice on my home loan my workout history online, it stated my home loan was APPROVED for modification. I told her that I had actually been approved way back in July. I did tell her that I just saw the notification online when I logged into my BOA account. Jeanette then tells me that when she pulls up the history on my account that she sees that my loan went into the modification process on December the 4th! WAIT... What! I have a notation online that I am approved... I was told in July I was approved and now I am being told it went into modification on December the 4th... She also states that on November 21st she sees that they updated my income information. I guess that the last call on November 18 got my financial info where if finally needed to go. Jeanette tells me to continue to make my good faith payments and that I will receive my paperwork packet in 90 -120 days... I am so frustrated and confused at this point.

January 8- Called at 11:00 AM to find out about my home loan. I am very worried. Spoke to a BOA rep by the name Danielle. She is in the advocacy department and tells me I am speaking to the wrong department and transfers me to the Home Retention Department at 11:01 AM. At 11:05 AM~ Christian answers the phone. I tell him to check my history and that I should have received a paperwork packet from BOA. He tells me I receive my home loan statements every other month because I am actually making a partial payment. He also tells me I should increase my good faith payment from $711.76 to $711.83 per a glitch in the system. He states that even that slight little difference in payment makes my good faith payment where it really should have been in the first place so I let him know that my next payment will be that much. He tells me to CONTINUE to wait on my paperwork packet and to make good faith payments on time and in the full amount...

I have now gone from a modified payment, to a good faith payment, from approved to being in the process of being approved... Im so confused and I think back to Sept. 11 when I was told by a BOA representative that I had nothing to worry about as I qualified per the criteria guide lines and started my modified payments that day after faxing in necessary financial information. I was under the assumption the packet I would receive would be the paperwork for me to sign so my loan statements would reflect my adjusted payment...

February 20!!! -11:20 AM Called to find out about paperwork packet I should be receiving. Waited on hold for 10 min. I was told it could take 120 days to receive modification paperwork. The representative marked my account as concerned PER my request...

March 5- RECEIVED a paper via snail mail from BOA stating that my financial information HAD BEEN RECEIVED! (See copy of paper from BOA attached) YAY! I am told I WILL receive my packet soon!

May 15- 12:20 PM - I call BOA to find out about my paperwork packet as it has been 2 months since I received their notice. I speak to BOA rep by the name of Carolynn. She tells me that on my account she sees that I have been APPROVED!:-) She tells me Rose Relaford is my workout representative and I would receive a call from her very soon...

June 30- Around 9:00 AM, I hear my phone ring and I hurry to answer it and no one is on the line when I say hello... I don’t recognize the number so I listen to the voice mail... I missed a call from Rose Relaford, my workout representative from BOA just called me and I missed her call!!! In her voice mail she tells me that she has NO FINANCIAL information for my account and that I must re-submit it!!! Once again I am told I must re-submit information that has NOT changed... My financial information is STILL the same as it was the first time I submitted it! I was crushed. I began to just cry and cry. I have gone from being approved over and over again, to being told I would receive paperwork soon, and NOW BOA has absolutely no information of mine...:- (I look at the phone number and tell myself I will call Rose back and explain that something must be wrong. When I get through on the line... It is the GENERIC line for the home retention department not a DIRECT line to Rose Relaford... Why did she not leave her phone number in the voice mail??? I am told by the BOA rep (Nekeisa) that she cannot give me a phone number for Rose Relaford. I don’t understand why??? I told her that was the workout representative assigned to my loan and that I had just missed her call and it was imperative that I speak to her... Nekeisa tells me the only thing she can do is send Rose an email and let her know that I called in. Nekeisa also tells me that Rose noted my account that I must RE-SUBMIT financial information. I told Nekeisa that this will be the 3rd time in a year that I have submitted the SAME information. I told Nekeisa to please send Rose an email and tell her to please CALL ME BACK again...

July 1st-1:40 PM.- I was hoping that I would have received an email or a call back from Rose and I didn’t so I call again today... BOA representative Deborah tells me she will send another email to Rose Relaford to contact me via phone or email. She also tells me that my account was noted by Rose to re-submit my financial information. I tell Deborah to please look at the rest of the notes on my account to see what I have been thru in the past year and to let Rose know via email that it is imperative she call me again... Once again I can’t help but be frustrated by the fact that for an entire year I could not talk to ONE person about my account! Now that the ONE person who was assigned to be my workout rep had called and I had missed that call that I have to start completely over with the whole process again. I am so beaten down by this process all I can do is cry... I tell her to please code my account with my concerns...

I also go into my home loan account online to check my workout history... The notation that stated I had been APPROVED for modification that was there in December IS NO LONGER ON MY ACCOUNT!!! I send an email to BOA requesting that they re-post past information concerning my home loan workout process BACK to my account!!!

2:50 PM - I am so upset that I call BOA back just to see if information I am asking the BOA rep to post to my account is being posted like I ask them to... BOA rep by the name of Tina answers my call. I ask her to look at the history of my account and tell me what she sees... She immediately tells me that my account shows... WAITING ON MODIFICATION PAPERWORK TO BE MAILED TO ME!!! I was like WHAT??? I said REALLY??? The representative IMMEDIATELY and rudely said “No wait No wait! Let me look at the history! ” I told her please do and I’m thinking to myself this is why every time I have called in the past I was immediately told to just keep waiting because the reps would just glance at my account even though I told them I had been waiting forever and they would not check the history. I then ask her if she sees a record of my previous call at 1:40 PM and she says she sees nothing there... Once again I think to myself if the reps are not putting on my account my concerns no wonder when I call all they can tell me is that paperwork should arrive soon... I have told them to please write in my concerns and record of my call every time I have called BOA! I tell Tina to submit yet another email to Rose Relaford and to please tell her to call me again...

3:10 PM - Called back again! I just wanted to see if messages were being put on my account about my concerns. I’m so frustrated and upset... BOA rep by the name or Marissa answers and for once someone is also concerned about the process I have been through... I tell her in a nut shell the history you are reading right now... She doesn’t understand why this has happened but asks me kindly to resubmit my financials (how many times does that make now???) and explains the BOA will be paid by the government to help me. She told me that emailing Rose Relaford to call me back is not going to work. She said she herself could not even contact a workout rep by phone to pass on info. I think this is crazy and another reason the ball got dropped over and over again for a year... I told her I didn’t think it was fair that my info was lost over and over again. She said that they cannot use financials after 3 months. Once again my question is if once I submit them, why, in the past, has it taken more than 3 months to get to correct department. She tells me she is submitting to correct department today... I have been told this before. I am on the phone with her from 3:10 PM until 4:20 PM resubmitting financial info! Once again I wish I could get back all the phone minutes I have had to pay for from talking with BOA over the past year. I tried several times online with my mortgage to get info through message center (see attached paperwork) but they always told me in return messages that I had to Call in. Marissa tells me at the end of our conversation that she is turning in my financial info and I should receive a modification packet soon. I hang up the phone and I am ridden with anxiety and grief as I am back to square one and wonder if I will ever get any paperwork.

July 12- Just shy of ONE year since I started the modification process with BOA I receive a paper work packet in the mail!!! I have until August 8th to send in the info that I have basically submitted at least 4 times.

July 19- I receive a call from BOA representative Marcel... She is checking to see if I received the paperwork and asks me if I have any questions... I ask how long I have to get it turned in and she tells me until August the 8th and I tell her I am working on getting it filled out and gathering necessary financial documents.

July 28- Sent paperwork packet back to BOA in a pre-addressed FED-X envelope... I have copies of all paperwork sent just in case it is LOST again.

Myra E Deleon

Living on A Prayer...

August 3- Missed a phone call yesterday morning at 8:00 am... It was BOA of course... When I tried to call back it’s the same # as always that just connects you with a CSR and of course they cannot connect me with anyone that can help me... I sent in modification paperwork on July 28. I would like to think the phone call was possible good news that they had received the paperwork... I go to my online bank account and this is the message have in an email there today...

Account: Mortgage-5540 Property Address: 110 TOWERING PINE DRIVE, LADSON, SC-29456

A. Date: 08/03

Important Message about Your Loan

Our records reflect that you have a past due late charge balance of 185.07. It is important that you clear this balance at your earliest convenience.

What This Means

As provided in your loan documents, you agreed to promptly pay a monthly payment on the debt by the due date. The terms of your loan documents also state a late charge will be accessed if a payment is not received prior to an allotted grace period. Because a payment was received after your grace period, a late charge was assessed. A monthly payment generally consists of principal, interest, and any late charges that may be due. If an escrow or impound account exists, for the payment of taxes and insurance, the full payment amount must also include these items.

What You Need To Do

You can verify your late charge balance due by viewing the Account Details page.

To remit your payment, you have options from which to choose:

A. You may include your late charge balance with your next payment due by using our easy and convenient online MortgagePay on the Web service. To access this service, click on the Pay Now link on the Account Details page.

B. You may send a check in the amount of the current late charge balance or you may add this balance to your next monthly payment, designating that the additional amount is to be applied to your late charge balance due. Please be sure to include your loan number on your check.

Why late charges now when I have never paid them in the whole year I have been making modified payments??? Do I dare call BOA today???

August 7 Received a letter of intent to accelerate... Called BOA at 1:30 PM. Waited on hold for 10 min... I Spoke to Cathy... She says my modification was closed out in July. That was when I was told to RESUBMIT Financials on the phone!!! She tells me I am in no workout status at all now... There is no record of any of this time line for her to see even though I ask every representative to please record everything. No record of me submitting info on the phone on July 1st... No info of modification packet being sent out to me on July, 12. No record of it being returned to BOA on July 28th that should have been received over night... THEN this Cathy wants me to resubmit financial information OVER THE PHONE AGAIN and start the process all OVER!!! I hung up... A poor way to do business...

Called back at 2:00 PM... Spoke to Crystal... Made her take down all info about dates I received the modification packet, when I returned it, the address I returned it to etc... She told me... And I have heard this a million times... Told me it could take 120 Days after sending in paperwork!!! Ha ha ha ah aha ha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! I also asked her why after 8 months (stopped getting collection calls in Dec) of not receiving any phone calls and collection notices that all of the sudden I get them again??? I have not received late notices, statements, pass due statements, collection calls since Dec... She told me that during the modification process these type things will continue. I told her I was told they would stop by another representative... Stayed on phone for 20 min vehemently telling her to put NOTES on my account...

August 8- Received another letter to accelerate... Same exact letter as yesterdays so I didn’t call as I had already discussed this yesterday and was exhausted after hanging up the phone yesterday.

August 12 - Received a collection call from Linda at 8:00 AM. Told her I Fed-Ex modification packet to home retention department in TX on July 28th. Told her I had been in modification process since Sept 11. Told her collections on my account just resumed in August after not having any collection calls since Dec. She told me collection calls would ALWAYS continue and I told her AGAIN that they did NOT continue for me, that I just started receiving collection calls again after not getting them since Dec!! I received them for 3 months after submitting my first modified payment ($711.83) on Sept 11 and then they STOPPED! Linda TOLD me that I needed to cash in CD’s 401 K’s and to borrow money from family or friends to make the payments on my home. I told her I had borrowed from family and friends prior to making my first modified payment in Sept. Of 2009. I could no longer do so and told BOA on Sept 11 and that is when BOA TOLD ME to start sending in modified payments. I asked her to please write on my account that SHE ASKED me to cash in CD’s 401 K’s, savings and to borrow... She would NOT note my account that SHE asked me. She wrote on it that I offered her this information... I did not OFFER this information to her. I find it quite disturbing that a BOA collections representative would actually ask a customer to do these things. I told Linda I had been faithful at paying the modified payment of $711.83 (the first amount was actually $711.76. It was increased on Jan 8 to $711.83 per BOA rep Christian) since I was asked to do so on Sept. 11. Linda also asked me if my financial situation was still the same and I tell her, yes. She asked me what my original reason for asking for modification was and I told her I had LOST income way over a year ago and was getting ready to lose more! It was at this time that Linda said she was going to give me the phone # to the Retention Division... I said WHAT? She said she would give me that # so I could find out the status of my account. I told her that I was NEVER before offered an alternative # to call. I had been transferred before and I had asked for #’s so I could call back and talk to the same person and was always told no. She said they just started giving out that # about a week ago... She said she would transfer me to that # but to write it down in case we got disconnected. The # she gave me is 866-422-5871 Home Retention Division.

Linda also asked me to make a payment today and I told her that I had made my modified of $711.83 for August on the 1st of August. I again told her I had been making that modified payment since Sept 11 while waiting on my modification to be complete. She asked me if she could go ahead and schedule the payment for Sept 1st and I told her I schedule my payments with online banking and she asked me if that is how I always make payments and I told her yes. I did NOT deny payment I just told her I could not make another one until Sept 1. September marks a whole year I have been in this process... She transfers me to Home Retention Division...

8:15 AM - Transferred to Home Retention and Amanda answers the phone. I tell her I have been transferred by Linda to her because she can give me info of the status of my account. She also tells me collections will continue and I go into that whole situation explaining to her that they had not continued. I tell her I am concerned about the 2 letters to accelerate that I have received and what I should do if they do not scan my paperwork in before Sept. 1st as the paperwork states I could go into foreclosure. I tell her what I have been thru for the past year and she gets an attitude and wanted to hang up on my but instead put me on hold and transferred me back to Linda’s department so I would have to go through the process of waiting for someone there to answer and transfer me back to the retention department... She did not realize Linda gave me the # to Home Retention so I just call back again... 8:20 AM.

8:30 AM - I get thru again to the Home Retention Dept and speak with BOA Rep Bernice. She tells me the paperwork I sent out on July 28th to the Home Retention Division in Texas has not been scanned into the system yet and could be awhile before it does get scanned in... She made it a point to ask me if I Fed-Exed it in and I told her that I did. She says I should speak with the HOPE department about my paperwork and gives me that #... Yay!!! I get another Phone #. After not getting phone #’s for almost a solid year I’m excited. She gives me this # 1-877-767-0706 Hope Department... I try to call but have to wait until 9:00 AM.

9:16 AM... I call the hope department and I speak with Rep. Marquetia (sp). She sounds very young and quite bored with the whole process... I tell her I am calling to find out about the status of my modification. She tells me nothing has been processed yet but if I sent it in on July 28th that it could take awhile before it gets put into the system. I tell her to please note my account that I called to find out about my modification. I can tell I’m not going to get anymore info from her. She tells me to continue to wait and that it could take several weeks for info to get entered..

August 19 ~ 4:16 PM - Phone rings... 9088.55 due on home. Sandy is the representative that I speak with... Calling to collect a debt... Acceleration set to expire on Sept. 1st... My next payment is promised for Sept. 1... Sandy says she will escalate my loan again as things have taken way too long... She tells me to wait 72 hours and call. 877-744-7691... Ask for CAST. Tues. August 24th mid-afternoon... Sandy says she escalates my loan to Mrs. Whitlock. To get more in depth information on it...

August 20- Received a call at 8:20 AM from BOA collection Representative Monica... Of course I hear the whole bit about my loan being in default and I think to myself that I honestly cannot believe that they can’t look at my history prior to making a call. I understand they have to call but they could at least look at the history so when I start to explain that they can understand a little bit of what is going on with me... I have asked every person I have spoken with in the last year to. Imaged into my account she found the pages of paper from Home retention Department in Houston Texas. Making Home Affordable department... 1-888-325-6435. Transferred me to to Making home affordable at 8:44. Was cut off when transferred... (22 Min)

8:48- I called back... Wait on hold till 8:51... Representative Chantel, is going to transfer me again to the correct department because even though I dialed the Number that Monica gave me it routed me to the generic BOA # at 800-669-0102. Chantel says it’s because that department was closed but she has an inside line to transfer me to. She could not give me a phone number (LOL) but could transfer me... 8:53 I am transferred to an inside line to the phone Number that Monica gave me... (5 Min)

Alex (with making home affordable I assume) answers to phone at 8:55 and tells me he can see where my paperwork was received and it’s on its way to the underwriter. Could take awhile to get there... I explain my situation and he states again that my paperwork has been received. I ask him what he received and he goes thru a list. He aks me if I was in the military and I say no... I wondered why he would see military info on my account. Anyway I ask him if when the next collection agent calls if I can tell them it is waiting to be sent to the underwriter and he said yes...

Call ends at 8:59 (4min).

August 23 Monday-8:35AM - Collection Representative Bert called... After talking and explaining she gives me another # to MHA... 866-422-5871. Advises me to call that # on Monday the 30th as that will be one month after turning in my packet to find out what is going on with my loan. Phone call lasted 15 min...

August 25 Wednesday 5:22- Raymond called... 9088.65 owed and Collecting debt... Told him to please pull up the notes on my account after he kindly asks me WHAT I PLAN TO DO WITH MY HOME. After he pulls up the notes he can see I am waiting on MHA to process my loan. I tell him I will call MHA on Friday the 27th if I haven’t heard anything by that time... The # that Bert gave me on Monday is the same # that Raymond suggests for me to call... He thanks me and hangs up... Call lasts (8Min)

8:35 Daniel calls me back... Less than 5 min later...

August 26th . 4:37 PM - Veronica called from collections and told me 9088.65 due on my loan... I asked her to pull up the notes on my account so she could see that I am in the making home affordable program. She says her deal and I explain mine... Of course collections calls are going to continue... I understand that but the BOA rep that calls me they should be pulling up notes attached to my account before they even open their mouths... They should do this with all accounts they are calling to collect as they have no idea what is really going on with the account unless they look at info attached to it. Call lasted (5 min).

At 4:43 I call back to ask for CAST dept as advised by Sandy on August 19th but the #877-744-7691 she gives me dials into the home retention divisions generic... Not surprised!!! Calvin answers 4:48. He tells me he is going to update my account that no foreclosure or anything like that can happen. He transfers me to home retention... BACK TO SQUARE ONE on hold with MHA...

Arlette answers at 5:00 PM... Put me on hold to read my notes... Comes back at 5:03 and tells me she can see that my entire packet was received... And it is still waiting for the under writer. Arlette is sending an email to the under writer and also making them aware of the acceleration set to expire on Sept. 3 She apologizes for everything that I have been thru... Call ends at 5:09 (9min).

6:50- I missed a call from Daniel... I saw it when I came in from outside... He left a voice mail saying that he had all my documents but needed to ask me a couple questions about some info on my account.

8:05 PM -I call BOA and Brittany answers she says that it is documented on my account that I need to send in HOA Statement and Disability statement (these were sent in with the packet I sent on July 28???) She gives me a number to fax them to (415-228-6553) and to send them as Attention Daniel... I am not sure what it is they are really wanting since I already sent this info so she transfers me to the MHA department again... 8:10

8:25- Heather answers and tells me they need this info because what they have may be outdated or lost... I tell her there is no way it could be lost... I am so frustrated... She acts unconcerned when I tell her I just sent that info in on July the 28th of this year. I tell her I need to talk directly with whoever can see my paperwork in front of them... So she puts me on hold and then comes back and asks for my phone # as Daniel Wolfley (whom she says is my workout representative) is going to return my call in about 5 min... Call ends at 8:34... (approx 30 Min Call)...

8:37 PM - Less than 5 min later Daniel calls me back (8:37) He clarifies to me that I need to send in info about how long SCE@G plans to pay me disability and wants to know if the HOA statement I sent was quarterly statement. I ask him if he happened to have read the time line that I sent in with my paperwork and he said that he did but I hear uncertainty in his voice. He makes a statement that he has to go online to open up all the documents that came with my account but that he did read it. I tell him I feel like I fell through the cracks somehow with having been in the modification process for a year. He seems a bit agitated that I want to discuss what I have been through. I tell him I am nervous about faxing him any information as in the past it has been lost! He tells me the fax # that was given to me goes directly into his mail box. I ask him how long I have to get him the documentation from my former employer and he says A MONTH! I tell him I would go through information I have hear at home and if I did not have what they needed I would contact my employer and would make it a point to get it to him in a couple of days... He thanks me and we hang up... Call ends at 8:47 PM (10Min)

August 27 - 5:50 PM - I receive a deed in lieu in the mail so I call to tell them I am in the process of a modification and their system is down and they take my phone # and tell me they will call me back.

FAXED SCE@G document to Daniel at 7:00 PM...

7:24 PM Called BOA to see if I can speak with Daniel my workout representative. I speak with BOA representative Michael and I have him document on my account that I faxed in the last requested piece of paperwork to Daniel at 7:00 PM tonight... Michael asks me what # I faxed the document to and what the document was. I tell him it was a document stating the length of time my employer plans to pay me disability and that I faxed it to 415-228-6553. He tells me that because it went to Daniels personal fax line that he cannot see it scanned onto my account. He tells me he has documented what I asked and that he will also email Daniel Wolfley to let him know that I called in... Call ends at 7:29...

August 28 1:55 PM - I am at a festival on Sat. And later in the day I notice I missed a call from an Unknown # at 1:55 PM... The only unknown # that has called me recently was my workout representative from BOA. I assume I missed a call from him... NO voice mail to let me know what the call pertains to and no return # to call back but this is typical of BOA.

August 30- Monday... I call BOA MHA office at 11:10 AM today only waited on hold about 30 sec. Jacinda. Answers the phone and goes into the whole spill about the intent to foreclose etc... I tell her I am in the home modification program and that I am calling to see what notations she can see on my account as I missed a call From Daniel on Sunday and wanted to know if he had put any notes on my account... She can see that on Sunday (Aug 29-10) the account was coded as sent to the under writer... That either means that the last piece of paperwork I sent was all they needed or... It means NOTHING! I asked her to shoot Daniel an email and let him know I had called and to please return my my call and to also note my account that I had requested she do this... The call ended at 11:16

September 2-8:38 AM-BOA Calls and it tells me to hold as they have an important message and then the phone line goes dead... I call back and the damn recorded info cant understand my responses and tells me to wait on a representative... Finally I get BOA representative Chris and he tells me my loan needs more documents sent in... Noooooo... I tell him I faxed the last documents requested gives me 877-422-1761 and tells me he is going to transfer me to this #... On hold at 8:50 AM&The recording tells me at one point to press 5 to leave a message for a home retention rep to call me back within 48 hrs... I press 5 many times trying to leave a message and it never lets me leave a message it just continues repeating the same message over and over...

9:00-AM -Representative Laquica answers... I go thru the whole spill and she tells me the account has all necessary paperwork and is on its way to the underwriter... 30 minutes of bullshit and lost phone min for me this morning...

September 8-Wed.- 6:10 PM Chung Millien answers my phone call as I missed hers at about 5:35. She left a VOICE MAIL with return # and extension... WOW! She asks me a couple questions about my financial information as far as child support, scana income and SSI for my daughter and how long they will lasts... She tells me that she will submit information to compliance and they will make a decision as to weather I will qualify for modification or not. She cannot give me a time frame of how long it will take to give me an answer and I will more than likely receive an answer in the mail... I ask her if she can see THIS time line I Submitted and she says no... She can only see notations made in the computer but could see them all the way back to November of last year... I started this process on Sept. 11th of last year... The call lasts 18 min...

September 9-Thurs. Latrinda calls at 10:37 AM and tells me everything has gone to compliance. Waiting on compliance and cannot give me a time frame how long things will be in compliance... Only calling to give me a status update... Call lasts 3 min...

December 3- Placed call to making home affordable # at 9:25 AM Marcella answers

9:29... I explain I am still waiting on an answer from my modification paper work being turned in on Aug 8th and after getting my info she tells me she is going to transfer me to the status department... 1-800-669-6650. Transfers me at 9:34. Status dept answers (Jenny) asks me some questions and puts me on hold to check the status of my loan. She returns and tells me the Under writer has completed his review. Approves to go to next step to go to quality review... Goes to government guidelines and lender guidelines... To see what modification will best fit me... Fed-X package with results of review. Trial modification packages. Jenny instructs me that if I have not received a packet by the end of Dec. To call back and ask for status dept...

January 17... I received a letter from BOA today saying I did not qualify (see letter) for the modification that I was being reviewed for but the letter states that they will notify me in within 10 days as I may qualify for a different type of modification... Im disappointed I didn’t qualify for the first one but the letter lets me know there is still hope. I cant believe this whole process started for me on July 20. That means I have been in it for a year and a half.

January 31 2:22 PM - Got a collection call today. Didn’t write down the representatives name... The lady was nice and after I explained about the letter I received she looked at my history and did see that I had been put in for a second consideration. She asked if I could borrow money to make payments, etc. I told her it was BOA that told me to start making modified payments a year and a half ago and that I did not have a problem making the modified payment at all. I just cannot make up the $12,000 in a rears and I need my payment to stay at the $711.83 they asked me to start paying a year and a half ago. Nice BOA representative... She told me to continue what I was doing.

February - The first week of Feb I missed a couple of calls from BOA. No more than 2. Very early in the morning and I was not up yet... I did not return the calls as I have limited min on my cell phone and I cannot waste them on hold and I knew BOA would call back.

February 7- Missed an AM call from BOA but they returned a call around noon. I did not make note of the correct time and I didn’t take down the representatives name. It was a basic collection call and I did make the representative aware that I was waiting on something in writing telling me they possibly had another option for me as they told me in the letter I received on January 17 that they would contact me within 10 days to let me know other options. I asked her to check and see if my status still said pending second approval and she said yes.

February 12 - 10:00 AM. Getting ready to place a call to the # on my loan payment statement that says I am in serious default. Need to know what is going on as I am still suppose to be pending upon second agreement with modification department.

Called at 10:05 AM waited on hold for 2 min.

10:07 AM Natalia answers... Ask for loan my number and social security. She advises 10 payments in a rears and all due in the amount of 13,640.91 Said Notice of intent expired Sept 3. I ask her to check the account for the second approval pending as that is what I was told on February 7th. Explained to her about the letter received on January llth stating I had not qualified for first modification but that I may qualify for another. Natalia puts me on hold to check the history and when she comes back she tells me that I have actually been assigned to a Negotiator named Nazha Abouzaki. She said that its really great news that I got assigned so quickly. I asked her WHEN I was assigned as I had no Idea when, nor had I been contacted in any way to let me know that I had been assigned. She said I was assigned of February 7th. I talked to a collector on Feb 7th so I must have been assigned shortly thereafter. I am confused as to why I had not been contacted! Natalia documents everything on her end. I told her it was imperative to document that I have been making $711.83 house payment since Sept, 11 as per BOA request. She told me that she DID make a notation of that on my file. Call ends at 10:18 AM.

Monday February 14- Mary called at 8:00. Was very rude. Just started rambling on and on and when I asked her to please be advised that I need to get to my computer so I could type what the call was about she got snippy and said that BOA does not allow customers to record them. Lmao. I was not going to record the call but type what the conversation was about in my log... Lol! She told me that I owe 13,646.91. I asked her to look at the history on my account and she did see that I spoke to someone on the 12th of Feb and that I had been assigned to a negotiator... Very rude and just wanted to talk over me... Asked me when I planned to make a payment and I told her on MARCH 1st in the amount that BOA asked me to make a year and a half ago... Called lasted about 5 min...

Feb. 17th Collection call that Im documenting that I missed for some reason and found out after speaking to Alecia on the 23 of Feb

Feb 22- 5:13 pm... Looked at my phone and I saw I missed a call while I was in publix... No message left!!!

6:58 Missed a call... Checked voice mail... A message left asking me to call... 18006690102. I cannot do this and waste min being on hold as I have a cell phone...

Feb 23 Wed 12:06 PM Called the number left yesterday on my voice mail... 12:14 PM and I’m still waiting on hold... Wasting precious cell phone min. Bank of America gets all of my money and all of my cell phone min. 12:19 and still waiting. FINALLY an answer at 12:23 PM after almost 20 min of being on HOLD! Alecia answers the phone. Asked her to check and see if it was my negotiator who tried to call me on both calls that I missed yesterday... I asked Alecia to document that I called to see if my negotiator called to speak with me and she tells me that by the call long that she does not see that it was the negotiator that more than likely it was just two basic collection calls or calls maybe to give me some additional information. Alecia tells me that most. Alecia says she will take my email to give to the negotiator... Call ends at 12:34. On the phone a total of 28 precious cell phone min.

Monday February 28 - Called BOA at 12:41 PM. Want to ask about PRA (principle reduction alternative) program I saw online and saw that BOA must offer this service... I owe more than my home is worth and I feel this is the next step available since I didn’t qualify for MHA option. I also want them to put in notes in my history that I am on disability and this has had a tremendous impact on my health. 12:49 pm - still on hold... On my cell phone on hold... Paying BOA to be on hold by using up my precious cell phone min! Been on hold 12:50 for 9 min now! “Your call is important to us... With will be with you momentarily.” 12:52 PM. Have now been on hold for 14 min. (12:55 pm). Finally at 12:57 PM and Pat answered the phone! 16 min. On HOLD! She tells me that I am 13646.91 delinquent! Notice of intent expired Sept 3. I ask her to check the history and she put me on hold for another min. 12:59 PM now and waiting on her to return to phone line... 18 min call so far! 18 min of my cell phone time gone! I am told by Pat that my loan is being reviewed by an under writer for a decision to be made. I tell her to look at my history. I ask her to document I have been in this process since July and she goes on and on about it takes time for them to review my info. She doesn’t realize I have been told 3 times this month that I’ve been assigned to a negotiator... A negotiator will want my financial information again!!! This person Im talking to thinks Im waiting to get an answer when she doesn’t realize Im waiting on a call from a negotiator to give financials to see if I qualify for a different program as they denied me for MHA modification. They told me at one time in this process that I was qualified for the MHA program... It had a letter online on my account and everything saying I qualified and I would receive final paperwork... The letter disappeared and then they said I was denied and then I reapplied and they denied me the second time. I got that letter in Jan but it also stated that I could qualify for something else. A different program... 1:09 the call ends after I vehemently ask for what I said to be documented... 28 MIN CALL!!! Just to be told that I am basically waiting and waiting and waiting on them to ask me for financial info again...

I submitted my time line to the ceo of bank of america!!! Today february 28... The time line that tells of 18 months of working hand in hand with bank of america!!!

6:48 PM -Rosa Ramos... Called from Bank of America the office of the president. I ask her to wait so that I can document the call on my time line. She waits while I pull up my log. She said she is calling because of the complaint I submitted... That complaint was my 18 MONTH LOG!!! She tells me that she is going to submit my loan to a new senior negotiator... in 2 to three business days I will hear back from Ramos with the new negotiator information... She gives me the number to the office of the president from which she is calling! Wow! 800-669-2443 Ext 2773. She says she is there thru the Hours of 8 to 5 specific standard time... If I don’t hear back from her in 3 days I can call this number back. Im floored by this call and it only last 5 min. However I will not believe they are truly going to help me... I think the senior negotiator will only start from square one again and I will go thru this whole process only to be given hope and have it taken away... Today I sat online reading tragic stories of peoples homes that have been foreclosed on. A man in Fla shot himself when they went to take his home... A woman poisoned her children and tried to set herself on fire in her bed. These were the stories that stood out so profoundly to me but there were many others... I also found a website called NACA that I am researching that has a tremendous success rate with homeowners keeping their homes... On the site it even states some homeowners payments have been decreased from $500 to $1000.

March 1 Tues. 10:55 AM Rosa Ramos calls. Letting me know... Olene Cuellar will be my Senior negotiator his phone # is714-987-5029. I should call him in 2 days if I do not hear from. This is a direct his line. Rosa Ramos says that he should call me in 24 hours. She also said that Im not starting from square one but he should let me know where I stand on modification process. Call lasted 4 min...

1:20 PM My negotiator calls!!! Olene Cuellar... She tells me that she is my new negotiator as I start to talk to her the timer on my oven goes off. I tell her to wait and she just wants to tell me why she is calling... As I go to check on my oven she tells me that she has been assigned to me yesterday and that she wants to know about the denial letter I got in January. She says Im going to have to send her that letter. I get nervous and ask her to call me back because the oven is going off. She again says I must send the letter and that they will also need updated information and I start to shake as I feel like im going to have to start the whole process all over... I tell her Im nervous and ask her to call me right back so I can attend to the oven. I ask her if she will call me back today or will it be like 10 days or something before I hear from her. And she says she will call back in a half hour... Im a nervous wreck... I hang up the phone...

2:02 pm and I ask her why she was assigned to me and she says it was because I complained! She got no email of my history at all... I asked her a lot of questions, asked her if she knew about naca, and also if she knew I had been approved. And she tells me that they never followed up with contacting me so she is now assigned and she will stay in contact with me her # 714-987-5029. Email... Olene. [email protected]. She is sending me a fed-x envelope so that I can update my financials. I can expect to get the mail tomorrow... I asked if it was possible to get a PRA... Who is the investor on my home loan??? She is checking on that... Tell her that I am going to send her and email with my history so she can review it... She stresses to me that she cant reply to emails and she can only review financials... Bank of America refuses to hear the stories of their borrowers. I think they want a copy of the letter that I received in January as they have no record of it and they need one now. Its basically so they can see they denied me and will deny me again... Call last about 15 min.

March 2- 11:24 AM - Called Olene this morning to ask her who the investor is on my home loan and she tells me it is Fannie Mae! I had asked yesterday and she didn’t tell me. She answered her phone immediately (shocking!) And she gave me an answer immediately. Olene also asked me if I had received her packet yet and I said no. I should receive soon today she said.

11:52 AM - I receive my package from Fed-X-Of course they want everything I have already submitted several times... I understand them wanting updated financial info like my monthly income but I don’t understand resigning to release my tax info or resubmitting my loss of income or hardship letter... This says to me that all paperwork previously submitted it lost... I have submitted paperwork so many times over the course of a year and a half. Where is the paperwork I have submitted? Who’s office is it in??? Why is it just laying somewhere? Who has access to it? What is going to happen to that paperwork??? I have until March 11th to resubmit my paperwork. I’m calling Olene so she will document that I received the packet... 12:03 PM - I ask a few questions and tell her I received my info packet. Olene tells me that it is not necessary to tell them that my income is going to change in the future. I had documented with them the last time that I would have a decrease in income this year. of course I had sent them that info for the last modification... I was denied. My point is I want to document here that I DID tell they my income would decrease again. I was going to tell them again when I fill out this paperwork but she said its not necessary...

8:34 PM - I just composed an email to Olene. Kept a copy of email... (see copy)

March 2 approx 5:30. I called Olene to tell her that I there is no return envelope for me to send my documents... Sent an email also (see email). During my call with her I found the envelope. I also told Olene that I received a fed-x mail from the executive office of the president and it said it had refered me to her... Just wanted her aware I had received that mail... (see mailing).

March 7 - 1:18 PM.- I tried to call Olene Cuellar my senior negotiator only to hear a recorded message that said DO NOT LEAVE a message. Our office is moving and the phone lines are down. If you need immediate assistance please call Mario Chicone at 877-430-4431 and dial ext 14525. Sooooo I called him and the # SAYS... Your call cannot be completed as dialed please check the # and dial again... I do check it and it is the exact # that is left on Olene’s voice mail that I got when I called her... I was calling her to tell her she forgot to send me an RMA affidavit like I filled out in all my previous modifications and that it also states to send a Utility bill and I need to know the years on my taxes they want as I haven’t filed yet this year... I assume that means electric bill but I want a direct answer. Now I’m faced with a real problem as the whole modification packet is due back per her date on the request by this Friday March 11th. The address on the return envelope is to the office that she works in that is MOVING so I cannot submit. I received her request for information on March 1st and I have been gathering and updating information that has been submitted at least 8 times prior to this... The detailed time line I am keeping documents exactly how many times... My point here is now that I have almost all documents necessary, I needed to ask a couple questions before sending but I cannot send as the office is moving. Going to call the CEO’s office back to ask for advice... When I call the # on Roasa Ramos letter it is for a office that intercepts calls for the CEO so I am ON HOLD! She didn’t leave me a direct line... So I speak to a representative Toni and I tell her the above story and she puts me on hold so I can speak with ROSA ROMAS I went on hold at 1:50 PM... After 10 min on hold Joni returns to tell me I cant speak with ROSA RAMOS Tells me that she has sent information to Olene’s manager... Edgar Beauchamp... 714-987-5035. She Reached his voice mail and he is going to email me the RMA form. Per Joni she tells me to return the envelope to the return address on the return envelope addressed to Olene as she will get the information because they will have to retrieve documents even if the office closes. She tells me I will receive an email with the RMA affidavit that Olene omitted in her requests from her boss EDGAR! I ask Joni if there is anything else she can do for me and she lets me know she has sent voicemail notifications for Edgar, and Olene which makes no sense because I cant leave a voice mail for olene. I am being shafted again by BOA! I tell her I will do as she advises. 2:10 pm the call ends. Almost an entire HOUR of cell phone minutes are gone on the same BS that I have to do over and over again because I know now that Bank of America is purposely trying to avoid me AGAIN!

Edgar calls me at 4:56 PM -He tells me the last information for my financials date back to Sept 8 which is why BOA wants them all again for like the 8th time... I submitted a loan modification packet on July 28th... It took them until Sept 8th to scan in the info and then they denied me on that info in January!!! Once they get they get my info it will go to an under writer and will be escalated. I have heard that about 8 times in 18 months... He assures me that I have a managers attention to get it done now... I have been told that before too... Edgar assures me my information will be picked up from the office that I have been told is ALREADY CLOSED. He states that they just Moved the employee location to a different office... He is emailing me the RMA affidavit TODAY so that I can finish preparing my modification packet to BOA... He asks me for my email and I give it to him... Call lasts until 5:01 PM. I receive email at 5:20 PM.

March 8 - 1:15 PM -TUESDAY... I missed a call from OLENE CUELLAR at 11:25 AM... I was at a Dr. Appointment and could not have my phone on... I look at my phone and see NUMBER UNKNOWN... Bank of America and their games again... I got a voice message from her stating not to worry that my loan modification packet would still be received at the office that is moving. Here is a copy of the email I sent her...

My loan modification packet complete with RMA Affidavit that YOU forgot to send in YOUR overnight mail is IN THE MAIL... It is addressed to YOU at the OFFICE that you have told me is STILL there except everyone has MOVED out of there. It has an overnight pre-addressed envelope from you... I have great concerns because everyone is leaving that office that my packet WILL NOT BE RECEIVED when it arrives tomorrow... You assured me from the first day that I spoke to you, from a phone number that I could call you back on, that you would be with me every step of the way of this process... Now your office has moved, I can't reach you at the number you gave me of 714-987-5029... You DON’T answer but your voice mail does and it says if I need assistance to call a man named Mario Chicone at 877-430-4431... THAT NUMBER DOES NOT EXIST!!! I get a message telling my MY CALL CANNOT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED!!!

A. YOU called me this morning while I was at a Dr. Appointment... When I look at my phone after the appointment to see the missed number of who called... Guess WHAT!!! It shows NUMBER UNKNOWN... I knew it was someone from BANK OF AMERICA because that is what they do... HIDE THEIR NUMBERS so you cannot call them back. I'm wondering why you are hiding the number??? You have told me prior that you would be available to me to help me... Rest assured though because I got a lovely voice mail from you that I have saved to my phone. It states you wanted to see how I was coming along with getting my documents submitted. You tell me if I need to call you back that I can call you at 877-430-4431 ext 14597. So I try to call you as I wanted to speak with you and again and I hear YOUR CALL CANNOT BE COMPLETED AS DIALED... You not only left a forwarding # for me that DOES NOT WORK on your voice mail at your last contact #, but you also left me that same forwarding # that DOES NOT WORK in a voice message to me on my phone (that’s been saved). So what are the odds of leaving me a # that does not work TWICE???

This has turned out NOT to be the comforting statement that you gave me the first day I spoke to you on March 1. Once again you told me not to worry as you would be with me every step of the way and now you have moved and are not UNAVAILABLE to me via phone. My documents are in an over night enveloped being emailed to you. Your voice message on my phone clearly states you will get them even though you have moved from the office they are being sent to. Your boss, Edgar Beauchamp also assured me in a phone message yesterday that they would be received there also. If you don't receive them its not my fault... The blame will fall to you and Edgar...

Myra E DeLeon

Several voice mails from olene in the days following my submission of documents. Have kept all voice mails. I send some emails as I am short on phone min.

March 15 Tues afternoon. Get a call from Olene and she wanted to tell me that the info was sent in computer for review and she should hear something this week and when it gets back to her she will tell me the next step. Said it would take 7 to 10 business days so I should hear back from her on the last week of the month.

MARCH 18 Friday - 5:05 PM - Just got back home from Bank OF ASSES! Had dad remove me as being authorized on his bank account. DID NOT WANT BANK OF ASSES getting any of his money when they foreclose on my home. They would take it I know they would...

RECEIVED a paper in the mail from Texas telling me that I don’t qualify for a modification but that I might qualify for a short sell or deed in lieu. I know olene has no knowledge of this information as she is working on a traditional modification and she is in California not Texas. Texas told me back in January when they denied me modification that they would review my financial info to determine what other program I could qualify for and would contact me in 10 days to let me know. That letter was dated January 14. So I guess the paper I got today is the one I should have received in 10 days... I have since re-submitted paperwork to California. I think I will keep my mouth shut about this letter until the last week of this month not that I will be give

Offender: Fannie Mae

Country: USA   State: South Carolina

Category: Business & Finance


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