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Complaint / Review
Mary Lauranetta Mitchell Bell
Identity Theft and Unpaid Commissions

Mary L. (Mitchell) Bell, the ex-operator of Kiddie Kollege day-care centre of South Oak Ledge in Texas, Texas and also the exwife of Rev. Leonard Bell, whom may be the among the people involved with a plan against entrepreneur and gas broker Sylvanius Bell of T. Rothchild & Business in undermining him of vast sums of dollars in profits. Mrs. Bell can also be an established main person, covering behind her ex husband (her dad may be the overdue worldwide and national evangelist Rev. Samuel Mitchell and her mom may be the delayed appeal college teacher Jean Mitchell, both of Texas and Denton, TX). Mrs. Bell and Rev. Bell really are a serious shame towards the denomination and really should be barred from all providers. Both purchased their Lord-provided capabilities to rob a great guy. Mrs. Bell today lives in Wellesley, mother where the paymaster of the outstanding fee exists. There's a great opportunity she's dealing with Mr. Corio or David.

Recommendation for tasks (or for that which was achieved) was recommended by ex - UN ambassador Andrew Young and also the kids of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Dexter and Martin Luther III). Possibly, unconsciously. Possibly, intentionally.

To begin with, this criticism began by having an oil industry agent, called Guy Corio of Worcester, MA, who TAKES, slanders a guy's title and personality on worldwide and nationwide tv, and undermines his colleagues. Additionally, I'll note within this criticism: Rev. Leonard Bell, James Winters, Evangelist Charles Moore, Glenn Fishbine yet others active in the skim to break an arrangement.

Within The spring of 2006 and drop of delivering several emails, I trusted Mr. Corio to carryout his offer to approach the agreements or even to provide fresh agreements to my customers using the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). He stated anything good may follow. Nothing happened.

The transactions included the purchase of Bonny Light Crude Fat (BLCO) from NNPC, a national government organization. Each cargo was to raise 2,000, 000 MT of BLCO for two years with extensions.

It's thought all agreements closed and expanded by my customers might represent a higher quantity of 32 agreements as a whole over a four or perhaps a five-year time. Several agreements are continuing.

Anyway, agreements were straight posted to Mr. Corio. And that I decided with Mr. Corio to become compensated 10 cents (one customer. 25 cents, another client. 50 cents or more to US$1.00 per metric ton) per metric tons. I remember distributing significantly more than ten BLCO customers. Additional BLCO companions involved: Glen Fishbine, Evangelist Charles Moore, Ehab Bassal, Riyah-al Inzy, Denis Giatras/Helix Worldwide, Luther Martins; Man Corio / Oceanic Advertising; Gracian Consulting; Evanagelist Charles Moore / Bagcock Gas Worldwide; Glenn Fishbine / Paradigm Capital Methods; Javaid Ali Shahk; David Chojnicki; Japheth Joe Garba; CCP Keeping/Mr. Badia; Collins Osemota; Jeffrey Sharipo, Imoh Ricky and Leonard Bell, all had agreements. All were BLCO agents, besides Rev. Leonard Bell of each of Atlanta, GA and Texas, Texas and today operator "Bellabel and Millennium Worldwide" of Hongkong, China.

The customers I launched to Mr. Corio and his team was completely conscious of their agreements shifting to a different company. I advised all my customers of Mr. Corio new participation and also to anticipate him to shut their agreements. I believed Mr. Corio was a skilled agent on the market. That turned out to be false.

Obviously, Mr. Corio turned out to be a a conartist at-best. Matteroffact, this team needed to continue "60Minutes" twice to be able to make an impression on a provider. (Purchase and find out both videos titled "NIGERIAN SCAMS" with Morley Better as CBS News reporter).

Within The final evaluation, I currently understand of a number of Mr. Corio business transactions. I understand he's no buddy towards the government along with a devious criminal together with his colleagues. He and his cronies are fees invaders. Them all are under analysis using the FBI and government for the money laundering.

To Get A person handled thus suddenly, I understand of the bank plans also. Several of those agents have counted at Credit Swiss, Marriage Bank of Europe, Ukrainian Lender, Wachovia, in addition to banks in Bulgaria, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Aruba, Uk, Italy, Nigeria, Norway and Luxembourg.

The team includes five additional agents (view above titles) in an identical agreement with Mr. Corio. All of the agents at that time were beginners; possibly some had cement encounter, but never offered to lead-in coping with Nigerians. Mr. Corio self appointed herself as guide agent and paymaster. Clearly, we considered Mr. Corio whilst the skilled entrepreneur with increased decades running a business compared to different agents. Mr. Corio, I acknowledge you're clever and amusing.

Lately, since April I've created three emails and obtained no reaction from events concerned. Meanwhile, this experience between us, stay at large and conflicting.

Additional connections were subjected to this sleazy salesman and his cronies, like my connections with European Move Blend Crude Fat and Jet-Fuel providers and brokers. One REBCO/Jet-Fuel agreement was likely to raise 50,000, 000 MT regular for 12 weeks with extensions. Mr. K.Y. Lee served as agent. He also has didn't react. It's thought his agreements were prepared by this team and Mr. Corio.

Agents dealing with me in the region of REBCO and Jet-Fuel were the next: Anil P Sai and Associates/Ehud Estreicher; Arabian Trading Global / Ehab Bassal; JIT Opportunities / Robert Chang; IBEX / Michel Ibrouchene Cheroune, Ku-Yong Lee and Jose Claude Ratsitoarisoa.

Thus, in one single event, Mr. Corio permitted an overall total stranger to represent my curiosity without my previous understanding and authorization, even while understanding of my current email address and phone number. The thief and indirect crook is Rev. Leonard Bell, whom I owe nothing! He asked herself by means of some spying on my mail. I never once required his help. Whichever, he led I really could did significantly more. Rev. Bell never completed high school. Additionally, James Winters, a buddy and homosexual partner of Rev. Leonard Bell, stands concerned.

Rev. Bell isn't a neither educated or skilled global business agent. He's neither a buddy or associate. He's an operating illiterate, a pathological crook, a known liar, a psychotic hypocritic, a persistent duty enemy — and he served as an impostor in declaring he was Sylvanius Bell within the unique assembly. Later, he transformed his tale and aimed Mr. Corio to include his actual title to all my customers' agreements.

Also, there's Evangelist Charles Moore of London, Uk, and Port Harcourt, Nigeria, who's a skilled global business broker from Nigeria; atleast he explained therefore, after I first encountered him. I contacted him having a customer and he delivered me to Joe Telemor and Joe Osolibe. He also guaranteed a fee, roughly US$1.00 per metric ton. Never received a cent! He's arrogant and selfish. I've created him many times, and there's no response out of this slave of God!

And, there's Glen Fishbine, operator-companion of Paradigm Capital Methods, located in Minneapolis, MN. Lately, talked with him after many efforts and he refused some of my agreements experienced or were appropriate. Whatever which means. Clearly, Mr. Fishbine didn't examine business methods and viewpoint while in the New Mexico State University, while focusing on his master's-degree. He obviously skipped the vessel within the good sense division. Any trick may understand, probably the agreements were undesirable towards the (vendoris) mandates like Joe Telemor, but my customers were proven outstanding people with exemplary qualifications. He and Mr. Corio did the impossible and launched to my customers fresh agreements and removed me in the procedure. Think it or not, Mr. Fishbine, you borrowed from me biggggggg dollars. I'm conscious of agreements as well as their capabilities to misconstrue an individual's motives. He never agreed to spend me for just one customer I sent him.

Therefore, I offered you my customers, anticipating one to display your knowledge. I anticipated one to conquer all hurdles, since you persuaded me that you simply and Mr. Corio were experienced in working with Nigerian mandates. Both of you lied. You're more crude than all events and also you sicken me. You stated to appear out for my curiosity, but never once educated me of one's restricted knowledge of agreements and also the regulation. It's clear today Mr. Corio and his cronies don't realize contractual regulation. Today we're in a legal limbo.

Finally, Frank Telemor and Joe Osolibe, Nigerian mandates, guaranteed to pay for me US$1.00 per metric ton, when the offer was effective. Within this company possibly vendor or customer gives the company, with respect to the people involved. They also have overlooked to pay for me entirely or contact me.

However, Mr. Telemor suggested me to visit the customeris aspect, thinking I'd get paid more income. Obviously, which was a stretch of the creativity; since Mr. Telemor and his companion Mr. Osolibe chose to do like Mr. Corio and Mr. Fishbine — and that's spend nothing. It had been basically — a run around. I've created both males many times to no response.

In conclusion, I led many agreements for this goddamned team by finding BLCO and REBCO/Jet Gas brokers prepared to use us. It had been a subject, of exercising the kinks. Matteroffact, brokers (Joe Telemor of Petrolog Oil Drillers and Joe Osolibe of Petrogeophysical Fat Firm, both of Nigeria) would be the types that fundamentally prepared all of the agreements. I'm assured that my connections created the offers function. I'm assured; I did so my component like a companion, getting customers to different agents.

The quantity of the fee is believed in the worth of around US$300,000, 000 and much more.

I would recommend all my customers to consider fresh agents/sellers and launch Mr. Corio and his cronies from further responsibilities. I still might be approached via my e-mail ([email protected]). I stay in company.

If anyone knows of the lawyer, please contact me. Any attorneys available must be prepared to undertake this situation on the backup.

Offender: Mary Lauranetta Mitchell Bell

Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Dallas

Category: Business & Finance


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