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Complaint / Review
Twin City Events - Next Wave Concepts - Quantum Events And Promotions
Twin City Events - Next Wave Concepts - Quantum Twin City Events - Quantum Events And Promotions BEWARE! They are deceptive and unethical to jobseekers and customers!

Let me first say that I am so happy to see other reports on Twin City Events, and I look forward to see more!

My experience was the exact same as the other reports filed... Horrible and dirty. I feel so Ive to have been duped into such an ugly scam. I will start from the beginning: As a senior in college I was eager to get into the job market and began my search early on. I was interested in an event coordinator position. I typed the words event coordinator into the popular job search engines, Career Builder and Monster. I kept coming across Twin City Events Inc. As they were hiring entry-level event coordinators at a starting rate of $40,000-$50,000 (Red flag #1: If it sounds too good to be true, IT IS!) But like a vulnerable child, I went for the candy and thought Ive seen their ads so many times, I would be a fool for passing up a potential job opp. So I called Twin City Events and sent in my resume. Two days later, I was called in for a first round interview, and was more than excited to be going to my first interview of my real world career.

A week later, I went in for my first round interview. I was a bit appalled by the location and condition of the building in Plymouth when I first pulled up. Here they had a snazzy, overdone website to make them look like big shots, and make me feel like I was going to walk into a beautiful building and a beautiful job (REDFLAG #2: If the building is crappy, the company is probably crappy!) I proceeded to walk into the divey, one-level, strip mall-like building with uncertainty and anticipation. I saw a small receptionist desk with 20 clipboards and applications, 9 crappy church-like chairs, and a garage-sale coffee table in the middle. The strange thing was that nobody was even there to greet me. It was a ghost town and creepy. Ten minutes later, three people walked in (the secretary, and the two owners/interviewers.) The secretary asked me to fill out a cheesy application on one of the 20 clipboards (the ink was even printed crookedly.) I filled it out, turned it in, and sat there for 5 minutes while five other first round interviewers came into the office as well. I was called back to a tiny little room with a desk, two chairs, and a telephone I felt like they were going to #1.interrogate me or #2 tell me to make my one phone call. (Red flag #3: If they make you feel like you are in prison, they are probably hoping they dont go to prison) Brian, the owner began to interview me, sans eye-contact, here were some of the questions: How long did it take you to drive here? What stood out to you about this job? When do you graduate? What is your desired salary? What is your leadership experience? That was all. It took 10 minutes. He told me, We are looking for people to start working right away. Is it okay if I call you around your graduation time, because you have some of the qualities we are looking for? I agreed. I got back into my car to call some loved ones. They were appalled that I was only in the office for 20min, as was I. (Side note: I drove from Fargo, ND to come to this joke-of-an-interview)

A couple of months went by. I got a call from Brian, my first interviewer. He was overly excited and invited me back for a 2nd round interview that would last all day; from 9:00am 5:00pm (those were his words.) I had already decided I wasnt going to go back for a second interview, but two months past, and I didnt have a job yet, YIKES! I took the offer and planed another trip back to the cities from Fargo.

I arrived at the crappy office to do my second round interview. They told me to be there at 9:00am sharp I was of course 10minutes early. The secretary handed me a clip board to sign. The jest of the form was to relive them of having to pay me for the day long interview, and I am doing this on a volunteer basis to learn about the company. Whatever, I signed it. I sat there for 30 min. Listening to a rowdy team meeting happen in the room next door. 6 other people gradually filtered in to interview as well. Finally, I was called into the interrogation room, from the first interview. Brian was there and introduced me to a young lady the assistant manager. He talked in a much scripted manor saying, She is going to take you to and event today. Your job is to absorb and learn as much as possible. I just ask that you save all pay, benefits, hours, and logistical questions to me at the end of the day. The assistant manager and I walked out of the crappy office and into her car. Before she put the car in drive, she asked me if I had the full day open. I said yes like an idiot thinking it was only going to be until 5:00pm. She started asking me questions about my resume and about marketing. Halfway through the drive she told me that we were going to an event at Sams Club to raise money for Operation Smile by selling high end makeup products. (Red flag #4: Sams Club Makeup and a Charity, if it seems fishy, it is!)

We got to Sams Club and went inside to speak with a manager, to tell them we were here. The lady I was shadowing (lets call her Ann) explained that we were here from Operation Smile to set up a table. We got the OK after we signed the Solicitation Form I wish I would have read it. Ann and I proceeded to her car to get our materials: a table, and two bins. We set up outside of the exit door. She told me that my main job for the day was to curl ribbon, put together gift packages, and learn. Ann started to heckle people into coming to the table by saying things like, Pay me a visit, you owe me a visit, come on over we are helping out kids today, support the children. The list goes on. She then said, I have one question for you, how many women in your life wear makeup? She would keep their interest by continuing to ask questions. It was very pushy and intense. She told people that 5% of the sales goes to Operation Smile (I called Operation Smile to verify: they said they do receive money from this makeup line.) The point is that these people are using Operation Smile for credibility to reel people in to by these pricy makeup products. Twin City Events wont even take direct donations to give to Operation Smile! (At one point in time, somebody did hand her $20 and walked away I bet she pocketed it.) Like I said earlier, I called Operation Smile; they told me that there should be donation cards on the table if people do want to donate specifically to Operation Smile (there were no donation cards.)

There I was in heels and a business skirt suit (as I was told to dress business professional), standing outside of a Sams Club, in a bad part of town being taught how to scam innocent people. I asked her how long we would be doing this for today. She said, well we should be back to the office around 6:30pm, and then you will have your third interview when we get back. At this point my skepticism was of the radar. They deceived me into thinking that I would be back by 5:00pm (Red flag #5: If you realize that you have been held hostage and will be until 6:30pm, you probably should start finding a way out.) I decided to tell Ann that this wasnt for me. I asked her if she could bring me back to my car in Plymouth. She told me that she couldnt leave I wanted to cry out HOSTAGE! Instead I called my sister to pick me up.

This was a long, nasty, ugly chain of events that I hope nobody ever has to go through. The unfortunate thing is that this company knows how to draw people in: its by being deceptive. I found out that they interview 120 people a week. Everyday they have second round interviewees to go out to these scam events. If you see Twin City Events, stay far far away. This is a pyramid scam to potential employees and a charity scam to the customer!!!


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