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Complaint / Review
CCA First National Card
These scam artists need to be stopped, and I personally will not stop at a refund, I will work tirelessly until this company suffers for what they are doing to people

In December my fiancee and I recieved this pre approved card in the mail for 6500.00. We were both pretty excited, we are trying to fix our credit. We are both in the military and work VERY hard for our money, but thought it was great that our hard work at fixing our credit was finally paying off.

So we called the number to get more info on the card, and all we could do was activate it, the more I talked to them on the phone the more uncomfortable I became, so I told them that i was not interested and hung up the phone.

I truly believed that was the end of that. It never occured to me to look them up and see what they were all about. I pushed it out of my mind the second i hung up the phone.

About 2 weeks later I looked at my bank statement and noticed that $198.00 had been taken out of my account. I called the phone number on my statement and it wasnt even a real number. So then i got curious and looked them up on line... At this point I still didnt see the rip off reports, but I did find another number for them.

So i call, and after almost an hour of being on hold a woman comes on and I tell her of my situation, and she is so apologetic. I tell her I want my money refunded and to cancel the card. She then told me that they do not cancel over the phone, I must submit it in writing and that they do not refund money.

I then asked her how she got my account information and she became beligerant with me, saying that the call was being recorded and that if I try to contact my bank to get a refund that they would send them the tape. I laughed at her and then hung up the phone.

After that i tried not to think about it, figured I had lost the money. So I just moved on with my life.

Well i checked my March statement at 99.99 was taken out 3 different times in one day by CCA. This time when I called I wasnt so nice. Got the same results. So I called my bank to file fraud, and while I was waiting on the fraud paperwork in the mail, the bastards got me again. I found TODAY, that they took out another 99.99 and then 29.99 for rush delivery of my catalogs. I got the catalogs already for some reason and used them to start a fire in my fireplace. So this charge was a little strange.

So I called my bank, which I will be going to in the morning. And they are going to refund my money. But I have to close out my account and start a new one. And Im hoping they will reimburse me the overdraft fees I got charged because of this. And I'm praying my credit wont suffer over this.

So for those of you out there that this has happened to, I am so sorry for you, cause I know what you are going through. The part that makes me so angry, is that I DIDNT sign up for it, and I DIDNT give them my account information. So how they do this, I do not know.

But I do know that I will do anything and everything within my power to stop these bastards from doing this to other people. And I will help anyone out there who needs help shutting these people down.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Offender: CCA First National Card

Country: USA   State: Nevada   City: Las Vegas
Address: Las Vegas, NV

Category: Business & Finance


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