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Complaint / Review
Countrywide Mortgage
Contrywide Mortgage-No help in past due payments, drag you along to take your home

We fell 1 month behind in our mortgage because of cutbacks at our company back in November. We called them to see if we could defer the one payment to the end of the loan or switch our payments to bi-weekly. The rep on the end of the phone said we would have to file a claim and told us what info we would need to fax to them. We did it the next day. They said give it 2 weeks and then call and check on the status of the request.

2 weeks later it was December and we received a "standard" default letter because we were now 2 months behind. We called and asked to check the status of our request and the rep told us it had not been assigned to anyone to review yet. So we asked for the request to be escalated. They said to check back in 3-4 weeks because the requests took a while to process. We asked if we should make a payment and the rep told us not to because it would mess up our request. So after the 4 week period passed we were 3 months behind.

We called again only to find out that the request was still in a pending status. Now We are truly worried and angry and asked for a manager. We got one but they reiterated what the other representatives had told us. Don't make a payment it will mess up your request and we now have a rep assigned and they would have an answer in 3 to 4 Weeks. We told them we were not comfortable with not making payments and that it did not seem like they were trying to help us at all and more like they were jerking us around. So the manager changed his tune and said we could contribute money to what we were behind on and they would apply it only to the past due.

My wife pulled all the money she was allowed from her retirement account (which we did not want to do except as a last resort) and we caught the loan back up from 3 months past due to only one month past due. (By the time that request was granted we were 4 months behind)
We called after the money had cleared both our bank and Contrywide and asked them about the status of our request. Yet again we were told it was pending and no one had been assigned.

Now we are 4 months in to our request being filed. When we asked why they again told us these requests take time. We told them that was unacceptable and explained the whole situation to the representative and asked to speak to a manager.

We asked the manager the same question and he said the representative made a mistake and that it had been assigned and was under review. And we should have an answer in 2-4 weeks. We said no we want an answer in 2 to 3 days. When we called back this time there was no change. Now I am going to pull the money from my retirement fund and just catch up the loan and take a hit on my retirement.

What was only to supposed to take up to 6 weeks is now at 6 months. I feel that Countrywide is just jerking us around trying to take our home.

Offender: Countrywide Mortgage

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix
Phone: 8666536183

Category: Business & Finance


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