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How i got Raymond Wills

Thank you for help but most of all, your honesty. Again, thank you for everything & the peace you are bringing to my life. Raymond's wills is totally in love with me. He said that he would rather be by himself than with anyone other than me. He told me that he thinks of me, cries, & fantasizes about me every second. Today we ...

Nathan pruss
Brunos powersports

I bought an atv from them and i payed them and the whole time i was waiting i decided to do some research and read this i was scared to death. The atv i got was exactly as described. I have since bought five more. This is the easiest company to deal with and as nice and honest as you will find anywhere. By reading what people ...

Kelsey Root
Selling Herself

I've received some annoying phone calls from a woman calling herself Kelsey Root. I have no idea how she got my phone number, but she sounded like she was selling her body into prostitution. She told me to call her at 720-232-4300 for her services. But her home phone number is 802-427-1231 she even gave me her address. I ...