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www.directbusiness. us
Grant Scam, Grant Fraud

Direct Business Company is a grant scam company. If you have been contacted by them, please contact the FBI Las Vegas Division and the Authorities immediately. The owner Danielle Fusco is the daughter of Robet Fusco. Danielle Fusco recently was married and now goes by Danielle Linck. License Summary Business name: interlan ...

Vindale Research

This web site claims that you receive $5 to $75 per survey, when you actually sign up they only pay usually 40 cents to $1.50 per survey, on top pf that they make you have a credit balance of $50 before you can actually redeem your money. I have plenty of surveys I didnt recieve credit for, and when I email them, they say I ...

Mobile Quiz Alerts

I just got charged $9.99 on my Cell Phone Bill from Mobile Quiz Alerts and AVL Marketing. These Cocksuckers just fucking charged my bill without my knowledge. I would love to get my hands on you Fucking Parasite Mother Fuckers and kick your fucking asses all over town. Go fuck yourselves and the shit you are peddling you ...

Misleading advertising scam

I too have been subject to scam by Clean Whites and Everbright Smiles through misleading advertising. So far Everbright have billed me £153.61 and Clean Whites £78.51. I believed the products to be a 'free' trial and thought i was receiving a trial size of the product. I did not realise I had suscribed too the Company and ...

USA Benefits

Called numerous times over the weekend... Would not answer. I answered this morning because I was in a playful mood. The story is the same..."You have been selected to receive a $100 gift card to Wal-Mart, Target, etc, I just need to verify your address." I played along a bit to see what the deal was because of course "they are ...