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Horrible experience

Riding a greyhound bus was the worst experience of my live. The employees are rude and act as if each question is a waste of their time. At one point we stopped in the middle of the night because the driver "no longer wanted to continue driving". The manager of that station told us a new driver was on the way and would be in shortly, after waiting an hour we were told that driver could not make it and that a new driver would be coming with a new bus. Ten minutes later the manager and another employee got into a pickup truck and left with no word to those of us waiting unattended in this station in the middle of the night. Eventually an employee there began unloading our bags onto a large dolly and we assumed it was because the new bus was on it's way. After unloading half of our luggage the employee LEFT ALL OF OUR BAGS UNATTENDED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARKING LOT. Keep in mind not one of us were familiar with the area, it's 1 o - clock in the morning at this point and the manager and employees are now no where to be found. Another 45 minutes go by as most of us sit outside guarding our luggage because that's up to us apparently and a new driver finally gets there, no new bus mind you. The random employee comes back and loads our luggage back onto the bus, we finally leave after 2 hours of waiting. This was only 1 of many awful experiences I had on my trip from Tucumcari NM coming back home to Cincinnati. If at any point I asked an employee a questions or raised concerns for the complete lack of management or direction I was scolded as if my questions were stupid and wasting the seemingly idle employees time. I almost missed my bus several times due to miss information and only by asking each line and demanding a strait answer from anyone could I ever find the right terminal. To top all of this off my bag was lost in transite. Once we arrived in Cincinnati and I thought the nightmare was over I went looking for my bag, the nearly useless attended half looked for it explaining to me that it was likely the bag "took a different route than my bus did, as they frequently rearrange luggage." Why on earth would the luggage not remain on whatever bus I am on!? I was told that the luggage would definitely be in the next day, it was not, nor the next. Four days later my luggage finally turned up. I went into the station after not a single phone number worked, I called multiple stations trying to get a functioning number and was met with little to no help and the same wasting my time attitude I've become accustom to from grey hound. Once at the station the front desk attendent told me that without the correct receipt I could not confirm that it was in fact my luggage, the same receipt I was forced to hand over to board my final bus! Only after demanding that my luggage be returned to me was I allowed to go retrieve it.

I've given up the idea that any portion of my ticket cost will be returned to me or that this experience will be anything more that a glimpse into hell. What I can hope to do is warn future travelers away from using grey hound. These are not people that work at grey hound, they are dead shells with nothing left to offer the world but frustration and aggravation. This is not a company just a collection of dead phone numbers and a summary of poor management and horrible customer service. I can only hope that this practice of poor business management and abuse ends with the entire company collapsing into it's own filth.

Do yourself a favor and find another way to reach your destination.

Offender: Greyhound

Country: USA

Category: Traveling & Tourism


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