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LA Fitness
Membership Cancellation

I was a member of an LA Fitness in NJ for about a year. I have no complaints about the club itself. The facilites were always reasonably clean, the machines in working order and there were enough of them. I didn't take any classes or use a trainer. A gym is a gym. Some are a little nicer than others but you get what you pay ...

Karate America
Rip Off

As I read most of these complaints, it is almost comical to see the Karate America reps reply. It makes me wonder if they all have black belts in dishonesty. I have been going to the Krav Maga school, and paying good money to do so. I have not seen my instructor in over a month. He has "Instructors in Training" who have been ...

LifeTime Fitness
Badly Run Clu

I can't believe I'm even giving this club 1 star. It deserves NONE. I am a previous employee of Lifetime Fitness who recently quit after 2 years of working there. Although I was not in a manager position at the club (I was a lifeguard), I got to observe all of the horrible things going on firsthand at there. When I first ...

Urban Active Fitness
Over Billing

I cancelled my membership with urban active over a year ago. It wasn't until i called them back to rejoin for membership that they told me i owed them close to $300.00. They told me that they saw that i had cancelled but for some reason the monthly fee kept billing but was not coming out of my account. Now they say that if they ...

Fitness 19
Customer Service

The customer service at Fitness 19 in Westminster, CO is terrible. My account was on hold, because I wasn't using the membership. I tried repeatedly to cancel it, and got repeatedly dicked around. Every person I talked to on the phone told me something different, my calls were NEVER returned, and now they've reactivated my ...