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Ab Circle Pro
Ab Circle Pro

Hello Denise4066, My name is Richard and I am a Supervisor at Ab Circle Pro. I would like to speak with you in regards to your concern about falling off the unit. My direct number is 818-997-1800 extension 205, Monday - Friday 8am - 430 pm PST. Thanks and have a great day! ... Expert picks
Falsifying records - Fake records

Covers Experts picks are anything but expert. They continuously lose, but worst of all, they continuously lie about their records or their streaks. Everybody on the site claims to be 6-0 or 10-1, or some BS like that. I bought their picks three times. First time 1-4, second tome 3-3, third time 1-4 again! I can take losses, but ...

Fitness 19
Rip off

Doors are closed. There is a# on some net site which is to LA Fitness located down the road from Fitness 19. If you call they tell you your membership was transferred to them. Please do not believe this. Scam. Contact the attorney general and complain. They want to get you in there to have you join "in my opinion "Gym from *. ...

Intex Pools
Leaking air tube

We have had a intex pool and replaced the pool under warrenty last summer.intex would not help but did say they were aware of issue. The air tube would develope dry rot cracks and start a never ending air leak from diffrent areas on the air tube through the cracks. It was a daily fix sometimes several times a day trying to ...

ABC Financial
Failure to Cancel Membership

I have the exact same complaint as others about canceling my membership. I moved out of the country via job transfer, in 2006 and tried then to get it canceled, as instructed by Courtney" in writing to with the proof of my move, new lease, plane ticket and work visa. I tried again in January ...