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Fitness 19
Customer Service

The customer service at Fitness 19 in Westminster, CO is terrible. My account was on hold, because I wasn't using the membership. I tried repeatedly to cancel it, and got repeatedly dicked around. Every person I talked to on the phone told me something different, my calls were NEVER returned, and now they've reactivated my ...

LA Fitness
Rip off

They will continuosly charge account even after you cancel. The staff will pretend to help you but really do nothing. They are shady salesman and you cannot trust this company. They will literally steal from you. It will become impossible to cancel any training or memberships, despite the fact that they tell you they have a ...

Horrible Experience

So I had my heart set on a certain treadmill which was displayed on the floor in the fitness section of the store. The salesman on the first day was helpful and my girlfriend and I decided to take a day to do some more research to make sure that the $2000.00 we were ready to spend was worth it. We come back the next day to ...

Planet Fitness

I was watching t. V. When a Planet Fitness commercial came on. I belong to this gym and have always liked it... Until I saw this commercial. PF is supposed to be a "judgement free zone" However in their commercials they demonstrate the opposite! Especially in the one that shows a body builder type man getting a tour of the gym. ...

Poor service

On January 28th, my treadmill broke while running. Due to purchasing an extended warranty contract, I called Sears Home Repair. Operator advised me that the next available appointment was Feb 21st! During our conversation, the operator asked ME what parts I needed for the repair?! After several minutes of GUESSING, she ordered ...

Kymaro Body Shaper
Rip off

Ireceived the kymaro package it is o poor quality if you should even use the word quality in th same sentense, *! The jeans were like tissue paper, the body shaper;both tops and bottoms are worthlessI am asize 8 and the shapers did not even have a shap I recommend that no on buys this product / It is a waste of money an time I ...