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Complaint / Review
Darrick Waggoner
Cherry Creek Restoration Crooks and Insurance Fraud and crappy workmanship unprofessional

This is how an elderly woman in her 70's was swindled. It began in May, 2011, when Cherry Creek Restoration bid to replace the roof and gutters due to hail damage. They also bid to fix the ceilings where there had been leaking and turned the ceilings brown. They assured they would work directly with the insurance... Which they did... All the way til they cashed the full check, BEFORE WORK BEGAN. The only work they did was for the roof and gutters. They did not include any additional insulation which was ruined from the leaks and should have been negotiated with the insurance on their supplemental submissions. They received all the money from the insurance company for all their supplemental submissions to do more work outside the scope of the initial assessment of the insurance adjuster.

We hired someone else to do the interior painting and do repair to ceilings and paid them out of pocket... Because Cherry Creek Restoration kept the full insurance check. Roof was put on at end of June. Not just new shingles, but all new decking to the roof as well. Gutters didn't happen til September. All summer long, I dealt with no calls, no shows. Gutters are hideous looking like they're related to Frankenstein, when before they were seamless, and they've never worked right. Leaks in all the corners and overflowing in the straight aways because they aren't sloped correctly... You name it.

Trading calls off and on for a year now with Darrick Waggoner resulting in continuous no shows, no calls. Within that time period, though, there have been a couple shows where Darrick Waggoner blamed the gutter problem on leaves accumulated in the gutters so he said he would do us a favor and clean them out for free... He did so. Guess what, the gutters still do not work correctly, even if it rains the day after the gutters are cleaned. Through texting back and forth, I've received apologies over and over again stating that he thought it was already taken care of by 'John', etc. "I'm out of town right now for a closing..." "Be there next week..." and NO SHOW, NO CALL.

Through texting in the past couple months 2012, I advised Darrick Waggoner that an unbiased property inspector that I paid out of pocket will be inspecting the property on October 8,2012 and I wished to forward him the report. He gave me the email to send it to and I've sent it twice... No response. Now I'm sent straight to voicemail. The office number is disconnected. The 800# is an answering service.

The property inspector's findings regarding the gutters is that they need to be replaced by a PROFESSIONAL. And I quote, "The entire gutter system was installed inconsistent with professional installation. Replacement of entire gutter system by professional gutter contractor is necessary. The front gutter system has standing water in several areas due to improper installation and slope, resulting in water overflowing between gutter and fascia when heavy rainfall occurs.installation of additional gutter downspout recommended at front stoop area after re-pitching 1/2 of gutter to slope in that direction to prevent over loading opposite end downspout. This downspout needs extended well beyond the front porch area. Consideration for use of rated subsurface downspout and burying recommended to prevent erosion any where near foundation or front stoop. The front gutter system has damaged fasteners in many areas. Due to oversized length of new gutter in a few areas; OSB sheathing (not rated for outdoor exposure) was used as "shims" at sides of fascia returns. Significant low gutter at fascia in areas near downspouts may allow water drainage behind gutter. Consult a qualified contractor for further evaluation and repair or improvement as necessary."

The property inspector's findings with regard to the roof are as follows, and I quote: "The approximate age of the roof appears to be less than 1 year. One layer of roofing appears to be present. Most of the roof appears to be serviceable. However, some of the roof requires attention as follows:

Shingle slippage present at front roof slope due to overdriven fasteners that no longer hold shingle. Replacement of affected areas recommended. Consult a qualified roofing contractor for further evaluation and repair or improvement as needed. Flashing is missing at intersections where roof soffit overhang meets roof coverings and allows gap for bird and pest entry into attic.installation of flashing or other appropriate material recommended."

I had to chase down paperwork to have for my own records that states what all they did and at what cost. Didn't receive that until Spring, 2012. When I received the one page breakdown, I called to complain that what they had listed (painting, drywall replacement, etc. Having to do with the ceilings), stuff they did NOT do, has yet to be address. Isn't that fraud? They kept that money and didn't even do the work!

I'm outraged and do not have the money to pay out of pocket to repair and/or replace the 'NEW' roof and gutters! I am on a fixed income, in my 70's and only have Social Security and a little bit of retirement to live on. I do not have a husband or son to help me. They took my insurance check and was paid handsomely. Beware to anyone having any dealings with Darrick Waggoner, whether it be under the guise of Cherry Creek Restoration or any other company's name.

Offender: Darrick Waggoner

Country: USA   State: Missouri   City: Lake Tapawingo
Address: 10 Clifford Dr
Phone: 3035896467

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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