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Complaint / Review
Vom Ron German Shepherds
Doesn't stand behind health of their dogs! They sold me a dog that has crippling ELBOW DYSPLASIA before the age of 2!

Do not buy from this breeder if you want a breeder that stands behind the health of their dogs!!!

They assured my at purchase time they stand behind their dogs and genetic illnesses 100%, my male was completely lame before the age of 2 from Elbow DYSPLASIA, a 100% GENETIC disorder and underwent a very expensive surgery. The contract we had said they will replace it and buyer keeps defective dog if spayed/neutered.

They ave given at least 20 EXCUSES not to replace him! Said I caused it, said i have to pay them $1k, said I can't have a male gsd and a Malinois, said I abuse my dog (which they put on the Internet and am in the process of suing for slander!), said I kept it tied to a tree (a have a HUGE fenced yard!) said I didn't notify them before surgery (which I did even though the contract didn't say anything regarding this) said it was a fractured elbow not genetic, said I had to return the dog first, tooooo many more to post!!! I can PROVE ALL OF THIS!!!

As we all know genetic issues come up, however what makes a GOOD BREEDER is one that stands behind them and their contract and replaces it!!!

I can prove it with medical records and emails as ALL their excuses they sent in email. I will show anyone that wants to see them as they will respond and say they offered to replace and did all they could, ALL ARE LIES I have proof in their own words!!!

They did offer to replace him in the beginning, they had 2 females that were 4/6 months old and had 2 upcoming litters, I told them what litter I wanted my sable male replaced with the same from and they then said I could only have one of the 4/6 months old female black/tan dogs. NOT PER CONTRACT, then went back and forth with 101 excuses for months. Then all the sudden they contacted me and said we have a litter due in about a month and I could have my sable male, then emailed me after the litter was whelped and said no, you didn't contact us before surgery we aren't replacing him, BS!!!

I DID contact them, when he had xrays, was diagnosed, when surgery was scheduled and after surgery, I did all that even though the contract didn't say anything about having to do this!!! All the contract WE have said if the dog is diagnosed before 28 months seller will replace with the same with only cost to buyer is transportation if needed and if dog is spayed/neutered buyer keeps the dog.

NOW they have a NEW contract that specifies xrays must be sent to OFA and I believe it says must receive a severe rating, some garbage about if diagnosed you have to show proof of diet, can't tie the dog outside and a WHOLE bunch of garbage!!!

If the dog has GOOD GENETICS they don't have to hide behind all that crap they added!!! That should be a HUGE RED FLAG!!!

So now they think they can hold me to the contract they have now, RIDICULOUS!!! Oh, and they accused me of extortion because I gave them a deadline to comply with OUR contract then I would file a breach of contract lawsuit.

People, there are way toooo many breeders that do stand behind the health and genetics of their dogs to go through the heart break, expense, and ups & downs of them saying they will replace then no, then yes, then no!!!

Again, if you want the truth let me know, I can provide you with the TRUTH, not what they say because they can't prove their lies!!!

Also, if you want info on legitimate breeders that do stand behind the health and genetics of their dogs and their contract let me know!!!

ONE LAST THING, IF YOU WANT TO SEE A FRACTION OF THE PAIN THE DOG THEY SOLD ME HAD TO GO THROUGH GO TO U TUBE AND SEARCH German Shepherds to stay away from or Vom Ron German shepherds and see and hear a fraction of the pain he was in, any breeder worth a dime and that had any heart or concern for the dogs they sell would replace a dog they sold like this in a heart beat!!!

Offender: Vom Ron German Shepherds

Country: USA   State: North Carolina   City: Rutherfordton
Address: 610 Centennial Road
Phone: 8282869768

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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