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Complaint / Review
Business Plan Writers, consultants was my choice for my business plan simply because I did not have much time researchnig the provider and trusted Google search founding their website on tup of the search list (thus presumably trustworthy).

The company is running by an Individual named Leonard Woods who will tell you everything you want to hear in order to sign you up. Their price was not the cheepest and I expected to get a personalized service, which I did not get. I end up paying ~ $2000 and got very little in return. Here is how the it went down:

1) The company asks for 50% payment to start working on your project.

2) A day later a consultant (in his 60s) contacted me and I went to explain to him about my internet payment processing business (I dont think he got it anyway) his name is Charles B.

3) A week later Leonard contacts me and asks the rest of the money because the project is done and they have my business plan ready (a shocker for me).

4) After paying the rest of the money I am getting a completely made up story with much of it cut and paste material. Leonard also sent me an instruction where he sujest me to "fine tune" the (made up info which has nothing to do with my business) plan with the consultant.

5) I did contacted my consultant (the one in its 60s), but Leonard told me that he is not available and assigned me another consultant, she was in her 70s I guess.

6) The new lady consultant made some changes in my financial projections and quickly disappear. Her name is Henny M.

7) I was assigned another consultant to fine tune the made made up stuff they provided on a first place. After meeting with that guy one time, the guy also disappears. His name is Robert M.

8) I was assigned a 4th consultant, this one was much younger and little more sharper than previous ones. His name is Terry B. Terry worked on the plan juggling words back and forth and provide me a final plan with instruction from Leonard that there will be no revisions because my plan took 2 months to write.

Dont use this company because they simply dont provide the quality for the money. Its a cut and paste Business plan. They are rude and you will not get any personal service. When you start asking questions and demand answers this is the responce you get. "Arthur, I do not have the time to argue with you... I do not need you to instruct me how to write a business plan. We have written over 5000."

Below is the email i wrote to him in responce to his email.

Leonard, With all due respect, let medisagree with your last email. I will try to go over your email and write a rebuttal to sentences which I disagree with.

This project is now beyond the scope we agreed to.
First of all, the scope of the project is to provide me with a business plan which introduces my companies goals,
financial projections, explain the business model of my company and map a clear path for funding consideration.

Second, I dont remember we agreeing on a timeframe for the project.

Arthur, we are way beyond reorganizing the structure of your business plan.
Writing a business plan is no simple task and every business plan should suit the specific purpose for the business it is been written. The business plan specialist should spend some time trying to understand complex business requirement of a specific business.

I am not trying to lecture you on how to write a business plan, it is just You have changed four different business writers and none of them spent enough time to thoroughly understand my business and recognize the needs of the company.

As for the reorganizing the structure, I am sorry but I dont think youve provided any structure. Your writers come up with made-up stuff and you tell me change whatever they wrote and to fill-in blanks. There is no such thing as Fine Tuning for
made-up stuff.

Your instructions were

Now You telling me to follow instructions? I did send you the instructions what I want to be included in my executive summary, so far I dont see it the way it should be.

Your instructions were to review the last plan Terry presented and make specific notes what you want to be revised.
Again, I cannot make notes on made-up generic texts, which has nothing to do with me or my company.
This is not an ongoing consulting project.

Agree, I am not asking for a consultation and you are not consulting me, we hardly communicating. What makes you think you are consulting me?
Please identify specific changes or we will be closing your project as stated.
You changing four people into the project, me being busy and not finding time to address the plans completion, all this contributed to the delays. It is hardly just my fault. Again, timeframe were not discuss during our arrangement.

Leonard, I will recognize (I am sure you will too) a good executive summary when I see it, so far it is been a disappointment and thats a reality, regardless of time passed and money spent.


Country: USA   State: All USA
Address: 405 EL CAMINO REAL #241
Phone: 8883047224

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