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JCOR Construction
John corker owner big construction company ripping off a small cleaning company

We are a small cleaning company here in Toronto, we were hired to clean a 75000 sqft retirement home in Richmond Hill, we had done work for this contractor on two occasions JCOR CONSTRUCTION, they are situated in Hudson Quebec, they hire people mostly imigrants who come here to work and make a living, and pay them didly squat, and then turn around and not pay for the service they receive...

Regardless if you are painters, carpet layers, electricians, just plane trades people, they are nice people on the oustside but will screw you over when it's time to pay... This is what happend in our case... We were hired as cleaners, they knew they made a mistake because the trades were not finished on time, but they had to have us go in anyway to clean, so we would go spend hours and hours, cleaning and when we went back he next day it had looked like we did not do anything, may I add we worked all night after the trades had finished in the day, becasue it was impossible for us to clean, when the trades were in doing there work... This was through out the month of July, August, and part of September 2011 for the HESPERUS RETIREMENT HOME in Richmond Hill, Ontario

We were suppose to end our cleaning contract on September 5, and we ended up working for this sly construction company JCOR CONSTRUCTION till the end of September, there is nothing like passing the buck the person who was in charge of us his name was Peter through out our whole time we would check with him and get the AOKAY everything is perfect, on our contract it says to deal with Duncan, when you go to Duncan he says talk to Peter, yup pass the buck, then you have the head honcho well he thinks tha's what he is ERIC HAEGENS Mr John Corkers right hand man, he the on the one who hired us for peanuts I mean peanuts believe it or not we settled to do this job for $11,000.00 YES!!! That much for a 72,000 sqft Retirement Home that cost over 11 MILLION dollars to build.

My guess JCOR CONSTRUCTION made about 6 MILLION, lets me go back to Eric he has abig mouth and does not know how to talk to people without cursing and being intimidating, well scre him to me he was just a little man!!! Well not a man a weezel!!! They owe us $3500.00 it cost us over $2500 to do this job, that includes hieing extra people for help, equipment and what not technically my husband and I made $8500.00 and worked a total of almost 400 hours, yes!

We worked for nothing, like I said we are a small cleaning company that was taken advantage of from a big CONSTRUCTION COMPANY JCOR CONSTRUCTION remember that name, they will do it over and over again!!! And they do not care what so ever!!! They are situated in QUEBEC so if you plan on sueing you ahve to do it in QUEBEC smart huh!!!

Offender: JCOR Construction

Country: USA   State: Quebec   City: Hudson
Address: 409 Main RD
Phone: 4504581125

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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