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Blackstone Consulting
Jeremy Reboulet Lies about job description, frauding customers, inappropriate conduct

Complaint / review text:
Blackstone consulting isn't a consulting firm at all. It is a door to door & wal-mart kiosk style scam. They are a Direct TV & Century Link reseller and that's it. They don't consult anybody, all they do is sell with no honesty or integrity directly to end-users. Here's a heads up for all of you, and why not to work for Jeremy Reboulet.

1. Hiring: They lie and say it's a consulting firm, it isn't. They say they have B2B jobs, there isn't. He never reveals what exactly we do until after people work here. Jeremy and his minions don't explain the compensation, and when he finally does... People quit.

2. Job Description: Bugging customers at Best Buy or Wal-Mart trying to scam them into buying Direct TV products by lying or doing whatever it takes to get a sale, i've even seen sales reps put accounts in peoples names that aren't even present at the time. This being becasue the person present at the time couldn't pass the credit check. The other job description is going door to door pedaling this stuff.

3. Supervision & Training: There isn't any!!! You are trained in meetings every day to lie to potential customers. Any of his so called managers are on commission too, thus nobody at Blackstone cares about integrity and honesty. I know that over half of the most recent training class quit once they found out about this. Jeremy says it's because they're scared to work, i say they refuse to lie!!!

4. How to get promoted: One's background, skills, leadership qualities, etc are not considered. It's structured like a pyramid. You sell lots, you get called a new title, then you find 4 people and make them sell lots, then you get those 4 people to each find 4 more people that sell lots, etc, etc... Jeremy of course is at the top of the pyramid.

5. Typical Staffers: 90% of his staff is under 35. Most have no business expirience, the ones that did quit. So it's kind of a bunch of misfits. I know that on Monday 1/09/2012 multiple account managers failed their drug tests and Jeremy had to have a talk with them. Though his only client (Century Link) requires clean employees, Jeremy told these people to take a few days off, clean up, sober up and take the drug test again. We'll talk about Jeremy's habits later. You'll see why they weren't fired.

6. Jeremy Reboulet: I've kept my opinions aside and only given FACTS until this point. Now i will do my best to tell you events as I know them and not be bias. About half the time Jeremy shows up he seems to be sniffly, bug-eyed, and talk very loudly about how awesome he is (much like Charlie Sheen). Then in a day or two it goes away, then he goes out to a company event, his birthday, etc, and it comes back. He has company drinking events weekly where there's some very strong beliefs of cocaine use, and inappropriate sexual conduct. I know many women that worked there said Jeremy creeped them out, and I totally see why. Many of them quit, so all his management is male. I'm sure he'll respond to this as an opinion, but he won't answer why the entire management team there are males that party and are under 35.

7. Pointless Policies to help his lie: Everybody has to wear suits to the office every morning, then change into Direct TV shirts when we get to our stores, then go back to the office every night. I always wonder why all the extra trips. There's Fax machines for the daily sales (scams) and we're all coming back the next day anyway. He'll say its for security, but in reality we have them on our person on the trip there anyway. What the suit thing does is makes Blackstone look like a real, professional, consulting firm to the other tennants at his location, for tricking new employees, to impress chicks he wants to pick up, etc.

8. Things he's said: Jeremy tells people that he was a football star and was recruited to schools like Ohio State on a full ride. He's about 5'8" and 160lbs, so that's bullshit. He said he was doing investments with Denny Hecker and Tom Petters, i certainly hope someone investigates this. I could totally see Jeremy doing crooked investments. Why would anyone brag about being associated with guys in prison for fraud if it wasn't true. He says he hates "resellers", but that's exactly what him, and his company are. The list goes on and on, we laugh at him and call his lies "jeremyisms".

I'm sure Jeremy will respond to this with a wordy response, all big words, his thesaurs in hand. He'll accuse me of just being disgruntal and expressing my personal opinions. I'm not angry, i'm not lying, i just don't want anybody else to be tricked like we did. I know i was lied to, and so were many others. Also read the postings about Blackstone & Jeremy from the other poster on here and other sites. They are all saying similar things. Jeremy always responds with the same response too, but never answers the tough questions bluntly. He side steps them like a coward.

Ok, so this is my opinion. Blackstone is a scam for all reasons listed above. Jeremy is an egomaniac that will do anything to look cool. He'll never pass up a chance to tell anybody how cool he thinks he is, how much money he has, etc. He's your typical doushe you'd like to punch, times 10. I hope somebody sues him, because i'm sure there's pleanty of people with reasons. He is a creep, he's rude, he's talks over people, and worst of all he compulsively lies. I hope him and his pyramid scheme take a hike, someone runs him out of town, or puts him in jail where he belongs. He assumes that he is better than everyone, he once accused me of being jealous of him because of his success. What he doesn't know is I am in a higher tax bracket than him, i actually have a college degree, if you google me there's not endless pages calling me a dick, and i'm confident enough not to lie and scam my way through life.

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Offender: Blackstone Consulting

Country: USA   State: Minnesota   City: Minnetonka
Address: 601 Carlson Parkway #1525
Phone: 9524734000

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