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Dish Network
Bad Service

I've had dish network for 1 yr/3 mos. I had a 2-yr contract. When I signed up, I got free insurance for repairs for 1 yr. As soon as the insurance ended, I started having problems with my service. About 2-3 times a month, the picture on my tv would disappear so I would have to reboot the dish receiver. Coincidence? Well, I thought maybe it could be that because the dish is sitting on top of my roof, it is exposed to the weather (and we've been having pretty heavy rain and strong winds lately) that maybe the cable that runs from the dish to my tv has deteriorated. I called their tech support a few times to help me but I've never been happy with the ones I've spoken to. I've usually had to rely on myself to get the picture back. And the tech support usually insist it's my tv that's not working properly and then they hang up on me. The customer service is ok. When I wanted to disconnect my service, I was told that I would have to pay not just $99 which is usually what the cellphone cos charge when you disconnect early, but whatever is remaining of my service. She quoted about $200 since my contract won't end till Feb. So I asked her if I could get a new receiver since my receiver does not seem to be working. With cable tv, it is easy to do that. You just go to their local office and do an exchange. However, I was told that a technician would have to come to my place and I would have to pay $90 for the repair. I said "why would I have to pay for the repair if it's your equipment that is malfunctioning" and I was told that that's what's in the contract. She said that anytime a technician comes, whether it's their equipment malfunction or not, I would have to pay, otherwise I need to get insurance to cover repairs. I've had cable tv for a long time prior to dishnetwork and I don't remember having to pay the technician when he comes. So I thought this policy was BS especially having to pay for the rest of the subscription life when you cancel. ANyway, now, I'm just waiting until my contract ends and I am definitely going to cancel my subscription with dishnetwork.

Offender: Dish Network

Country: USA
Phone: 18003333474

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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