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Complaint / Review
Eckankar Is Made Up Even Though Founder Did Not Want It To Continue

I found this material online. I was shocked by the contents but was even more surprised to learn that the current spiritual leader of eckankar was arrested some years ago at the airport for getting naked and exposing himself to children then he was put into a mental institution.
I was a high initiate member of Eckankar for years but just could not stay active knowing what I know now. I thought this guy was a spiritual master and spent so much time and money to attend his talks and buy books, then to find out I had been deceived by the founder Paul Twitchell who made up Eckankar and was found dead in a hotel bed with pornographic material after having sex with a young woman while still married to another woman. Here is what I found out.

Paul Twitchell never intended his made up teachings of Eckankar to be continued forward after his death. I cannot simplify or narrow down what I have written throughout this complaint lodged with Complaint Board because it is a complicated matter and has to be presented in detail to fully understand the severe damage which has been inflicted on myself, and thousands of others. You will have to exercise patients in reading the complaint to fully digest its meaning and the revelations presented in entirety. Therefore Eckankar is a fraudulent sham with its henchmen trying to live off the memories of those who did in some ways benefit initially from the ideas devised in part by Paul Twitchell who took these concepts from other writers. Don't misinterpret my intentions though, of presenting this text to you. Paul Twitchell's ideas were intriguing, but in my own case as I discovered later on, influenced me to the point of disaster, because his writings were not based on sound principles governing sound judgement and astute behavior. I am writing this as perhaps the only person alive who can accurately describe the last wishes and final, days of Paul Twitchell. Revealing what I know from this last period of his life to outsiders would not in that time of the 1960s be considered ok, yet he would probably support this letter now, because of how deadly and destructive Eckankar has finally become today, to those who join its ranks and practice its new, reinterpreted teachings. In Twitchell's final days he wanted to provide a link to those he cared about done through his writings, teachings and published materials to guide those person's continued self discovery after his death. I was around and a close in subject in the early 1960s before the formation of Paul's scientology based teaching, that he shared as a contributor with the the Dianetics later to become Scientology founder; as extensions of teachings above level OT8 (Operating Theta Level 8).

Eckankar includes Dianetics - Scientology teachings above Operating Theta level 14 now but canned to access by all Eckankar members except for those at the very top of their pyramid teachings scheme however heavily edited and censored by the current master of the made up teachings. Despite what onlookers attempt to point out Paul Twitchell was no backwoods ignoramus hick as has been inferred across the world wide web. Paul Twitchell was reasonably educated with college study requiring ability to read and write in English understandably which he applied semantically to his made up Eckankar teaching's. Paul Twitchell plagiarized much of his esoteric writings which was common practice during his lifetime, because there was no internet available then; not even the most basic copy machines to plagiarize book or magazine texts from. Therefore, Paul Twitchell was winging it as being a spiritual master to build an image of himself as an adept when in actually he was just a beginner trying to supposedly, free people from religious traditionalists holding a majority of people down. Thus in Paul Twitchell's estimation there was no promise based on his erratic foolish behavior; carried from his thought process, of people ever breaking out of these limiting culturally biased paradigms established by the world religions and sold by popular guru holy men during the Eckankar inventor's time. On first appearance this may seem very noble of Paul Twitchell but in his frantic attempt to break others out of limiting religious practices and beliefs he has caused a lot of damage because suggesting and teaching things just not possible for average people to achieve. Therefore Eckankar members stretch themselves dangerously thin to the very edge of a cliff just shy of falling off from my own personal experiences; and many people did during Paul Twitchell's time, and do so today from an even further distortion by Eckankar masters in attempt to cover up the teaching's dubious foundations in a shady past created by its founder. Subsequently, there is a need on Eckankar's part to bring this tomfoolery dangerously, forward to still dupe people today into thinking these teachings are completely legitimate because they are based on, a non existent line of spiritual adepts but really just based on a hodgepodge of dissociative ideas that fractures people's peace of mind and stability, in relationships and day to day interaction with the world. The practice during the 1940s through the 1970s was that respected well known writers who lacked sophistication in philosophical matters copied full sections of other people's books authored elsewhere because getting to a library and forming their own ideas was too time consuming. On top of that photo copying was reserved for those with access to very primitive machines with repair requiring qualified technicians traveling in some cases great distances to fix temperamental devices. Initially Paul Twitchell considered continuing with his made up teaching's through an ongoing distribution center after he died, to propagate his home brewed teachings for the support of those he had taught while alive and extended after the Eckankar founder's demise. Regardless, L. Ron Hubbard had contributed to Eckankar teachings with Dianetic ideas by his own hand in Twitchell's pseudo spiritual, teachings. Thus, in reality Twitchell's writings were extensions of both authors combined. Moreover, Paul Twitchell became seriously ill with hardening of the arteries and therefore was not able to successfully pick a replacement for his Eckankar - Advanced Scientology courses that he had creatively constructed from various "New Thought-Religious Science" sources. In the late 1960s and early 1970s Paul Twitchell gave a group of eleven trusted followers clandestine instructions to disperse his Eckankar teachings which he had partially invented; outside the early Eckankar foundation and created initially with the help of his former boss, L. Ron Hubbard. Paul Twitchell saw this as the only way his Eckankar creation would survive because of his very cunning wife who wanted to make money off his creation, which she saw as only possible through a distortion of her husband's initial original pseudo esoteric ideas. Nevertheless as was mentioned before no suitable replacement for Paul Twitchell as master was ever chosen before his death commissioned by him to carry out his joint spiritual venture; originally penned by himself and Hubbard, to bring Eckankar forward into the current times. In more depth Twitchell's thought was that he did not want his writings up for grabs as a reinterpretation of his ideas by others motivated for high profit envisioned from an overly cash conscious wife and manipulated through her in-camp female cronies to make as much revenue as was possible off her dead husband's writings. Subsequently Twitchell's wife was frantic about making millions of dollars off her husband regardless of the consequences this would have as profound damages effecting other people. In Twitchell's wife's estimation she was footing the bill for Paul's pseudo esoteric lifestyle and getting no large monetary returns from any of this. Neverthelss Paul Twitchell's wife made her millions of dollars later off a vitamin company her husband had co-founded with a well known nutritionist. When the Eckankar founder died, his wife and her unscrupulous female cronies spun a deceptive web of tall mystic tales onto the remaining Eckankar followers to be carried forward into the future to keep the wife's Eckankar money making going on. The wife of the dead Eckankar creator chose with the help of her other female insiders, her lover who had been having an affair with her while husband Paul Twitchell, was still alive. This new pseudo, spiritual adept that Paul Twitchell's widow and other female insiders of Eckankar chose as new Eck master Mahanta replacement, built a formidable cash machine out of the early science fiction writer's creation that made millions of dollars which the fake Eck master pocketed to run a musical jazz band he formed, and being privately jetted across the United States. However as the fake Eckankar master replacement's bad health and substance addiction crept up on him in the late 1970s he was force into retirement while living off the fat of the land provided by a hefty retirement package furnished, from Eckankar. Moreover, compounding this pseudo spiritual fiasco evolving as a menace to society for over 50 years in duration is another totally outlandish unknown phenomena which acted to spur on the continuation of this fraudulent spiritual camp to continue to assault the public, although Paul Twitchell had never authorized his creation's continuation, past his own death. Therefore if you examine carefully the handwriting by Paul Twitchell scribbled onto a poster given to the founder's wife's lover who became the next acting Eckankar master, knowing explicitly the pseudo spiritual creator's personal handwriting style, you will note that it is excessively feeble and faulty in its placement onto the poster caused by a shaky hand backed by excessive fatigue based on the former science fiction writer's developing heart failure, that would take his life. Later on Twitchell's fake replacement as Eckankar master would claim this hand written script written onto the poster given to him and later displayed at Eckankar headquarters in Menlo Park California was in fact the new master's spiritual name! Yet experienced hand writing experts and former Eckankar insider's from the beginning of the group who have examined closely the hand written script scribbled onto the poster haphazardly which Paul Twitchell's wife's female pseudo spiritual accomplices used in part later on to prove the legitimacy of a new master; was really instead chosen by God himself. God bringing forward a master through a lie, picked to continue the original Eckankar creation which Twitchell and Hubbard created as a cash making enterprise. Nevertheless on scrutinizing close examination by those fully familiar with Paul Twitchell's handwriting style, these people were not fooled and left Eckankar in the early 1970s with concerned hurry. This ongoing fabrication as a fake Eckankar camp not ever authorized before his death by Paul Twitchell has acted as a continuation to give out the founder's captured writings which have been re-edited and interpreted, moreover censored. Most of the original written material by Paul Twitchell has never been published yet continues as fodder to feed a pseudo spiritual organization to this day, never authorized with Paul Twitchell's blessings. Instead you have had the Eckankar founder's widow and insider cronies carrying out destructive activities onto the public all generated by very flimsy maladjusted females pushed into action by totally fake invented Eckankar masters never meant to carry on Twitchell's original creation. To compound this cash making travesty originally invented by Paul Twitchell yet his widow continuing it without his blessings by assaulting an unaware public is the fact that there is absolutely no person still alive who is in the know, speaking out to reveal this flagrant violation of Paul Twitchell's final wishes. Namely, the Eckankar founder was, not wanting to continue his creation, as there was no person who could present his ideas exactly as he had. Moreover Paul Twitchell had set in motion the propagation of his original ideas that he thought could best be carried out in secret, through loyal supporters who knew essentially where he was coming from in terms of presenting his teachings to get people out of the clutches of enslaving religious traditionalist that the founder propagated initially through his made up spiritual teachings. Yet as many people know an operation of open heart surgery cannot be carried out on a patient by an unqualified person unless those involved want to experience complications later on and in Eckankar's case this has been an ongoing harm to its members and the public but not recognized until many years later as numerous past members have now found out. Eckankar is a form of brainwashing where the technician carrying this out on the subject who gets done in, is damaged also. Neither subject can see how to stop the excessive pain inflicted, being problems generated by Eckankar practice, as a nebuleous spinning out of control web woven around them who are involved in its exercises originated by Paul Twitchell and L. Ron Hubbard. Yet Eckankar was not authorized for any future use past the founder's death! Eckankar is a thought poison developing slowly over time backed by the blessings of a current Eckankar camp acting to continue this mind enslaving fiasco. Despite Paul Twitchell choosing to close down Eckankar he still desired spreading New Thought teachings via his designated chosen males dispersing such respectfully to benefit those in need. Again, it may appear that I have supported this Eckankar pseudo spiritual fiasco or, support it today. On the contrary acceptance by me for harm done to others with my support, is not true. Contrarily it was just a matter of time before the designated Twitchell chosen bunch on the run knew, that any association with the founder of Eckankar and his shady made up past would lead them smack into the mad dog's of justice and L. Ron Hubbard himself wanted on numerous continents for all kinds of misdeeds against others. Which is so true of Eckankar today in its interaction practiced on its own church followers and the public who are being effected by distorted misinformation. Yet outsiders are beginning to see through the unauthorized churches conniving sinister behavior. There you have it, fake Eckankar made up and in a nutshell, way past its expiration date of 1971. Each person Paul Twitchell chose has held these secrets for decades; desiring not to tell any inside information pertaining to Eckankar's closure before, the founder's death. Fake Eckankar has gone way too far though, with no one really having any ability of putting the pirate organization in check, as has happened in the past with Hubbard's group which Eckankar really is an extension of regardless of camp insiders refusing an acknowledgment of this fact. Society continues to get severely hurt by the dissemination of Eckankar pseudo spiritual propaganda onto its members. Damage is being done to innocent people maliciously which goes beyond what is right or deserved by real seekers looking for truth.

Offender: Eckankar

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