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Unauthorized charges!

I discovered a random charge on my home phone bill from MyTeleBill LLC for 'message voicemail service monthly fee.' I did not order this service and in fact have an answering machine, so do not need this service. Apparently your account is activated if you respond to some sort of survey online. This is completely fraudulent and ...

Nextel / Sprint
Fradulent charge!

My husband has been a Nextel customer for almost three July, after moving in together, he added me to his plan. At the time, my TMobile contract was about to expire, so we figured it would be cheaper to add me to his plan. Ever since, there have been nothing but issues. They seem to try to screw you every which ...

Sprint / Nextel
Delayed Cancellation

I tried to cancel my Sprint/Nextel cellular service today. Sprint/Nextel refuses to cancel as requested and states they will delay the cancellation to the end of the billing cycle. I insisted that they cancel my service effective immediately only to get hung up on by their customer service rep. I called back later and insisted ...