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Found 20000 reviews / complaints

On Friday, October 28th, I went on to I selected 6 seats at $32 for plaza level seating. I then selected the link clearly marked BUY in bold red letters (see sample page attached). This prompted me to the next screen, Login or Register, which I went ahead and logged in. Then next ...

Sheldon Hill
Thief and Pervert

Met Mr. Hill he knew i was having financial problems he said he could help. He then went on to make advances on me and take advantage of the vulnerable position i was in. When i declined his offer of help in exchange for personal time with me he became angry and stopped answering my calls. I had ...

A Phony Directory (falsified data)

I am a victim of abuse from members of 800notes and write this review as a warning to anyone with a phone listing. As many of us know there is a big problem with scams, telemarketing and other unwanted calls. Many people turn to the Internet as a means to find who may have called them. There are ...