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United parcel service ups
Stepping on the little guy

Ups has owed me $765 since last year. They lost a 14 karat ounce necklace meltdown value $765. I had a $255 balance on several damaged shipments, which I respectively refused to pay for service that was so tacky, and lost money replacing those orders. Ups states they reserve right to deny claims while a balance is owed yet this ...

Rotorazer LLC
Return policy

Wife ordered a rotorazer saw from this company for me for christmas and i tried to return it because i have one, albeit a differrent brand. its brand new never out of the box. Purchase price, $149.85 with shipping etc, $179.99. I understand that i have exceeded the return time limit but they were only willing to give me $37 for ...

RHP Properties
Slum Lords

This company are nothing but total SLUM LORDS! None of the septic systems are up to the county code and they are trying to make the residents pay for them to get fixed. When they are their responsibility. The trees are all dead in there and in perfect weather they are falling onto our homes. (In our Park we own our homes and ...