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Complaint / Review
National Homesavers
Consumer Report

I was told by an agent Aiden that the company would do whatever it takes on their part to "at least produce enough funds to equal my investment, but that it would take time... Like at least 3 months to get a certain number of online traffic that would result in clients using the homesaver process the company offers.

After 3 months I contacted the agency/company and spoke with the secretary Jessica on a regular basis, waiting approximently 1 month each time, and each time she explained that there was traffic and I just had to wait more.

This has been going on since June...

In Sept. 2012 I was able to speak with a guy named Steli who works in the advertising section for the NHS and he explained how they were indeed running the ads per the arrangement that they would guarantee that a specific number of ads would be generated per day, per week, etc.

However, all this has been happening, but I have noticed that when I check the statistics page of my back office, I have noticed that no statistics are being logged on the website. From the end of July to this date 11/11. I called this to Jessica's attention and she referred me to a Jeff or Chris... And I have not been able to connect with them...

Jessica seems to be very clear on explaining to me that there is activity going on. But she can't explain why there are no visitors registering as visiting my website page for the last three months... The statistic boxes are all zero's...? I am writing to you because apparently, Aiden, I have been told by Jessica, has moved on to another company... And this Chris or Jeff who were to take Aidens' place, have not been available to explain things. Everytime I call to get ahold of them, they are either at lunch, break, or haven't arrived at work yet. And neither have called me to let me know when I can call to get them on the line...

First of all, no money has been generated to equal or match the $3000 that I paid into the company... As was promised to me by Aiden. I recall Aiden giving an answer to a question I asked him regarding "what if 6months goes by and I don't get any clients, or worse yet, a year... And that is when he told me they (the company) would make sure that some clients would come aboard and I would at least get an amount equal to what I invested.

You see, this phone call with Aiden was taking place the very day that I signed up, sending my money to the company...

If he had not said that, I would have exercised my right to withdraw my funds within the legal 3 days a person can undo an agreement... in the state of Oregon.

I feel that the company NHS is simply hoping that I will be discouraged and go away... Or maybe die waiting for some positive activity on the website where some people will sign up for the homesaver process that the NHS company provides for a fee. Another alarming fact is that when I spoke to another competing online advertising company coaches, and I mentioned NHS company... They have not heard of them..?

I feel like I've been swindled out of $3000 since no monies have been generated to me as Aiden said he would do if it appeared that no activity was happening on my site which is HopeSavingForeclosure. Today is 11/11.

I will be giving Jessica another call monday the 12th or tuesday the 13th if they are not working monday. I will continue to try to get to the bottom of this catch 22, but in the meantime. I would rather have them give me back my $3000 and call the whole thing even...

Offender: National Homesavers

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix   ZIP: 85029
Address: 10640 N. 28th Dr. , Ste C-105

Category: Miscellaneous


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