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Cherry hill nissan
Consumer Report

My son bill and his girlfriend mary went to cherry hill nissan with a advertisment in the courier paper stating you can get a nissan sentra 2012 for 69 a month for quialified purchasuers if you put down 3999 so they went with the ad to cherry hill nssan on august 22 bill came from work told me we have to go to cherry hill nissian at 2oopm to test drive a car that he was approved for a lease nd the car was loaded so on august 23 at 100 pm we went meand bill he drove his nissan maxium 1998 and we got there we pulled in on the wendys side of cherry hill nissan and part near where the used cars are and theservice extrance on the diner side we walked threw the parking lot to the show room near the opposeside of were we parked walked through the front doors of the show room bill didn t remember the guys name hespoke to yesterday so i had my question to ask on the papers ad we walked strght ahead and bill was looking nothing so i asked someone for water cause the coofee was out and someone said you need help bill said ihave an appont today to test drive a car he said with mike you were here yestersday bill said yes hesaid mike will be right out i said can i have some water holding a coffee cup and the guy said in a cup or bottled i said bottled please then we proceed to sit at this table in the front of the gray xterra and i saw these guys on the opposite side like a counter near the dark grey pathfinder and windows so i saw three gentlman siting behind the counter that had computers one guy was sitting closes to the dark grey pathfinder with a white shirt white to grey hair the othe next to him had a burgundy shirt dark brown/black hair and i believe either one or two other men so i proceeded to ask my questions on the list reduails gap insurance open and closed eneded leases and a few more i have wriiten down and the guy in the burgundy shirt was the one to anwer the questions i was asking and he said wow you are prepared you are asking all the write question and all the other gentlemen were surprised i said i did my homeowrk i typed in what qustins should i ask when leaseing a vechile and the man in the burgundy shirt said they are really good questions so all the men then knew me as the good questioner an then we sat down and the guy with the burgndy shirt came up and interdue himself to me and bill i am not good with names either so i shook his hand and told him my name desire bell the mom. Then were sat a couple of minutes and i drank my water looking at the xterra i got up and walked to it and looked at the inside and sat back down then mike came and he said to bill hi and interduced himself to me i said i am desiree bell the mom and mike said you had to leave yesterday to go to work and bill said yes i have to work again tonight at 5 15 pm and then mike okay we need to get going so e can get you out of here and bill said what is the payment the final payment to mike and mike said for that car i think or believe mike said 229 0r 223 a month bill then said to mike thats way to much for me i can afford a payment around 150 final a month and then mike said then maybe u need to alimitate some of the features and i said to mike thats way to much for bill thats not his comfy zone and then bill said mike do you have any cars in that price range mike then said not that price but maybe in the 160s bill then said okay lets see them cars and i asked mike if he could lease a older model and mike said all leases have to be 2012 models i said okay and then mike got up and said let me see i may have something and me and bill were sitting there and the guy with the black/brown hair and the burgundy shirt came up to me and said good questions they were great questions and in a friendly gesture touching my arm as i was sitting down and then he turn toward the dark grey pathfinder and walked t the counter near the windows behind me and said you have soft skin i said thank you then mike came back and said he had a few cars that might me in the 160 0r 170 for which me and bill were lead to believe the final payment and we were walking out the doors me and bill walked through. Mike pointed to the grey all exclusive car wa that he was going to test drive i said nice but way out of your comfy zonei couldn t even afford that as mike bill and i walked across the parking lot to the otherside of the service department and whhere bills 1998 nissan maxium was parked we walked in a single file stricting conversation about xterra i owned one and we walked near a white van were the used cars were near the side of thedinner and mike showed bill and i a black nissan sentra sr or sl i believe and he said this is the next step down alimitated some features and bill said thats one 60 a month mike said i am not sure i don t think so amde a litlle highr and there was two grey ones on each side of it and bill said if thats 160 i will take it and mike said i will see but i dont thinks so amybe the grey car next to it and we looked ath that but then mike i guess had vin numbers and bill said to mike i really like that first black car can you get me in the 160 and i will take it and mike said looking at the grey car right next oh no thats more money around 180 and i said to mike thats not his comfy zone to much and mike then said these aren t the cars mike then said i have one more car to show you its a lower sentra then these and we walked to were me and bill pulled in at and there was a black sentra and mike said that it has a ipod bluetooth and alloy wheels i think and some of the features bill wa asking for and mike said i possiblly could get you in this for 160 170 i don t want to tell you something or quote a price cause you can go back to my manger and say mike quoted me the payment of 160 and i would get in trouble so i don t want to quote you and i said i understand and then we me bill and mike were headed back to the show room where we met before walking through the parking lot and we go through the first doors and go to the seats were we were sitting before and me and bill sat down (being mislead and lead to believe the fanl the final payment is going to be the payment we agree on and them knowing thats not really going to be the final payment) so we then reminded mike we have to be somewhere and bill had to be at work so mike goes away i didn t see where he went and i told bill at that time that you have to be comfy and you are making the payments so mike comes back with a check list of paper and we made fun of the tress we said all the tress they killed for all this paper work and mike says thank god bill is approved already and if you decide to lease he started to explain the leasing process of the customer appercaition reward for leasing that when bill leases he has the option to buy the vechile and or he can trade it for a new lease and that the money he puts down on the lease will go toward the new lease or the finance if he decides to purchase it and he bill would not have to be approved again or his credit run as long as he makes the payments on time and the guy with the black/brown hair said he always leases its better he said and mike said that bill would never loose that deposit of 3000.00 thats what you bill and mary were concerned about thats what mike said then mike said the car is 190 a month and thats including the tags processing fees, registration fees etc (now me and bill are think again this is the final bottom line payment) i said that is way to much and thats not bills comfy zone and bill said i will like to stay around 150 160 a month final payment and then mike said well i know you bill said you didn t want to trade your car and bill said yes mike i have a buyer and i said there no way you can get it down to his comfy zone mike said bill do you have more money to put down amd bill said no thats my lifes savings and i said what if bill decided to trade his car in and not sell it to his friend then what will the final payment be mike came back and said then next thing we know the guy with the brown/black hair and burgundy shirt comes back to the table and said is your car here bill said yes its parked on the other side and it a 1998 nissan maxuim black and the guy said with the brown/black hair burgundy shirt what are you asking for the car bill said the kelly book value says 4000 but i don t think i can get that so i told my friend 2000 and i then said to the guy with the brugundy shirt brown black hair it just had a 2000 paint job done to it and he then said let me go see it and bill gave the keys to the brown/black hair burgundy shirt guy and he let then mike i beleive got up and did something next thing i know he comes back the brown/black hair burgundy shirt guy and sits at the table and said the best i can do is final price 173 a month and i am taking a loss on the tags proceesin fee registrstion etc i said thats not bills comfy zone you can t go 160 no he said the brown/black hair burgundy shirt i am taking a hit already with the fees i said 165 he said no 173 and he said to bill 173 bill then said i don t know so the man said with the brown/black hair burgundy shirt take it for a test drive okay so mike bill and i got up and walked out the front doors of the show room and the black sentra was right there in the parking spot and mike opened the back door for me and we got in bill had to adjust the set to pull it close to the pedal so i said its under the seat like xterra is and bill said oh and pulled it up and got in and mike said about the mirrors bill said okay i did it and bill backed out and we went were me and bill came in on the side of wendys road and bill made a right and as bill was driving mike was talking and point out the features like the wipers cruise control mirrors air condition i pod cup holders and pick up on th car and then at the light we made a right bill said to mike the final payment is 173 right mike said yes then mike was talking some more about the car and mike asked bill to turn on to 38 towards mt holly so bill did and mike asked bill about the car bills nissan mike sai bill how much are you selling it for bill was distracted you could tell cause he said 173 and again mike asked bill what are you selling it for bill was definitly concerned about the paymet cause again he said 173 and i said bill mike is asking how much you are selling your car not this car bill said oh i am selling it to my friend jason for 2000. Andmike said oh i said to bill its something to concern if you decide not to sell your car to jason and use it for a trade in so the payment is 173 a month (you could tell bill was worried and that we both said and was told 173 from mike and the brown/black hair burgundy shirt man) so i said oh they opened a longhorn here wow i haven t been this way for a long time and mike said pull in here bill of of 38 and bill pulled in cherry hill nissan on the 38 side of the highway and parked the car in handicapp the only spot available so i step out mike step out and bill and mike ask bill if he liked the car bill said yeah but can i have a few minutes to discuss this with my mom and mike said sure so mike walked in the front doors of the show room we walked out of and me and bill were under the impression the final payment is 173 a month and we were weighin the pros and cons not more then 30 seconds to a minute here comes the brown/black hair burgundy shirt guy walking out the side door of the show room coming toward me and bill and he said something i believe to this what are you having brain surgery why do you look that way its just a car and me and bill looked at each other and he said how about 172 a month so me and bill are under impression and being mislead and disved into believing the payment is going to be 172 now so bill looked at me i said its your decision your 21 adult your payment and the burgundy shirt guy and brown/black hair said do we have a deal bill said yeah 172 right and the brown/black hair burgundy shirt guy shook hand and he said congradulation (knowing all to well that is not goin to be the final payment) so i thinks as me and bill were walking through the front doors of the show room the guy with the burgundy shirt brwon/black hair guy walked through the side doors he came out of an mike was there as we walked back to the table mike said we had to call the insurance comapny and i said i need the vin number and mike said you have to tell geigo that that have to email me here which mike then gave me a business card that said cherry hill nissan with mikes information on it and both me and bill told mike at this time we have to leave soon cause bill has to work and i had to take my other son to football that was around 43o cause i called home and got no answer and then mike said i will give you the vin number and tell gieco tht the fiance company is cherry hill nissan infidinty and i will come back with the information address of the fiance company gieco number and the vin number don t call right now so mike got up and said he be behind the white walls behind the xterra i said okay then i told bill go get the stuff out of your car and (me and bill are thinking to our knowledge and what were being told the payment is 172 month according to the hand shake with the man with the burgundy shirt brown/black hair man and mike) so we can leave right after mike comes back with the paper work and bill got up i was sitting there and i went and looked at the gray xterrra and the dark grey pathfinder and sat back down and one of the guys in the white shirt with the white grey hair walked by and said good questions and i laugh then mike came back with the vin number and the fiancial address, gieco phone number and bills policy number so i wrote it all down on the paper i brought with the questions and told mike bill is cleaning his car out cause we rally have to leave soon or he will be late and i will be late to put up my other son and mike said almost done so he left and bill came in with some of the stuff in his car and the rest was out front of the doors we walked thorugh the show room doors and i told bill to call gieco now and change your car insurance and that gieco has to email the binder to mikes email address on the cherry hill nissan business card mike gave me and bill was on the phone with gieco rep bill was figuring the 172 the 147 add them together is 320 divde by 4 is 80 a week for bills budget and then bill was telling him the geico rep all the inforamation mike gave me but we ran into a problem i put a v in the vin number when it was suppose to be a b so i got up and walked behing me passing the dark grey pathfinder and asked the man with the brown/black hair burgundy shirt man that was standingleaning on the counter and the man with a white shirt sitng behind the counter on the computer and i said i might have wrote the vin number wrong cause the car insurance company can t find the vin numebr is it a v or a b the insurance company gieco says its a b but i want to make sure and the guy with the white shirt looked and said its a b not a v so i said thank u and yelled it to bill as i was walking back to the seat and sat down then the man with the brown/black hair burgundy shirt walked to these individual offices on the passagner side of the dark grey pathfinder there were like 3 or 4 offices and the light was on and bill had another question an mike was still behind the white walls behind the xterra so bill walked over and asked the guy with the brown/black hair burgundy shirt guy something to th effect of 1000 5000 0r 10000 and h said 1000 is fine and bill came back sat down and told the rep on thephone for gieco 1000 and the guy with the burgundy shirt came out of the individual offices and walked pass us saying 1000 is okay and fine then we had to wait for mike to come back and the gieco rep was still holding cause he wanted to besure mike got the binder and i walk to the burgundy shirt guy again and ask him to see if mike got the binder causemgeico rep want to amke sure mike got the binder so next thingu hear over the loud speaker is mike being paged and he came out from behind the grey xterra and the white walls and had some mnuals paper work and antenna and ipod plug so bill asked if he got the binder and mike said yes and bill said to the geico rep mike got the binder thanks and hung up and then mike tokk me and bill through were the mechanic were working on cars to the doors from he mechanic room to the service dept doors and we walked pass te service desk to the girl with blonde hair and a white shirt and i believe her name is janelle cemlins (she is a express service manger according to the cherry hill nissan website meet the staff) and mike said this is bill bell who just leased a nissan sentra and she said congrads to bill then proceeded to explain the oils changes the itre rotations ad the service that have to be done or if something needs to be repaired she then grabed a cherry hill nissan business card and wrote on the back the hours days and the service number to schedule repairs or oil changes and then on the side if here was the window made of glass or plexi glass were the paymens were made and behing the window plexi/glass was a african american woman eatting lunch cause i said as mike bill and me were standing there it must be lunch i smell it mikewas on bills left i was on the right side of bill and bill took his money out and he said to the african american women can i pay with cash and the rest on debit mike and her said yeah so bill proceededto count the cash lying on the counter window were the lady was behind and counting it zig zag bill counted 780 cash and then stacked it in a single pile again and handed it to the african american glass/plexi glass window and bill handed his debit card to the african american woman behind the window as she ran the debt card throw the machine and it was processing she as counting the cash and bill said i am sorry i should have not put it in a single pile she said thants okay and conted then handed bill the reciept to sign for his debit card and then handed the reciept back to bill so after that mike bill and i walked out the side doors of the service depat facing the doors where the guy in the black / brown hair burgundy shirt man came out of at this time we again said to mike we really ahve to leave mike said just a little longer so we walk thrugh the fornt doors of the show room facing the xterra back to the seats we were in milk had a check list went over the manulas service manual and fast version of the bigger manual and some of the service agreement that bill is responsible for and he said bill has to get new tags they couldn t tranfer the tags from bills maxuim 1998 nissan as we were told before he could no big deal bill and i said now its around 503 and i call home to tell cote were leaving shortly get ready i am cherry hill nissan with bill just be ready so me and bill think were all done ready to leave thinking the payment is what the brown/black hair burgundy shirt man shook on and mike agreed on and were trying to see the fatest route to go home but next thing mike say as we all were standing up walking toward the front show car doors that we walk through already i grabbed the manuals ipod plug and the papers thinking were done to and mike says no i need to find someone he said a name wait here your not done yet so mike leaves and this guy in a white shirt blonde hir and rosey cheeks came out and interduced himself to me and bill and bill said mike is looking for u i think so we walked to the one of the individual offices i believe the third one and we sat down me bill and the blonde rosey cheeks white shirt man and he started i beleive taking about the protection insurance pemruim silver and gold and bill said that is included in the 172 monthly payment he the rosey cheek white shirt blonde hir man said no these are the permums and prices the least expensive which cost 178 is the permuim and the next was silver at 200 and gold was higher can t remeber how much but to high (me and bill at that point we were blindsided were both were shell shocked didn t know what to say at first confused cause all this time we were told and hand shook with the brown/black hair burgundy shirt man agreeed on 172 month and mike we kept on making it clear and saying it 172 under a misleading believe and telling them we had to leave) now the rosey cheek white shirt blonde hair man said what do you want you can add on other things later and u can custom the plan like add the total collsion loss to the silver package and i said how much is that he said 205 and bill looked confuse so i tried to explain that he has to get it (it covers him and protects him at the end of the lease that was my understanding from the way the rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt man explained it collsion being if the cars total bill is covered no charge to him and gets a new car to my unserstand cause now i don t know cause they mislead us before all the way to this point) so the rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt explained it and bill would have to pay in full or it won t be able to add it in the payment bill asked the rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt man do i have to get it now he said yes and bill turned white and said i am late for work i was suppose to be there at 5 15 i have to call my boss bill step out the office and i said to the rosey cheeks blonde hair white shirt man to add the collision to the policy he told me he couldn t do that cause bill has to know what policy he is getting i said he won t know the 5 dollar differents again rosy cheeks blonde hair white shirt man said no i said oh okay and then bill came in looking sick and telling the rosey cheek blond hair white shirt man i have to go soon he said to bill was your boss mad bill said i dont think mad but upset and rosey cheek blonde hair whie shirt man said oh most employers wont be mad cause when u pull up in your new car what do they have to be mad at and then bill said the silver plan and the rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt said i will throw in the total collison loss and i will pay the 5 00 differents me and bill said thank u very much and then he rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt man turned to the computer and started to type stuff in and said to bill signthe electrionic pin pad and bill did then i said what is the first payment due he rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt man said oct 1 or 2nd bill said the first is good cause thats when my insurance gets taking out and i would like to have hem togehter and bill took a piece of the white memo cube and fiqured his budget again 147 and 200 is 347 divide by 4 is 87.1 so he rounded it to 88 a week and he was out of the comfy zone whe were lead to beleive up to this point was 172 so as the rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt was telling bill to sign at this x and this x and intal at this x he srted to explains or i beeive asked us if we discussed the gap insurance the closed end not the open ened cause there is no moreopen end the reduials i said yes there the question i asked the burgundy shirt brown/black haired man and he said they were excellent questions and he explained the answers to me and rosey cheek guy was telling bill sign this x here this x and your almost done do you have your title to you car bill bill and i said no i have it at home the guy in the burdundy shirt brwon/blcak hair said we can bring it to him tomorrow the rosey cheek white shirt blonde man said did you pay cash for your 1998 maxuim bill said yes he said okay a few more xes so finally bills done signing the xes and rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt guy stood up and said your done but don t leave i will bring the papers to u okay i think we shook hand not sure total shelled shock and bill was worse so we walk out the doors in the front of the show room the new car was parked side ways in front of bills old 1998 nissian maxuim and mike grab bills box of stuff from his old car that was a box in front of the front doors of the show room an put it in th new sentra and then walked over to show bill the release to the trunk and this young man was in the back seat scrapping the paper off the window on the drivers back seat door and i got in mike said congrads to bill and he said to bill you did good for yourself not all kids your age get a lease deal and bill said thanks and went in the front show room doors to get the papers and then mike said to me that i should be proud of bill and i said i am then mike walked somewere i think he closed the trunk and the young man came to my side of the car my door was open and i askedhim if t manuals can go all the way back in the glove compartment he said yes so i put it there then bill came out and we were ready to leave and i closed my door and i think i had the window close and i think mike tap on the window and said your tags to your old car bill was stressin bad as well as me cause were unbelievable late so i put my windows down got the tags to the nissan 1998 maxium and bill backed out and turned around left the way we came in on the wendys side road and i called home 532 got machine as bills driving we were nearin the light on kings hwy intersection and bill said mom i think i made a big mistake i said why bill he said mom i am late for work that hit me with more fees leading us to beleve the whole time the payments were 172 and now there 200 a month i don t think i will beable to ever afford to buy the car after the lease then i just threw my money away oh god mom i made a huge mistake mom his face is whiter i then called debbie my neighbor ar 534 to pick up cote to take to practice call me when you get cote cause he outside waiting for me she said okay and we crossed kings hwy going toward springdale road way we come to the lite by fellowship rd and he starts to cry mom u have to get me out of this i can t afford it mom i want my car back i made a big mistake mom plesse see if you can get me out of it i said bill i will read the paper i thought i saw something on the back about returning the car and if you had a trade in they have to give it back and the deposit back i will read it better after i get home from cotes football when u get a chance at work go to the bathroom cause your later and u dont want to get fired call nissan and tell them mike the guy in the burgundy shirt brown/black hair okay the rosey cheek guy don t worry bill there got to be a way out he was baling at this time i felt so bad i didn t know what to say and i was adding to his stress cause i was late and freaking out cause i was letting my other son down but at the same time i felt i let bill down so we got home it was 545 and we both went our was i have proof of everything we talked about the paper work the cell phone calls business cards i hope you can get video that we were wrob in signing the paperd and mislead and blindsided and lyed to about the 172 the hand shake can u please send me a copy of this complaint to [email protected] for the purpose of retaining a lawyer bill and my husband on 8/24 went up to cherry hill nissan at 9 00 am and spoke to a somone at first cause mike the rosey cheek blonde hair man the brwon black hair burundy shirt man they all where not there today 8 24 2012 what a conquenadens or what a my husband and bill talked with the sales manger not the leasing and internet manger franklin smith not the genral manger bob miller not the leasing manger rich chiappetta not the general sales manger umberto varallo the sales manager mike m and he told my husband they hav me and bill on video and that the girl in the fiancing dept went over all thefinacing paper with me and bill and bill and i were explained all the papers the wavier and that there were witness in the room with us and they have audio of the conversation with me and bill my husband bob then said you don t take the car back bill get your stuff and go home and mike m you will be paying more in court fees you will be hearing from our lawyer mike m said bill was explained by the finacing girl and there was witness when he signed the 24 wavier in the story above the only girls we spoke to was janelle the express service manger and the african american who took the money and the debit card and as for witness who i want the video tape of the august 23 showing me and bill with mike the brown/black hair burgundy shirt man and the rosey cheek blonde hair white shirt man they are lying and the proof is the video of the time me and bill walked in to the time we left the lot with the sentra and mike said bills 1998 nissan maxuim was gone i still have the title to the maxuim please help us get out of this lease caue we wer blindside lied desived mislead not explained the waiver or any contract page by page detail by detail as mike m said the girl in the finace dept did in front of witness thanks desiree and bill bell

Offender: Cherry hill nissan

Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Cherry Hill   ZIP: 08002
Address: 2325 Route 38
Phone: 8884497454

Category: Miscellaneous


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