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I have one case that began in 91, I became incarcerated (94-95) so fell behind. I got out and went home with my wife. I cokntinued to pay support thinking it was for when I was 99 my wife took me to make a payment and the case worker said oh she is still collecting current too. DCSE closed the case and told her she would be responsible of paying money back. DCSE then moved their office and I heard nothing else about this case. (Two kids involved) Then in 2002, I was incarcerated and signed over temp custody to my parents, in 04 they began collecting CS for the boys. (I was incarcerated when the support began) One child was 10 and one was 14. When I got out I was ordered to live with my parents for 1 year and the boys lived there also. (In 2003 they received full custody) I paid my payments thinking I was paying for when I was not there, boy was I wrong. DCSE say I owe 14000.00 for the youngest which is 17 and 1800.00 for the oldest who is know 21. DCSE gave me a credit of 8400 for the youngest but has not taken it off the account because they realized there was NO WAY I could owe that much since 2004. On the first case with the mother they know claim I owe 14000 to the state but never sent letters or asked for Income withholding from 1999 forward. My fourth case is a daughter who is now 17. I was informed I was the father when she was born and I was incarcerated when they did the DNA. She was born in 95. I paid my support and in 97 the mother took off and I have not seen her since. They closed the case in 2002, I never heard anything until 2008 when they issued an income withholdiing and they say its for 3500. Now all cases are being paid from my checks weekly and they are paying only 2 cases and given no credit to the other 2 but they continue to hit me with interest on both and then fees on the other so it is always going up.

If they send IWO's for EACH case and by VA law they have to pay among all my cases, why are two not getting paid? I have asked and asked and have been told, too bad that is how our accounting sysytem works. My kids will have kids and I will have grandkids and still be paying support I do not owe. I am not saying I do not owe something but it is NOT 28000.00. With the records I have it should be a little of 12000.00 (as i said I was incarcerated at times and not cor CS) I can actually see why parents do not want to pay the support. DCSE does as it pleases and will not under any circumstance help the NCP. I have given them proof of me and the wife living together and also given proof of me living with my parents and the kids they say oh well too late now. Really I dont mind paying the support for my kids but the least they could do is get it RIGHT. Oh and the youngest son, they lost his case a few years ago and then suddenly it reappeared with all this money attached to it. Congress needs to go back and change the way support can be collected and look at the loopholes that they have created for the CP and the damage that these issues cause the NCP. And since they are only paying on two cases but withholding for all four, the other two cases are taking me back to court saying I am non compliant with a court order. I dont have the money for a lawyer but I did contact CVLAS said I would hear from them by this past Thursday, NOTHING, can you believe it? DCSE needs to be investigated for fraud and for inproper conduct in the accounting field and also charged with unethical practices.

Offender: Dcse

Country: USA   State: Virginia   City: Charlottesville
Address: Hydrolic Road

Category: Miscellaneous


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