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My letter to the head office:

Well Rachel this is my latest update since we talked last year starting the program. Magellan as I have found out does not give you much of a choice to change your program and since it solely is link to Doba you don't even have a chance to change drop shippers. Sounds to me it is one big happy corporate family and it locks you in dealing within the this family only, oh yes this also includes Prosper. I have canceled Doba and deleted pretty much of my website. For $11,000. Dollars I should have a website that jumps threw hoops. I don't need to spend more money on a fixed income that has to support this bill plus other bills, but instead try to come up with something different. You can read what I said below and the reply from Magellan. No I don't need to spend more money. The government has me paying them back $24000. From 2006 on audit which I know they are wrong but I don't have the money to fight them. This is from trying to start other internet businesses. Oh yes and a credit card bill. This is why I live in China on a farm. I don't pay any taxes over here to eat sleep buy clothes live in house or go to the bathroom. This is the country everyone talks bad about in America.

My letter of complaint:

I have canceled out Doba because I feel it was a loss cause. I have also deleted much of my website. I would
like to try a different type of program. What do I have to do to change things. If it is going to cost any money
money what so every other then the exception of my of monthly hosting then I will need to cancel and eat my

Their reply:

Mr. Washington,

Thank you for your email. I apologize for the issues you are having getting your website going. You asked about a different program and I'm not sure what you mean. Our company provides a website platform with which the average person can create their own online store. The really isn't another program we offer. Doba is currently the only dropshipper that is integrated with our website platform, however we are looking into adding others. This is something our developers have been looking into and while it will still be quite awhile before we can move forward, it is in the future plan. Please send us more details as to what you are looking for so we can better assist you.


Country: USA   State: Utah   City: Provo   ZIP: 84064
Address: 5252 N. Edgewood Drive, Suite 150
Phone: 8013710755

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