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Complaint / Review
Stephen James de Rosa
Attorney and Counselor at Law, Attempted to con money by using fake collection attempts and legal threats. Used credit report info on a deliquent acct

My husband received multiple phone calls today and after the 5th call he decied to answer the unknown number. He was greeted by a Mr. Michael Jacobs - Account Manager # 855-835-4525 x 140. He was told that by Mr. Jacobs that he was calling on behalf of Check into Cash and was calling to offer him a settlement. He said that someone would be coming in the next day or so to his job to serve him with papers for court for this outstanding debt.

He told him that if he accepted and paid the settlement today that he would be able to call off the serving of the papers. My husband was scared to death and told him that he would have to call his wife (me) because I had the check card. He told him he would send him an email that had all of his information and the agreement letter. I open up the email and it is this generic looking letterhead - no address, no phone # nothing other than the name of "Stephen James de Rosa Attorney and Counselor at Law - could have been created by any Word program. It listed an acct #, case# and dollar amount and stated the following:


Pursuant to your request, this letter will serve as official notification that this office is authorized to accept the sum of $325.00 as payment in ful on the outstanding balance.

Arrangment is as follows:
$325.00 03/22

Upon satisfactory receipt of all payments this account will be considered PAID IN FULL.

Should you default, you will be responsbile for any cost that our company incurs in the process of trying to collect this loan, including, but not limited to, court fees, attorney fees, and additional interest.

This is an attempt to collect a debt, any and all information will be used for that purpose.

Michael Jacobs
Account Manager
Ext 140 855-835-4525

*When I contacted Mr. Jacobs back myself I asked him to repeat the "threat" he gave to my husband. He began to stumble around with his words and pretty much gave me the same story - like he was trying to help us - if my husband signed for the subpeona he would not be able to help him any longer. When I asked him what the original amount of the debt was he stumbled around again and finally came up with $1400.00 dollars. I knew that my husband had a collection item with Check into Cash for around $300.00. He then proceeds to tell me that when my husband signed the loan contact it stated in there that if they had to persue legal action the person would be responsible for all legal costs and they were now up to $1400.00... I started to believe the lie.

Then I asked him they would be reporting that it was paid in full on the credit report and the way he overzealously anwsered made me back to be suspicious. I told him I would have to check into some things and would call him back. I then looked up the name Stephen James de Rosa on Google and found this site! (THANK YOU!!!). I then looked up the corporate # to Check into Cash - finding the account had been sold off 4 different times but none of them were to Stephen James de Rosa. The balance was only $302.00 which was the only amount due and so I set up LEGAL payment arrangements and escaped being scammed! Why can't people just get a real job like the rest of us and stop trying to take other peoples hard earned cash?

Offender: Stephen James de Rosa

Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Cincinnati
Phone: 8558354525140

Category: Miscellaneous


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