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Endeavor Marketing
Shrouded in an enigma of opportunities

Hey everyone!

So I'm here to add something about Endeavor Marketing and they're business practices. Here's my story...

So a couple days ago I was browsing in search of a more substantial job than the basic cashier position at a local retail store if you know what I mean. And I came across a posting for Endeavor Marketing.

"IMMEDIATE NEED for Event Marketing Reps, 9 Positions Available" read the title (it is still listed I'm sure: http://jobview. Aspx? JobID=71629943). I read through the job description and almost passed out when I saw they were willing to guarantee 30,000 to 35,000 dollars per year for an entry level position with no experience necessary. Myself, being a freshman in college, hopped to it in hopes of getting some mega moolah.

So I built my online resume and submitted it as soon as I could. Within 24 hours I received this email.

Hello John,

I'd like to thank you for your interest in our company and the positions
that are currently available. After considering several candidates that
have applied to our openings, we would like to invite you in for a preliminary, one on one interview, with our directing manager. The management team and I have reviewed a large amount of resumes and we feel as
if yours exemplifies many of the qualifications that we are looking for in our team. We would like to meet with you within the next few days to begin
the formal interview process. Prior to an initial interview we recommend browsing our company website at to find additional
information concerning our company's innovative marketing concepts, campaigns and clients. Below, you will find our contact information.

As soon as you receive this email, please contact me at 303-429-5170 in order to schedule a definite time to meet with you and discuss the opportunities that are available at our firm. We look forward to hearing
from you soon.


James Taylor
Endeavor Marketing, Inc
7100 N. Broadway, Ste 1M
Denver, CO 80221
p: (303) 429-5170


So I called them back yesterday as soon as I could and scheduled an interview which happened to be today at 1 pm. I sent my Dad the email.

He replied..
But wasn't enthusiastic at all. He said he had seen promotions such as these trying to entice young people into joining their workforce of mindless product promoting zombies. He kept sending me links of numerous reports he had found on the internet saying how this deal was a scam/rip-off/too good to be true.

This is a report he found on a yahoo bulletin board

Yes it is a scam. They interview and then send you out on an all day "interview" which is just throwing you in front of a retail store to try and sell crap for a which you are paid commission. Which would be honorable except they only give 5% to the charity and collect the rest for themselves. Friend did it and left after 10 mins.

http://answers.;_ylt=Ah. VJ49ZmEh2o51vxCMI907sy6IX;_ylv=3? Qid=20080410215201AAhKClB&show=7#profile-info-wlUlTKhuaa


So honestly I wasn't nearly as enthusiastic as I was to begin with about going into this interview for this "fantastic opportunity." But I thought I'd go in just to make sure I wasn't missing anything spectacular.

Now for all of you who have been to the office you know what I mean when I say the only thing professional about it is it's furniture. Honestly the office is no bigger than a normal hotel room with a few smaller office rooms trailing off through the walls. And honestly, it had the most horrid looking blue tile I have ever seen. I wish I could have taken a picture of it for everyone to see.

So I sit down and tell them I was there for the interview and the woman at the desk in the main room handed me a clipboard with a normal job application on it (front and back) and asked me to please fill it out to the best of my ability. Funny story though while I was filling out my application an employee (I'm assuming just recently hired) walks in looking for his pay check.

The lady that handed me my application says
"Oh if only you had come in 30 minutes sooner you could have gotten it"
"Um... What" Says the employee (about 20 years of age I'm assuming)

She was very unclear on what she was saying and in my opinion was just trying to get the man to leave.
Apparently she had mailed it out to his home address 30 minutes ago and she didn't have it anymore.

He asks when they started to mail the paychecks out because apparently last time they never did anything like that and he was able to pick up his paycheck like any normal job. Then she put threw out some odd questions like "Are you still trying to do this?"
Holding out an envelope of someone else's paycheck... I assume she meant "Are you still working here?"
Eventually with enough prodding the employee finally convinced her to give him his check (which they did in fact have).

I asked him how much he got paid but he didn't know. I was just wondering if he was getting near what I was hoping to get.

So after that whole fiasco was over with I was invited into one of the side offices to speak with the hiring manager about my application.

So she asks me if I'm interested in an internship or a fulltime job. Am I a student?
I went with the internship answer.

Honestly I was just confused because I asked on the phone before the interview what all the company does and they didn't give me a straight answer. They just kept saying things like 'we work with non-profit organizations' and 'we sponsor events in public relations' or some fancy words like that. Can't say I had a firm grasp on the details yet.

Then she asked me if I was more suited for a desk job or an outside/out and about type of job.

I asked if there were desk jobs that they were looking for and what the difference was, do they pay differently?

She said they were not offering any desk jobs and that it was an outside job only. I responded by saying "Oh that sounds fine"

Response was "Oh well we don't want applicants who think that it's just fine, we're looking for employees who believe it sounds exciting and are looking forward to the opportunities it presents." I was still confused essence I suppose she wanted a -very interested - individual.
Now... I can't say I was -very interested - but the fact that I drove all the way down to Denver from Fort Collins for this interview has to say something.

The next question I asked her was more specifically about the 30,000 to 35,000 dollars per year. I pulled out the print out and pointed to where the salary was shown. She sat there for a few seconds and didn't really know what to say. She asked me to point to it again. That was it the last straw apparently for her.

She said something along the lines of "Well, we're looking for a candidate who is interested in a little bit more than that. So we hope you find an internship you are interested in. Good luck and have a nice day."

Honestly that was a bunch of bullshit, theres no way they're going to pay a freshman with no degree more than 35,000 bucks a year. Not with that kind of office.

So I said, "Does that mean we don't want you so get the heck outta here?"

Yes, that's what it meant.

I gave her another print out before I left which was actually a print out of this page (without my report of course) about people who have said this job is a scam and such. Not sure if she read it but I'm sure she knows about it already.

I walked out laughing...

So basically if this whole story doesn't convince you about the truth behind Endeavor Marketing you'll just have to go in and see it for yourself.

Happy job hunting everyone!

Offender: Endeavor Marketing

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Denver
Address: 7100 N Broadway

Category: Miscellaneous


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