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Complaint / Review
Consumer Research Company, a Member Of American Survey Research Org
Sent Letter w / Check for $3699.50 for Mystery Shopper, MoneyGram Transfe

On April 24 I went to my mailbox and found a letter from "Consumer Research Company" 642 Johnson Drive, Victoria BC V8W 1M6—a member of
American Survey Research Org, 170 North County Rd Ste4 Port Jefferson NY 11777.

The letter stated that I had expressed an interest in Mystery Shopping and had been selected. To my surprise, there was a check in the letter in the amount of
$3699.50 and was dated April 1. Since I had moved from the address, it had been forwarded to my new one.

Upon Calling the number given to "verify my employment" I was told to contact my "assignment co-ordinator" David Rogers. @ 1-250-885-0566 I did this, and he told me to deposit the check in my bank account, and call him back when the funds had cleared my bank. They had an application to fill out, wanting references from prior jobs, and personal references. And to fax that to the number given. I did so, thinking wow, I needed money and here it is... Not realizing that others had fallen prey to this scam and had been swindled out of their money, put in debt, and that this was a total scam.

When the supposed David Rogers called me back, in addition to me already noticing that the check was drawn off a Wells Fargo Bank in Minnesota, from a K1 Sportswear, and the company was supposedly located in
Port Jefferson NY, the phone number area code was different than the fax # area code, and the letter was signed (stamped signed) by a Lisa Denver&in addtition to all of this, he made a mistake&when he called me back, the phone number reigistered to a SRICHEND CHEND @ 514-561-6815 — Still posing as a David Rogers with a foreign accent.

He wanted to be sure I called him when the funds cleared the bank. Now, it takes 7-14 days for a check to totally clear for payment. He wanted me to go shopping at WalMart and spend a hundred dollars there and then go to the MoneyGram portion and send from MoneyGram to a Mary Owen, 1515 Grant Blvd Ste 150< NY NY the amount of $3079.50. Putting all of this together
the following day, I got online and checked the company which I should have done before thinking I had had a part time job.

Today is Monday, April 28 and I am glad I went online and discovered this scam. I was almost out $3700 of my own money and I do not know what the bank will do when it finds out the funds were never there to begin with. I did not go shopping nor did I spend any of the money so I assume the funds will go awaywhen the check is discovered to be fraudulent.

I feel like a fool for even falling for this in the first place and I Praise Gods Holy Name that something ticked in me that there was something wrong with all of this.

I do hope that the horrible people who are continuing to scam in this manner will reap the rewards of their thievery from innocent American Citizens... I unknowingly was drawn in to their plot to deceive and steal... This is a major money laundering scam... Only it is a scam where they are literally stealing money... I only hope that since I discovered the scam in time, and reported this horrible thing, that I will be alright.

I read the story one girl wrote where she had withdrawn all the money because she needed it so bad and what was she to do... I need money also, but I won't steal or lie to get it and if I spent any of this money the 3,699.50, I would be stealing from myself.

I hope this letter helps other people and that they are smart enough to do the research on this company before they just hastily think they are blessed with a
great job.

I have given all of the numbers, names, and all the information I have in order to expidite the arrest of these criminals. And I will cooperate to help them be stopped from doing this again.


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