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B&M Well Drillers
Dishonest scam artisit bad customer service cheaters

We hired B&M Well Drillers to drill our well for us. It was their responsibility to witch our land and find the best place to drill to get water. B&M Well Drillers has been in the business for 30 years (so they say). You would think with so much experience behind them they would have the best guess where there might be water.

After them drilling for 900ft they found No water. We asked them if they would give us some kind of a break on the price of this 900ft dry hole. They refused and told us we still owed them $12000.00. They also would not give us a break on the next hole. Who knows how many holes it would have taken them to find water. We decided to hire another well drilling & Pump company (ROR REDACTED COMPETITORS NAMES). They came out and witched our whole land. They were quite confused as to why B&M Well Drillers even drilled where they did because there was no water to be found anywhere near the sight that they were drilling. (ROR REDACTED COMPETITORS NAMES) found a good spot where they thought there would be plenty of water and within a couple of days 3rd Generation was out drilling. They found water at 500ft. (ROR REDACTED COMPETITORS NAMES) are my saviors. They were very thorough and cost efficient.

As I began to do some research on B&M Well Drillers I found that this happens a lot. The first hole they drill (knowing there is no water) they do not get any water so they have to drill another one. Still charging their clients the full amount for the second hole. To me this sounds like doubling your money. They charge just as much for the first hole even though they don't find water. This is a pretty lucrative business that we should all get into. It doesn't stop there. I have also discovered that they charge their clients for a much deeper well then what they actually drill. For example someone caught them by measuring their hole after they were done drilling. B&M Well Driller charged the client for 900 ft when they actually only drilled 700ft. That is about a $3000.00 difference.

During this whole well drilling experience I have learned a lot about wells, water, rock formations, pumps, and of course good customer service. The person who helped me the most in all of this was "B&M Pumper Service". We met a funny way. I thought he was part of B&M Well Drillers so I called him and started complaining. He settled me down and helped me hook up with (ROR REDACTED COMPETITORS NAMES). B&M Pumper Service is not affiliated with B&M Well Drillers. Please do not get them confused. B&M Pumper Service put our pump into the well that 3rd Generation drilled and we have enough water to last a lifetime. Thanks to (ror redacted competitors names). They are a great team, fun to work with, honest, customer oriented, and best price around. I wish I would have met them first.

Dewey, Arizona

Offender: B&M Well Drillers

Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Dewey
Address: 11855 E Wood Dr
Phone: 9286321911

Category: Miscellaneous


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