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SOS RV Solutions / SOS Marketing Solutions / It's About Marketing
Consumer Report

We contacted Leo with SOS Solutions to locate an RV to purchase. We spoke over several weeks and negotiated a deal on a 2005 Monaco Cayman. The RV to this moment is still pictured on his web-site. The pictures on the web-site show a gorgeous immaculate coach. We negotiated a deal. During our negotiations he advised us of a couple small issues with the coach, which he put in the contract, i.E. Muffler on generator needs to be replaced, manuals are missing and need to be replaced, TV and DVD in bedroom need to be replaced and surround sound. He listed these items specifically in the contract that we both signed. He also stated that he would have the coach serviced and replace the two chassis batteries. He stated we needed to have the generator serviced which we agreed to. Thereafter we signed a separate contract with the owner of the coach which was in regard to all payment terms, pay off, interest rate and accepting the coach "as is".
We flew to Las Vegas to pick the coach up in Henderson on May 3. On May 4, their "driver" brought the coach to the hotel and dropped it off to us. The coach looks very, very different from the pictures. To name a few things, it was filthy, right down to the fact it had feces on the toilet, the carpet was stained, it smelled horrible. On top of these items, there were a number of things missing from the coach that were shown in the pictures (and still are as the coach is still on their web-site as if it was still for sale). Missing was a recliner, a large mirror on the wall, a table that folded out behind the passenger seat, the bedding off of the bed. There was a lot more damage to the coach than he stated as well. Someone had been living in it that had a cat as there were 2 cat toys found in there, the fabric on the dinette and the valance around the window behind the dinette were shredded from being clawed, the carpet in the bedroom was down to the backing from being addition, the generator didn't work, buttons were broken off the dash, hinges broken on the cabinets, pocket door broken, corian countertop and cabinet gouged up to 1/2 deep from a particle board desk they replaced the recliner with. It was absolutely not the way he represented it on his web-site.
We drove the coach home thinking we would get in touch with the owner ASAP regarding the damage. We only made it half way home when we had to turn our lights on because it was getting dark. Within minutes of doing that the ALT CHARGE indicator light came on and we limped it into a small town. This was Saturday evening the 4th of May. There we sat for 2 days as the coach batteries were completely dead (they were never replaced as Leo had indicated) and the alternator was out. We couldn't stay in the coach as the generator didn't work, we had no power, it was filthy and all the bedding was gone. We had the expense of a hotel room for 2 nights. On Monday morning, May 6th, we were able to purchase 2 batteries from a CarQuest and limp it to Salt Lake City. There we spent 6 hours trying to get it repaired. Turns out they don't have an alternator for it anywhere in Salt Lake. My husband worked on the generator for 2 hours and was able to get it running. He ran a jumper wire then from the coach batteries to the chassis batteries so they would keep charging and we limped it home. All in all we were out almost $700.
We get home and make contact with the owner and start telling him what is going on. He had absolutely no idea any of the items were missing, it was immaculate when he turned it over, and he too had been promised by Leo that it was serviced and 2 new batteries were put in it. I took over 60 pictures of the coach and sent them all to the owner and some to Leo.initially Leo did not want to accept any responsibility for the condition of the coach or the lack of performance by his "driver" Dwayne who was supposed to have it serviced. After many conversations between Leo and myself and Leo and the coach owner he finally started to make financial offers. We ultimately settled on $2,000. It should be noted that it will cost at least that much if not more to get the coach back into the state it was in when SOS Solutions took possession of it. However, Leo stated we would have to wait 3 weeks as his business only cuts checks once per month. I told him I could understand that as I am a business owner too. But I do know that they have the ability to cut an off cycle check. I don't believe it is our responsibility to front the money for repairs that had nothing to do with us and we were completely unaware of. The owner shouldn't pay for them as they didn't exist when he turned it over to him. I demanded immediate payment for the refund at which time he said he had decided only to refund $300 now. He said "after review by our corp attorney Robert Gilbert..." we have decided only $300 would be paid back to us and if I didn't like it to contact his attorney, Robert Gilbert. He provided a number for him. So I called this Robert Gilbert who answered his phone as "hello" rather than law firm, etc. I explained who I was and it was met with silence. I asked if he knew of SOS Solutions. He said yes. I asked if he knew about this situation and he said no, I haven't talked to Leo about this at all. So there was a complete lie caught red handed. Leo said his attorney reviewed it and said to only refund $300. It was all al lie.
His attorney contacted Leo and called me back. His attorney's defense was that we bought the coach "as is". However, that is stated only in the contract with the owner. It has nothing to do with SOS Solutions. The contract with Leo represented the coach to be in the state it is in on his web-site which it is not. Leo took the time to list the few minor problems but left out all the major stuff, like all the things that are missing.
It is also very noteworthy that while cleaning it I found mail from a subject in Arizona, along with 3 business cards, one from Arizona, one from Idaho and one from Wyoming. The owner was under the belief that the coach was "on their lot" in Vegas the entire time and never gave permission for them to rent or loan it out. They clearly did some very underhanded sneaky things with this coach while the trusting owner thought they were doing their job. While that was being done by SOS Solutions the person obviously trashed it, stole out of it and vandalized it. Their claim it's not our fault and they refuse to refund any of the $4,000 of hard earned money we put down on the coach, which by the way 100% of it was kept as their "broker fee" and none was sent to the owners.
I have all of the photos, e-mails and texts from all of these conversations should you desire them.

Offender: SOS RV Solutions / SOS Marketing Solutions / It's About Marketing

Country: USA   State: Colorado   City: Lakewood   ZIP: 80401
Address: 14143 Denver West Parkway, #100
Phone: 8665281117, 7202762979

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