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Complaint / Review
George Sweeney Joseph, Akuafo Gold Mining Co., Ltd
Consumer Report

We, sat & hlr oil, llc, are a U.S. Energy & commodity trading 2011, we were introduced to fake Ghana gold sellers, Eugene Nana Korankye of Spiodikal Company Ltd. And Alexander Korankye (Building Accessories Ltd.) in Ghana by George Sweeney Joseph (or Joseph George Sweeney), so-self-called CEO of Akuafo Gold Mining Company, Ghana.

Eugene Nana Korankye proposed to send 5Kgs in April, 2012, if I wire some money for export documents. So, we wired U$400 to his company (Spiodikal Company Ltd.) account first and additional U$5,700 to his younger brother’s bank account as the attached wire receipts. His younger brother’s name is Kwame Korankye.
However, unfortunately, he didn’t send the promised 5Kgs gold for the last 11 months. Now, he disappeared.

In addition, his cousin, Alexander Korankye also proposed to send 10Kgs, if we wire U$20,000. So, we wired the money to his company bank account in November last year. However, still, he didn’t send the 10Kgs for the last 16 months. We also gave him two iphones.

So, we think George Sweeney Joseph (or Joseph George Sweeney) is representing such fake gold sellers who are cheating people to take innocent people’s money.

Moreover, George Sweeney Joseph also requested us to send U$2,000 to Nana Kwame Korankye’s name. So, we sent the money by Western Union in November, fact, that was a typical scammer’s trick to let people send money to other people’s name and later, he says he didn’t receive any money from us.

In addition, he did forge bank document such as wire receipt as the attached. He forged Ukio Bankas wire slip under his so-called wife’s name, Seeney RooyNicher Paulina. So, we reported this to Ukio Bankas. This is very serious criminal activity to forge other bank’s document.

He also asked one notebook (Sony) by promising to pay later but he simply took the notebook and didn’t pay the money for over 1 year.

So, to recover our loss, we would like to report these scammers, George Sweeney Joseph, Eugene Nana Korankye, and Alexander Korankye again. The Korankye family seems fake family to do this kind of scams. I think the father name is Nana Karkari Korankye.

In 2012, they say Alexander Korankye has been arrested in Lome, Togo because he tried to sell undocumented gold in Togo and released in December, 2012. As soon as he is released, he will try to find other victims.

Eventually, we have requested them to refund our money. But they said everyday they wired the money but it was a lie. He lies and tells stories every day until now. So, we concluded they are 100% fake criminals and decided to report this criminal case to Ghana President Office and Ghana Police CID. We have been trying to get our money back from these fake sellers so far. But they lie everyday and has dragged our business for the last 16 months.

Fake Alexander Korankye’s (Builders Accessories Ltd.) cell number is 233-273-185222. Fake George Sweeny Joseph (Akuafo Gold Mining Company Ltd.)’s phone number is 233-204-239714. Scam artist George Sweeney Joseph is pretending CEO of Akuafo Gold Mining Company, fake mining company in Ghana.

The fake Alexander Korankye uses fake names and fake passport copy as addition, please find scam artist, Alexander Korankye’s pictures as follows also.
Please also find same scam artist, Eugene Nana Korankye’s passport copy as follows. Fake Eugene Nana Koranky’s phone number is addition, please find scammer George Sweeney Joseph’s fake passport copy as follows and forged bank wire slip as the attached.

We really hope to eradicate all the scam artists’ criminal activities as soon as possible by investigating this criminal case and arresting them all in order to prevent more innocent victims due to such criminals.

Offender: George Sweeney Joseph, Akuafo Gold Mining Co., Ltd

Country: USA   State: All USA

Category: Miscellaneous


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