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Complaint / Review
Sears Corporate Headquaters
Consumer Report

I am very disappointed by sears auto. I trusted Sears to work on my Mercedes Benz ML430 believing as a reputable Store, a corporation that has been in business forever can live up to its reputation. The mechanics have been charging me for different services since making excuses each time for the "Check Engine Light" that kept appearing on my dashboard, until November time to take the car for inspection, which was the moment of truth, and their backs were on the wall. A supervisor that I have never met before, advised me to take the truck to its dealer. They have repeated the same jargon that, there isn't anything wrong with the truck, and that only the Benz Dealer will be able to turn off any lights on the dashboard, but still managed to play Russian Roulette with the diagnostics, and charged me thousands of dollars for services that were not necessary, and they didn't do. I did take the truck to its dealer, where I was told that nothing was ever fixed. I explained that I was trying to cut corners in this economy, and had taken the truck for services at Sears after receiving a good deal replacing all 4 tires in 2009. I went back on September 6 and spent $1,773.69 to have the "Check Engine Light" off on the dashboard. Then returned on September 8 and spent $162.00 for that same "Check Engine Light" to be turned off again. I was told that the car was fixed, and that the Benz Dealers are the ones who can access the computing of the lights on the dashboards on Mercedes cars. I returned on March 2nd. for the light to be turned off again and ended up paying $86.89 for wheel alignment and so-called flat repairs. The light went back on the same day in my way home, and I returned to Sears the next day on March 3rd., and spent $479.25 because, they claimed to have found the reason the "Check Engine Light" kept coming on. They were convinced that they needed to fix the "Hanger Bearing Vacuum Hose, " and continued to repeat the same jargon that the car is fine, and the Benz Dealers are the ones to completely get the "Check Engine Light" off. I called them several times before finally bringing the car back on November 29 stating to them that I need to take the car for inspection, which it is not going to pass with the "Check Engine Light" on. They charged me $373.31 for Emission Tune-up, citing that I will not have that problem with the "Check Engine Light" anymore. Which came back on that same day in my way home, I returned to Sears auto, they sent me to Sammy Auto in Hicksville "who has the computer that the Benz Dealers have, and can remove the light so the car can pass inspection." I went to Sammy Auto at 30 Herzog Place in Hicksville. The "Check Engine light" came off, and Sammy told me that there are 2 codes (#170 and 173) showing that need to be fixed, and if that light comes back, this is the indication for that "Check Engine Light" to constantly coming back my way home the "Check Engine Light" came back on. I returned the next day on November 30 to Sears Auto with that information from Sammy Auto about the two codes, #170 and 173, and I was charged $215.19 for Sensor and Emission Tune-Up again. I protested every time about these charges to no avail. The "Check Engine Light" came back on again in my way home after spending my whole day sitting at Sears Auto waiting on the car as usual. I came back the next day, on November 1st., and requested to speak to a manager. He came out, and told me that there isn't anything more for them at Sears Auto that they can do for the car, to take the car to the dealer. He was not pleasant (this is the first time that I saw him) and, I requested for him to go over my account, and see the total amount of money that I spent at Sears for the same complaint of "Check Engine Light" and the services that they claimed they had done starting in 2011. He was not apologetic, instead he was annoyed, and wanted to get rid of me. On December 4, I took the truck the day of its appointment to its original dealer, which is Mercedes Benz of Rockville Center, where the car was diagnosed for a fee of $141.21. The recommendations were for the "Check Engine Light" to be fixed, it needs Mass Sensor, Fuel Level Sensor and an Engine Belt. They remarked "the Water Pump Bearing coming apart and rear Main Seal leaking because of EXCESSIVE PLAY in front Lowe RBall Joints."
Sears will have to take responsibility for the "EXESSIVE PLAY" damages that were done to the truck and also refund me all the money that they had charged me, and I paid for all the false diagnostics for that "Check Engine Light."

Offender: Sears Corporate Headquaters

Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Hoffman Estates   ZIP: 60179
Address: 3333 Beverly Road
Phone: 8472862500

Category: Miscellaneous


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