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Complaint / Review
Dotcom Innovations/The Coaching Department
Consumer Report

I need extra cash and the Profit Masters looked OK. They charged my credit card 104.00 without my knowing for e-books that I never authorized. After 2 weeks I got the money credited to my card. But, the following day I contacted the Profit Masters the salesman for Dotcom Innovations called me. He said that his company had several companies working for them and Profit Masters was one of them. He submitted my name to The Coaching Department and Jacob Hansen sold me this one in a life time opportunity to make $5,000 - 7,000/month. They would "hold" my hand and guide me to the steps to be debt-free in less then 6 months. He told me that if I was not making that amount in 6 months, they would work with me as long as it took until I was happy with the results. All the investment was tax deductible and there was nothing to lose. He said (many times) that he was federally, literally, and legally bound to the contract that would protect me. So, I signed with them for $8,600. Two days later I had a call from Daeus Financial Group (in Utah also) scaring me to signed with them. I needed to protect myself from lawsuits, protect my bank accounts, cars, etc. I also needed to have a CPA who will help me get all my money back and save on taxes. Therefore, with that I signed another contract with Your Entity Solutions to form an LLC for $3,685, Strategic Tax Services for $2,990 plus a 9.95 monthly fee, Corporate Credit Builder $3,000 plus software for bookkeeping $2,000. Later on the coach Taylor Covington kept sending me to watch "webinars" (videos in my computer) to learn how to sell on ebay. He never really helped me to sell anything on ebay. When I complained about all these charges, he said that I didn't have to do it, he could have saved me some money. He never warned me about all this. About a month and a half later I got a called from the coaching department saying that I needed to buy the right to drop shipping directory so I could make money faster. Nicholas (the salesman) said that I was almost there. I had my cards almost maxed up, so he charged $6000 among 3 cards (the rest of the money 2,500 - 5,500 would be charged after I paid off all the money I had invested until now.) The coaching was only directing me to watch more webinars, try to sell "anything" on ebay (which I never could) and he blame me for not being able to sell. Then Doba called me (another company affiliated to them) to offer their services to sell products and load them easily to ebay or my website, another $399 and promised that I would be making my money back in no time with their products. I was going to get 3 one on one to sessions showing me how to work with their catalog and their site (never happened). By this time my LLC was entered in my state and found out that I needed to pay $800 for having a business by April. So, I told Taylor, he got upset because I can't move forward and I am complaining about the money. So, I was told they would tell me what was selling, so I didn't need to come up with something that didn't sell, it was a lie. Taylor told me to come up with anything because he never had a client taking that long and they still needed to build my website. I bought a domain name $48 for 2 years, they built my website and started the monthly charges of $29.99 before the website was built! Then, another company from New York called me to help me with my problems, Success Planning Group. This guys charged me $14,000 more. I asked Taylor and he kept telling me that it was all up to me, if I wanted the services OK. What would I know? That's why I asked, but the same answer. Then by Dec. 28 another guy from Success Planning called to start the process for a merchant account $399 more. He didn't tell me about the $29.99 monthly charge plus the charge every time a customer used a credit card. So, I almost had a nervous breakdown with all these charges. I empty my savings $25,000 and I still have an outstanding debt. I can't pay all this plus my car. I told them, and their answer was, you are too late, you had only 3 business days to cancel and get your money back. The coaching department's solutions was to change the coach. Now I know that the business required long hours which I told them at the beginning I didn't have. They said, "a couple of hours with suffice." I needed to write 2 or 3 blogs of 300 words or more per week. So, this companies are only after your money. Their contracts protect them only. Nobody can know before 3 days if the program will work or not.By the time you see the reality, is too late.
I don't know what I can do, so I am living by charity from friends and family. These crooks should be in jail!


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