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Consumer Report

The domains and are registered to Fernando Zelmer. Do not apply to any job advertised in an email bearing one of these domain names in the email body because this is a money-making scam.

I receive dozens of these emails advertising bogus jobs daily. I have found several ways of managing them:

1. Create a "junk" folder and use your email filter to send all emails with and in the email body to the specified folder. This makes the emails easier to delete, and to deal with if taking the following steps.

2. Forward the emails to spam@uce. Gov, the U.S. Governmental agency that deals with spam. When doing so, display the full header that shows the route the email took to reach you (there will be an option to do this in your email menu bar; copy the entire header and paste into your forwarded message in place of the abbreviated header).

3. Forward the emails to the ISP where the message originated, again displaying the full Yahoo! Mail, simply look for the originating IP in the extended header and copy the IP address. Enter that address into a whois database such as The database will show the country of origin, and often the ISP/host server. Sometimes an email address for sending spam will be included (usually begins with "abuse@"). If all of the needed info isn't there, look in the regional Internet Assigned Numbers database. All 5 of the regional databases can be accessed from If no email address for reporting spam is displayed but you find the ISP/host name, then you can look up the domain name on and it will, in most cases, give you the reporting address. Some emails, however, do bounce back so I send it them to multiple email addresses if I find more than one. If nothing else, resort to Step 2 above.

4. Forward the emails back to Fernando at his email address with "unsubscribe" in the subject field.


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