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Drees Homes
Linton at Ballenger Home Buyer Beware

It has been a nightmare, to say the least.

We were introduced to Drees Homes by our realtor in April 2011. Linton @ Ballenger seemed to offer the right combination of price, location, features/benefits that we had been seeking in a townhome since 2010 so we were eager to purchase. It's not like we were overly-picky during two years of home-shopping but locating a previously-owned townhouse in Frederick, in halfway decent shape, under $300k was more of a challenge than we had expected.

We selected our home, wrote a check for the deposit, applied for the mortgage and were told by Drees Homes that we could expect to move-in during the first week of August 2011. No problem. A few weeks later, we were called by our lender, who apologized for the delay in our approval but, since we were using VA financing, they said it was taking a little longer to process. That was completely understandable and seemed reasonable to us at the time. We knew, going-in, that the VA slowed the approval process down a bit.

Unfortunately, that typical formality of the loan approval process didn't seem either reasonable or understandable to the sales manager (identified henceforth as "Slime Ball") at Drees @ Linton.instead of honoring our signed buyer's agreement, as any reasonable person would expect Drees Homes to do, Slime Ball sold the house we thought we had purchased to some asshole who threatened to walk-away if Slime Ball didn't. Slime Ball's rationale being that our financing arrangements were taking "too long to approve" (it had only been three weeks) and rather than lose a definite buyer, he went with a "sure-thing" rather than a first-time home-buyer using VA financing still waiting on an approval. When confronted, Slime Ball (seriously, this guy should be selling used cars) told us that he had ALSO mis-quoted the price of the townhouse by nearly $50,000 and he "knew" we wouldn't be approved by our lender for the "new" price. Slime Ball basically told my wife and I that we could either purchase a different home or take our business elsewhere if we didn't like it.

If we hadn't already spent the previous two years looking for a suitable townhome to purchase, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have told Slime Ball where to go and how to get there with a few expletives thrown-in for good measure.instead, (like idiots) we agreed to purchase an adjacent townhome and have regretted the decision ever since.

Now, we find ourselves living next door to a nosy, smarmy, patronizing SOB who thinks he pulled a fast one on us. It has been difficult to resist the temptation to stuff my fist down his throat. Based on the few conversations I have been able to stomach, though, it is obvious that Slime Ball inappropriately shared personal information about my wife and I but, I have not been able to determine to what extent. Suffice to say, though, that we feel like our privacy has been violated.

Now, it has become clear that we have purchased a second-rate sh*tbox made mainly from builder's-grade materials, in spite of paying thousands of dollars extra for 'upgrades' that were merely cosmetic/superficial.

Now, three months after moving-in, our townhome is infested with rodents that have come in through heating, electrical and plumbing ductwork. Drees Homes refuses to accept any responsibility for their contractors shitty slip-shod installation that allows pests easy access to upstairs living areas. A professional pest control company's inspection this afternoon also reached the same conclusions.

If you're in the market for a new home, trust me, you can do better than Drees Homes @ Linton. Spare yourself the aggravation of their lack of competency and professionalism - keep looking. We wish that we had!

Offender: Drees Homes

Country: USA   State: Maryland   City: Frederick
Address: 7210 Corporate Court

Category: Miscellaneous


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